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French Open Women’s Final: Maria Sharapova Blasts Sara Errani 6-3 6-2 To Win Career Grand Slam!!!

The only chance Sara Errani had of beating Maria Sharapova today is if she got tight and beat herself. However, Sharapova was focused, ruthless, and just over powered Errani winning the French Open 6-3 6-2.  Maria also won the career grand slam she joins an exclusive group of only ten women to hold all four grand slam singles titles. Errani is a good fighter and a talented player but she lacks the weapons to bother Maria. First, Errani’s serve is just pathetic she usually serves at eighty miles per hour. Sharapova crushed Errani’s first and second serves into submission.

Next, Errani had difficult with Maria’s pace she never faced a woman in the draw who hits the ball so hard and consistent. Sharapova’s movement has improved dramatically she is also more patient on the clay. Sharapova will return to the number one ranking in women’s tennis on Monday while Errani will reach number ten.

Sharapova is an attractive young woman and she is a tennis champion. Anna Kournikova was criticized back in the late 1990s early 2000s because she had a lot of endorsements but lacked the drive to win.  It is unfortunate that female athletes are often judged on their appearance and not on their athletic abilities.  Heterosexual male consumers of sports control the advertising agencies and the media companies. Heterosexual men place emphasis on women athletes looks and should focus more on their skills as athletes.

Women’s tennis needs a dominant force and if Maria remains motivated she can win a lot more slams. The veterans are retiring or are fading fast. Serena Williams is  thirty years old and hasn’t won a grand slam in two years. Serena was bounced in the first round of the French Open.  Venus Williams lost in the second round of the French and she is also finished she will never win another grand slam. Kim Clijsters is retiring after the US Open in September. Who can challenge Sharapova consistently?

Perhaps Victoria Azarenka can be a threat to Maria but her serve is weak. Petra Kvitova the reigning Wimbledon champion has played terrible tennis this year and has not won a title. Li Na of China has disappointed tennis fans and has dropped out of the WTA top ten.  Agnieszka Radwanska is a solid player but she lacks power to really challenge the top players. Radwanska has to hope the top women make errors in order to beat them.

Samantha Stosur  has the big serve, huge forehand, and solid volleys but she is mentally fragile. Stosur always capitulates under pressure she never lives up to the expectations of the public and media. Stosur’s  semifinal loss to Sara Errani was shocking because she had a 5-0 edge in their head to head.  I am not sure if Samantha can win another grand slam? Stosur has the talent but she lacks the self belief that she can be a major force in women’s tennis.

Although Maria Sharapova is a diva she is still the  only young player on the WTA Tour who has a champion’s mentality. Many young women such as Ana Ivanovic,  Li Na, Svetlana Kuzntesova, Petra Kvitova, Samantha Stosur can’t handle the pressure of being a champion.

Time will tell if Maria can stay healthy and focused and if she does she can dominate the WTA Tour.

French Open Women Semifinals: Italian Sara Errani Upsets Samantha Stosur 7-5 1-6 6-3 In A Shocking Upset!!!!

Once again, Samantha Stosur the sixth ranked female tennis player in the world capitulates and loses in the French Open semifinals. Stosur crumbled under the pressure and lost in a shocking upset to Italian Sara Errani 7-5 1-6 6-3.

Errani has a terrible serve her fastest serves are less than 100 miles per hour. Stosur didn’t attack Errani’s serve enough in this match! Stosur needed to also hit the ball behind Errani more since she is very quick.

Prior to this match, Stosur had a 5-0 record against Errani and this suggests that once again Stosur lost due to lack of mental toughness. One of the complaints tennis fans have against Samantha is her inability to live up to expectations. Samantha always plays best when no one expects her to win. However, once Samantha is under pressure and the favourite she always loses.

Stosur was the heavy favourite to reach her second French Open final. Two years ago, Stosur capitulated under the pressure and lost in the French final to another Italian Francesca Schiavone in straight sets.

I am disappointed in Stosur because she had a huge opportunity to make reverse the spectacular upset in the 2010 French Open final. I thought after Samantha won the US OPEN last year against Serena Williams she had overcome her mental demons.

Errani will face Maria Sharapova in the women’s final on Saturday she destroyed Wimbledon champion Petra Kvitova 6-3 6-3 in only seventy seven minutes.


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