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New Days of Our Lives Gay Storyline Clip: Sonny & Brian Grow Closer & Will Is Jealous.

I love this episode of the gay storyline on Days of Our Lives because finally Sonny’s mother Adrienne and uncle Victor get to meet Brian.

It is so sweet Brian and Sonny giggling and talking to each other in the coffee house.

In another scene, Will admits to Abigail he gave Sonny mixed signals.

At the end of the episode, there is some angst because Adrienne tells Will at the Horton Square that Sonny and Brian are “hitting it off.”

However, I am disappointed that Sonny turned down Brian’s invitation for a date.

Brian was so sweet though he leaves the tickets on the table and he tells Sonny to just call Will. After Brian leaves the coffee house Sonny calls Will but he doesn’t


Days Of Our Lives: Will Is Jealous Of Sonny & Brian’s Friendship.

Is Sonny insane? Why would Sonny turn down Brian’s invitation to go on a date just because he’s waiting for Will. I know Will and Sonny are going to eventually end up as a couple. However, it is disappointing to see Sonny reject Brian’s advances. Will Horton is a closet case he’s  self absorbed brat he’s immature, has a bad attitude, and he is extremely selfish. Will also takes Sonny for granted he hasn’t demonstrated that he loves him.  Meanwhile, Brian is out and proud to be gay he’s the perfect guy for Sonny.

Days of Our Lives Clip: New Gay Character Brian Potential Love Triangle With Will & Sonny?

Brant Daugherty the star of the television show Pretty Little Liars is guest starring on Days of Our Lives. Brant’s character Brian shows up at the pub and grills Will Horton about not being comfortable being gay.  Brian accuses Will of  preferring to be perceived Stefano Dimera’s killer than be openly gay . Sonny is jealous that Brian and Will hang out at the Salem gay bar the Spot with another gay guy Neil.

After Will leaves the pub, Brian and Sonny have a heated conversation about Will. Brian seems attracted to Sonny since he is out and proud to be gay.

Brian senses that Sonny is very attracted to Will and he tells Sonny he acts like a gay mentor instead of a potential boyfriend.  Furthermore, Brian warns Sonny that Will Horton has a lot of baggage.

I think the new character Brian is needed to spice up the Will and Sonny storyline. Since Sonny was introduced to the audience as a gay character he hasn’t kissed another guy, had sex with another man, or even been on a date with a guy.  Brian is very blunt but he might be the catalyst to push Will and Sonny together.


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