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Blind Item: Oprah OWN Network Losing Millions Of Dollars & She Interviews Trashy Kardashian Family!!!

The Stench of Desperation

[BlindGossip] A few years ago, this celebrity swore she would have nothing to do with all those “sleazy reality stars.” She told friends that reality stars had no talent, made no contribution to making the world a better place, that their antics were “disgusting”, and that she didn’t want to spend one minute of her life thinking about them or being involved with them.

Fast forward a few years and a few failures later, and she now has a whole new attitude. She is currently in deep discussions with the three reigning kings of reality television. What is she doing? Trying to become the Reality Queen! In addition to her recent reality dabbling, she is trying to bring aboard some star friends to do a reality show to mend their reputation. She is also considering staging the ultimate reality stunt herself: Her own wedding.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen! She doesn’t have a perfume, but, if she did, it would be called… Desperation.

My Guess: This is an easy blind because it is so obvious since everyone knows Oprah’s OWN Network is  losing millions of dollars. Oprah is getting more desperate interviewing Whitney Houston’s  daughter a few weeks after her mother died.

I thought that was very low of Oprah to talk to Bobbi Kristina when the kid was probably still  in shock that Whitney is dead.

Now Oprah interviewed the Kardashian family. Oprah is a bit hypocritical because she always presented the image that she is above tabloid garbage.

Celebrity: Oprah

Three Kings:  Andy Cohen,  Ryan Seacrest, Mark Burnett

Recent Reality Dabbling: Oprah interview with the trashy Kardashian family.

Star Friends: John Travolta or Tom Cruise

Wedding To: Stedman Oprah male beard.


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