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Cissy Houston & Oprah Discuss Whitney Houston’s Alleged Lesbian Romance With Robyn Crawford

I think Whitney Houston and Robyn Crawford were involved in a lesbian relationship back in the 1980s and early 1990s. Robyn was Whitney’s best friend since she was sixteen years old. Robyn was also Whitney’s personal assistant back in the day. It all makes sense, Whitney probably turned to drugs because she was struggling with her lesbian desires. Cissy Houston comes across as homophobic and extremely rude. However, I understand that Cissy is a seventy something Christian lady and I guess a woman from her generation just does not accept homosexuality.

It is interesting though, that Cissy is a “friend” of Clive Davis he was Whitney’s mentor and he came out of the closet as bisexual yesterday. Cissy certainly didn’t mind a bisexual man help her daughter rise to superstardom. Clive Davis bisexuality is no secret his sexuality is an open secret.

Homophobia in the black community is a serious issue, I am glad Oprah was not afraid to ask the question about the lesbian rumours.
However, Whitney was Cissy’s daughter and parents should at least try to understand when their child is gay. It is clear to me watching this clip that Cissy believed Robyn was a bad influence on Whitney because they probably had a lesbian romance.

Actress Jodie Foster Indirectly Comes Out of Closet But Some In Gay & Lesbian Community Disappointed.

Jodie Foster did indirectly come out of the closet at the Golden Globe awards but she never actually said the three magic words  “I am gay.” Foster did say she came out “thousands of years ago” in her rambling speech. Foster’s lesbianism is no secret nor is the fact her former lover is Cydney Bernard.

Foster has lived in the glass closet for many years and for a long time some members of the gay and lesbian community wished she had come out when she was a superstar. The reason is, if Foster had come out during her reign at the top of Hollywood her coming out might have a bigger social impact in advancing gay rights.

I understand the frustration though, that some gays and lesbians have about Foster’s reticence to declare she is a lesbian earlier in her career. Maybe, Foster worried that if she did come out as gay when she was making those hit movies such as Flightplan, Panic Room, that the good scripts would dry up?  There is a paucity of A list and extremely high profile gay and lesbian stars out of the closet. Jodie Foster is definitely a high profile star.

This speech is evidence that perhaps gays and lesbian people we expect too much from gay celebrities? After all, gay celebrities are also human beings we are all flawed and not perfect. However, there seems to be so much expectations that the gay community places on pop culture icons like Jodie Foster. In this speech, Foster appears to be saying yes she’s a lesbian but she’s not going to be like Ellen Degeneres and become a lesbian activist. Some gay celebrities such as Jodie Foster feel there is a separation between her public life as an actress and her private life.

This is an important point, just because a celebrity is gay or lesbian he or she is under no obligation to get involved in the gay rights movement.

In addition, Foster also stressed although she is a celebrity, she believes she is entitled to a private life. On the gay blog Towleroad, some of the comments are negative some gays believe Foster only chose to come out now because her career is secure and she’s a multi millionaire.

Deadline.com Article: Actress Jennifer Lopez Is Developing A Lesbian Drama For ABC Family!!!

By DOMINIC PATTEN | Friday July 6, 2012 @ 12:33pm

EXCLUSIVE: Jennifer Lopez is developing an hour-long drama for ABC Family. The so far untitled series is about a lesbian couple who suddenly have their already child heavy household turned upside down when a wayward teenage girl moves in. One of the mothers is a cop, the other is a private school teacher. They have one biological son and adopted teen twins, one a boy, the other a girl. The American idol judge is said to be planning to guest star in the show. Lopez will executive produce the series, which the network is fast tracking, with Simon Fields, her partner at Nuyorican Productions. Peter Paige and Brad Bredeweg, the creators and writers of the show, will also executive produce. Greg Gugliotta, who has worked with ABC Family before on movies like 2003’s Beautiful Girl, is also on board as an executive producer on the show. Executive Mina Lefevre is shepherding the show at ABC Family. Lopez is repped by UTA and managed by Benny Medina.

Salon.com Article: Is The Princess In The Hit Cartoon Movie The Brave A Lesbian?

Um, no — she’s a girl in a fairy tale. But a post suggesting a cryptic gay-pride message gets a huge response


Is Pixar's

In the tradition of instant non-analysis of made-up issues — the tradition that made the Internet the wonderful place it is! — Adam Markovitz, of EW.com’s PopWatch blog, put up a post over the weekend suggesting that the fiery Scottish princess Merida, heroine of Disney’s new animated hit “Brave,” might be a lesbian. (If you haven’t seen “Brave,” and you still want to — well, hell, it’s a free country, right? Keep on reading! A few spoilers won’t kill ya!) It sort of goes like this: Merida is good at archery, she climbs rocks, she’s kind of a tomboy type, and she doesn’t want to marry any of the three dimwit suitors for her hand. If she were a person in the real world — which, I will hasten to add, she isn’t — and if her real world were a touch more modern and liberated than medieval Scotland (which was not exactly a gender-blur society), then sure, that girl might grow up to be gay. Or, on the other hand, she might not!

That’s really all there is to say and, in fairness, Markovitz does not pretend that one can draw any conclusions about a Disney fairy-tale princess (one who, mysteriously, seems to have been named after a city in Mexico) when evidence is completely lacking. In fact he seems to draw all conclusions at once — “Merida isn’t an overtly lesbian character,” but she “absolutely” could be gay — before drawing none at all: “Ultimately it doesn’t matter if Merida could be interpreted as gay.” That’s an impressive display of having and eating all the cake in the bakery, but if it doesn’t matter, friendo, then we read your whole article because … well, OK, I actually do understand the because.

Markovitz’s post sparked intense debate and social-media activity for both honorable reasons and borderline-sleazy ones. On one hand, it’s startling to be confronted by the fact that even in 2012, with same-sex marriage legal in many jurisdictions and gay men and lesbians serving openly in the military, LGBT people are still so starved for role models and friendly archetypes in mainstream Hollywood movies. On the other hand, Markovitz sneakily suggests — without ever coming out and saying so — that Disney/Pixar snuck their maybe-lesbian princess into the marketplace of ideas on Pride weekend as a sort of secret signal to the gay community.

Today, crowds will line the streets of cities like New York and San Francisco for parades that mark the high point of LGBT Pride Month. At the same time, legions of kids will swarm into theaters to watch Pixar’s “Brave,” the animated story of a young Scottish princess named Merida who goes to extreme lengths to avoid having to marry one of the three noblemen that her parents have chosen for her. The two events don’t seem to have much in common at first glance.

Or do they?! Hmm? As pop-culture conspiracy theories go, I give this one about a B-plus. It isn’t true, but it has its merits. Disney has long been known as a gay-friendly oasis in corporate America (although these days every other Hollywood studio, and many other large corporations, can match the Mouse on that front). Pixar, now a Disney subdivision, is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and has a reputation (possibly exaggerated) for encoding liberal social values and a smidgen of adult-oriented intellectual humor into its films. Add all that background, and a release date that coincided with the biggest Gay Pride parades in the country, to a rebellious redhead who handles a bow and arrow better than any boy, and you get — well, you get the shifting ideal of girlhood circa 2012, that’s what you get.

I don’t believe that “Brave” co-directors Mark Andrews, Brenda Chapman and Steve Purcell, or the Pixar team, had any intention of creating a lesbian-coded heroine. Instead they created an autonomous, independent-minded and indeed pre-sexual or nonsexual character, whose principal relationship is with her mother. (Although Merida appears to be a teenager, the intended audience for the film is much younger.) But pop culture is a fluid marketplace, and if Merida’s challenge to the traditional mode of femininity strikes a chord with viewers who’ve been fighting that fight their entire lives, then all you can say is more power to them, and there isn’t a theater proprietor in the country who’s likely to refuse them tickets. No one at Pixar will be dumb enough to say anything about this at all, most likely, except perhaps “Oh, gosh!” and “We welcome all points of view!”

There’s a germ of something here, to be sure, even if it’s completely unintentional. Merida strikes me as a younger-sister forerunner of Katniss Everdeen, the adolescent archer played by Jennifer Lawrence in “The Hunger Games.” If anything, Katniss seems a more consciously lesbian-coded character than Merida (at least in her original form in Suzanne Collins’ novels), with the crucial difference that she’s not available as an LGBT icon because she’s officially heterosexual. Who decided that bow-and-arrow proficiency was the standard for awesome girlness? I guess that was the Greeks, a few thousand years back, who used much the same cover story for Artemis, goddess of the hunt and a glaringly obvious precursor of both these characters. She was supposed to be straight too, although she was a virgin constantly surrounded by female attendants and known for killing guys who came after her. The only man she ever loved was Orion, her fellow hunter, whom she killed by accident (whoops!) and hung in the sky, where we can see him on summer nights when we’re done arguing about the movies.

Blind Item: Jennifer Lawrence & Miley Cryus Might Be Involved In Bisexual Affair While Liam Hemsworth Left Out Of Threesome!!!

[JanetCharlton] These two young stars costarred in one of the biggest movies of the year and everyone speculated that they had an affair. But that’s only half right. The female lead DID have an on set fling – but not with her costar – with her costar’s GIRLFRIEND when she came to visit! Ironically, the girlfriend is also a major star but she wouldn’t let her hunky boyfriend join in the fun. Both women are bisexual and he’s straight.

My Guess: Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth both starred in the blockbuster hit The Hunger Games. Miley Cyrus is the girlfriend of Liam Hemsworth. I must admit Jennifer definitely sets off my gaydar  she  is a bit butch. 

Actress: Jennifer Lawrence

Actor:  Liam Hemsworth

Actor’s Girlfriend: Miley Cryus

Blind Item: Will & Jada Smith Are Bisexual & Their Daughter Willow Might Be A Butch Baby Dyke?

Child Gives Mommy Some News


This couple always ramps up the phony gushing about their marriage whenever there is a project to promote. However, what goes on behind the scenes is a different story. They actually spend as little time together as humanly possible, and rarely speak to each other. Recently, though, they did have to get together to have one serious discussion about their child.

The child admitted to Mom that they are having romantic feelings about a member of the same sex. While we do not know the outcome of that discussion, we do wonder if Mom and Dad have told their child/ren that they have lots of personal experience with the subject. And we also wonder if they will encourage the child/ren to stay as closeted as they are.

 My Guess: I think this blind is about Will, Jada, and their daughter Willow Smith. For many years, rumours have swirled that Jada and Will are bisexual.  Earlier this year, the mainstream media published reports that Will and Jada’s marriage is on the rocks.

In fact, Will Smith went on an exotic vacation to Trinidad and Tobago with close male friend Duane Martin! Will and Duane did not invite their wives they went to the Caribbean.

 Will and Jada currently have movies in the theaters so they want to maintain the image their family is perfect. A happy illusion is critical for stars to maintain good publicity and of course good box office.

However, Will and Jada’s daughter Willow is only eleven years old. The world is changing and children are becoming more cognizant about homosexuality. It is possible that a child could start to realize she is a lesbian at that age. Willow has always spiked my gaydar she certainly dresses like a butch dyke. Willow’s appearance has changed from a sweet innocent feminine girl to dressing dramatically different she looks very masculine like a boy. She’s also cut off all her hair she definitely looks like a baby dyke.

Willow could just be a tomboy or maybe she is a butch lesbian? If Willow is indeed a lesbian I hope Will and Jada support her and let her know it is okay to be gay.

Do You Believe The Rumour Prime Minister Harper’s Wife Laureen Is In A Lesbian Relationship With A Female RCMP Officer?


                          Is Laureen Harper the Canadian version of Eleanor Roosevelt?  Eleanor was the wife of  former American president  Franklin Delano Roosevelt. However, Eleanor was a lesbian and there was a huge political scandal when it emerged she had an affair with another woman. In fact,  Eleanor was involved in a relationship with a female journalist Lorena Hickok. According to  Lillian Faderman, author of the book To Believe in Women, Elenaor and Lorena had an intense lesbian romance.

In the year 2011, the new rumour is Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s marriage to his wife Laureen is just a facade.  Prime Minister Harper isn’t popular with the gay community he is not supportive of gay rights. Wouldn’t it be hypocritical if Harper knew his wife was a lesbian and his marriage was a fraud?

In North American politics, political leaders have to present the image of heterosexuality in order to reach the top position.  A Prime Minister has to present the image to the Canadian public that his or her’s family is a stable nuclear heterosexual family unit.

Some people will argue image doesn’t matter. However, would Canadians accept a leader that was divorced? I doubt it. Would Canadians be accepting if  Laureen Harper was indeed a lesbian? Does it really matter if the rumour is true or not?

On the internet, stories emerge that Laureen is having an affair with a female RCMP officer. The mainstream Canadian media are not covering the alleged rumour. However, I have a series of questions to ask my readers.

First,  should it matter to Canadians if Prime Minister Harper’s wife is in a lesbian relationship? Since Prime Minister Harper and his family are public figures, does the Canadian public have a right to know if his marriage is just a sham?


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