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LA Complex Season Two Premiere: Gay Couple Tariq & Kal Breaks Up Because Of Domestic Violence!!

I am conflicted about the LA Complex’s gay storyline between because a part of me loves the fact it focuses on a black gay male couple. I enjoy the chemistry between Benjamin Watson and Andra Fuller. Watson and Fuller are committed to their roles that I believe there is passion between their characters Tariq and Kal. It is rare to see young, masculine, black gay men on mainstream television.

However, I am disgusted at the stereotypes of black masculinity and sexuality. First, the character Kal is a down low rapper, he’s an ex con, and he’s a violent thug.

Kal is abusive towards Tariq  he treats him like dirt and he brutally beats Tariq it is simply too abhorrent to watch!

Black men we are already stigmatized  by a hostile and racist white society through essentialism. It is easy for racists to believe that black men are violent and dangerous.

I guess it was just impossible for the LA Complex writers to create a story about a loving and positive black gay relationship?

There is  a paucity of representation of black gay men on television, yet LA Complex has to present a negative image of black gay men.

It just seems like the LA Complex writers have ticked off all the racist and negative stereotypes about gay black men. Isn’t there another way to explore a black gay male relationship without violence? Couldn’t the writers have found another way to make conflict and compelling storylines for Tariq and Kal?

There are many black gay men we are confident and proud about our homsoexuality. I am aware there are closeted black gay men who struggle with being gay and black.

Was it necessary for the LA Complex writers to have Kal beat up his boyfriend Tariq? I am cognizant there are closeted down low black men out there. However, would a white gay male couple be treated the same way? I can’t recall ever seeing a white gay male couple on television involved in such a dysfunctional and violent relationship on television.

I think the LA Complex missed an opportunity to create a positive and loving gay black male relationship by focusing simply using violence to entertain the audience.

LA Complex Gay Clips: Tariq & Kal Hot Make Out Scenes Season Two Premieres July 17th On MuchMusic!!!

At the end of the first season of the Muchmusic soap LA Complex, Kal beat up Tariq because he was fearful Dynasty and his crew would find out he is gay.

I really enjoyed the Tariq and Kal gay romance because it is so rare to see gay black men in love on television.

Andre Fuller and Ben Watson are gorgeous!

Fuller and Watson are fearless in their romantic scenes and the passion is powerful and feels real.

I liked the fact that Kal and Tariq personalities are different and that their love was starting to grow.

Benjamin Watson and Andre Fuller are excellent actors and their physical chemistry is tremendous.

However, I am still disappointed that the LA Complex writers felt it was necessary for Kal to brutally beat up Tariq. I think it was lazy writing by the writers in order to keep the gay storyline dramatic.

I am not disputing that domestic violence does not occur in gay male relationships. However, since there is a paucity of black gay men on television was it necessary to make their relationship violent?  I am concerned about the negative racist and sexist stereotypes that exist in society about queer black men.

I will tune into Much Music on July 17th to see the aftermath of  the domestic violence scene. I wonder, will Tariq take Kal back? Is Tariq going to press charges against Kal for domestic violence?

Or will the writers simply end the relationship between the two men? I am intrigued by this storyline because it is nice to see gay black men on a television show who aren’t cardboard gay stereotypes. I am glad that  Tariq or Kal aren’t  drag queens, cross dressers, or effeminate that’s a real relief. It is nice to see two masculine gay black men on a prime time soap opera.


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