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Xtra Magazine Video: Does Gay Porn Influence Gay Men To Bareback & Practice Unsafe Sex?

I believe this discussion is very important and I think barebacking does indeed influence gay men. In society, there are very few positive representations of gay male sexuality at all. Some gay porn stars probably practice unsafe sex because they believe it can give them a career boost. But is it worth it, to risk one’s health just to make more money? Most gay porn studios do not allow barebacking it is a niche market.

Another point to consider is, there are very few places in society where male homosexuality is allowed to be shown in a sexual manner. Sure, there are television shows with gay characters such as Glee, Modern Family, and the New Normal on mainstream television. However, these gay male characters are rarely sexual they aren’t allowed to express their sexual desires like heterosexual characters.

Gay porn is one of the places where gay men can actually see other men being sexual with each other kissing, touching, and yes fucking one another.

Gay porn is fantasy, and I believe for some gay men it is a safe place where gay men we can see male homosexuality expressed visually on our computer screen. The lines become blurred though for some gay men, when they see the gay porn stars not practicing safer sex they believe they don’t have to use condoms as well. I also think for the models in gay porn it is just common sense that they should be practicing safer sex given their profession. It is true that in heterosexual porn condoms are rarely used and I can see the other side of the argument about the double standard.

I still believe though since HIV & AIDS is a serious issue in the gay male community that gay porn films should set an example and the models should be using condoms in gay porn films.

Coronation Street Bisexual Storyline: Maria & Marcus Kiss Their Relationship Moves Beyond A Friendship.

Is sexuality always black and white or is it a shade of grey? Or is sexuality fluid? Can a gay man who identifies as a homosexual  fall in love with a woman? The British soap Coronation Street, asks these controversial questions in the new storyline with the characters Maria and Marcus.

Maria is straight, she’s dating Jason but she doesn’t really love him. Jason wants a commitment and take their relationship to the next level. Maria isn’t thrilled about Jason’s desire to move into her apartment. Jason’s family is concerned they think Maria is a flake and she’s leading him on. Meanwhile, Maria has doubts because she’s in love with her gay best friend Marcus. Marcus is tender, compassionate, and very sensitive to Maria’s feelings she’s falling in love with him.

However, Marcus is  dating Aiden and he likes him. Maria has a cancer scare and the good news is she doesn’t have breast cancer.

Marcus and Maria kiss, but how long will they deny their sexual attraction? I know some people are upset that Coronation Street is making Marcus have a romance with a woman. I think it is interesting because although Marcus doesn’t identify as bisexual, why are bisexual men invisible? I notice there is a paucity of storylines about male bisexuality and this is due to the fact it is still considered taboo. Society doesn’t seem to have a problem with female bisexuality but people seem terrified about male bisexuality.

Christina Aguilera Is Back Official New Feminist Video Your Body!!!

After Christina Aguilera’s  last album Bionic bombed two years ago some people thought she was finished. I thought Bionic was a solid album I was stunned that if quickly fell off the Billboard music charts.  However, the NBC talent show The Voice has helped keep Aguilera in the spotlight. Now, Aguilera’s new album Lotus will be released in November. The first single from Lotus, Your Body is doing well and climbing the Billboard charts.

The beginning of the video is funny there is a public service announcement that no men were harmed.

According to some critics, since Christina is a mother and over the age of thirty she needs to tone down her sexuality. However, I think this form of sexism is nonsense, Christina is a grown woman and she has a right to sing about sex.

Your Body is a feminist song, because Christina is taking control and liberating herself by having sex on her own terms.

In the Your Body music video, Christina is reclaiming her sexuality and singing about a one night stand and enjoying sex. Since men can enjoy sex and sing about one night stands why can’t a woman? I don’t see the big deal, women have a right to enjoy sex just like men. Isn’t it a powerful statement for a young female entertainer to speak frankly about her sexuality? I think this video is powerful because Christina is not being shy she loves sex.

Incendiary Conservative Writer Ann Coulter Says Civil Rights Only For Blacks & Not Gays Is She Right Or Wrong?

Ann Coulter is a controversial writer and obviously she went on ABC to create an incendiary debate about various special interest groups in America. Coulter is incorrect, civil rights are human rights for all human beings regardless of our race. Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, and women have also been discriminated against in America not just blacks. All a person needs to do is flip through a history text-book and learn about how Japanese Americans were forced into interment camps during World War II in America. Hispanic Americans are still encountering a lot of discrimination in relation to immigration. Asian Americans and Native Americans also encounter an incredible amount of bigotry in the United States.

However, one group which does have  white privilege despite encounter discrimination are white homosexuals in America. Although Coulter did not discuss white privilege, I believe there is a kernel of truth to her argument that black rights and gay rights are different. Coulter is arguing in an awkward way I believe that white privilege needs to be addressed in relation to gay rights in America. White gay people did not have to sit at the back of the bus or be blocked from housing, education, health care, due to their race. White gay people weren’t forced to go to a segregated hospitals to get quality health care either.

Do people automatically think in their minds that gay rights include queers of colour? I think the answer is still no in North America because of the methodology and the strategy of the American gay rights movement is still very Eurocentric.

The American gay rights movement also has a problem with racism in relation to their viewpoints about people of colour. A simple google search of white gay male blogs such as Queerty, Towleroad, Perezhilton, and the bigotry against people of colour is littered on the message boards.

Let’s be honest here, in North America when people think about homosexuals the public representation in the public sphere is usually a white gay man or a white lesbian that is middle to upper class and has an endless supply of income. The image of a gay person in America is linked to white skin privilege which the white gay activist groups such as GLAAD and the Human Rights Campaign do not acknowledge.

Another quandary for the mainstream white American gay movement is, some people of colour do not believe gay rights are human rights because there is a white image problem. In order for gay rights to progress in America, there needs to be more racial diversity and education.

There needs to be more prominent gay and lesbian leaders of colour that are allowed to have a platform to discuss gay rights on ABC news, CNN, NBC, Fox News ect.

Why would black heterosexual people in America suddenly care about gay rights when they only see rich white homosexuals on television, in print media or on the radio discussing gay rights?


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