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Olympics Controversy: Dawn Harper & Kellie Wells Say Media Focusing Too Much Attention On Lolo Jones!!!

Lolo Jones is the Anna Kournikova of track and field she receives a lot of press and has endorsements because she basically exploits her sexuality.

Jones prostitutes herself by selling her sexuality in order to make cash because she knows she’s not the best on the track.

However, at the Olympics Dawn Harper and Kellie Wells of the United States won the silver and bronze medals in the 10o meter women’s hurdles event. Jones finished in fourth place off the podium. Australian Sally Pearson won the 100 meter women’s hurdles in 12.35 seconds she is the dominant woman in this event. The general public wouldn’t know that Harper and Pearson are superior to Lolo Jones due to the media hype.

After Jones lost she complained on the NBC Today show that the New York Times should not attack her because she’s American. Jones deserves the criticism because she’s not the best hurdler in the world.

The mainstream media are attempting to frame Harper and Wells are jealous women who resent Lolo Jones because of her fame.

Beneath the surface, the real resentment that Harper and Wells have for Jones is about black and white America’s obsession with mixed race women. Jones is considered more marketable than Harper and Wells because she’s half white. A female athlete has to conform to the white beauty image in order to make a lot of money. Since Jones looks closer to the white image of femininity she garners more media attention.

Since darker skinned black women are devalued by both white and black America Harper and Wells have a right to speak out against the subliminal racism and sexism.

Harper and Wells were honest they didn’t play the game of trying to pretend they liked Lolo Jones. Harper and Wells comments were refreshing in the end they will be in the history books for winning their Olympic medals not Lolo Jones.


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