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Disappointing Result: Roger Federer Upsets World Number One Novak Djokovic In Four Sets Advances To Wimbledon Men’s Final.

I think the only reason Roger Federer won this match is because Novak Djokovic was off his game today. I also believe since the the roof was closed on the centre court at Wimbledon this helped Federer serve.

I am stunned at this shocking upset! Federer defeated Novak Djokovic 6-3 3-6 6-4 6-3. I can’t believe Roger beat Novak so easily.

Last month in Paris, Novak destroyed Federer to advance to the French Open final. Maybe, Novak was sick and not feeling well and that’s why he lost? I am shocked that Novak lost I was certain since Rafael Nadal was bounced in the second round that the path was clear for Novak to defend his Wimbledon title.

Maybe, Novak is depressed about the death of his grandfather Vladimir?

Since Novak’s grandfather died in April, the spark is gone from his game he’s losing a lot of important matches. He lacks the intensity and desire he seems deflated and exhausted. Novak lost to Nadal in the finals of Monte Carlo, Rome, and the French Open. Now, Novak loses to Roger Federer a man he has dominated for the past two years!  I am speechless here I can’t believe this!

French Open Men’s Semifinals: Novak Djokovic Destroys Roger Federer 6-4 7-5 6-3 Advances To French Open Final!

Novak Djokovic blasted Roger Federer 6-4 7-5 6-3 in the second men’s semifinal at the French Open. The writing is on the wall for Federer, he is turning thirty-one in August  and I can’t see him winning anymore slams. Federer hasn’t won a grand slam since the 2010 Australian Open.

Federer’s got to be thinking that his time is running out to win grand slams.

Federer is still the third ranked male tennis player in the world but he just can’t seem to beat Rafael and Novak in the slams anymore.

What can Roger possibly do when the number one and number two players in the world are better than him?

Djokovic and Nadal are only twenty five and twenty six years of age.  By contrast, Federer is only going to get older he’s not as sharp on the court.

Some people believe Federer’s focus changed when he got married and had children with his wife Mirka.  I believe Federer will continue to compete for maybe one more year but he has nothing left to prove.

The only way Federer is going to win a slam is he has to play perfect tennis to defeat Djokovic and Nadal and they must have a bad day. Federer is a great champion but today he looked lethargic and confused on the court. Roger didn’t change tactics he tried to out hit Novak but that’s a stupid strategy. Novak is six years younger than Roger and he’s a lot quicker and more powerful. Novak used the correct strategy attacking Roger’s one-handed backhand and pummeling him into submission.

Meanwhile, in the first men’s semifinal Rafael Nadal destroyed his close friend and Spanish countryman David Ferrer  6-2 6-2 6-1.

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