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Blind Item: Hugh Jackman’s Ugly Older Wife Isn’t Happy He Might Be Getting Back Together With His Boyfriend.

Wife Isn’t Happy About This Reunion  [NationalEnquirer]

  What hunky actor’s wife isn’t so happy that her hubby – who is long rumored to be gay or at least bisexual – has reunited “professionally” with a former longtime boyfriend? The multitalented star had cooled it for a while, but his ex begged the movie star to let him back into his life!

My guess

Actor: Hugh Jackman 

Wife: Deborah Lee Furness

Actor’s Ex-Boyfriend: John Palermo

The blind say the actor is multi talented and Hugh Jackman is an actor and an accomplished singer. John Palmero was once an employee of Hugh Jackman and the rumours he is gay have persisted for many years.
Also, many people have thought Hugh’s marriage to Deborah Lee Furness is odd she’s  older than him and she’s an unattractive woman.  Furness was born in 1955 she is almost sixty years of age! Why would a young attractive man such as Hugh Jackman marry a woman thirteen years his senior? The only logical explanation is Deborah Lee Furness is Hugh Jackman’s professional beard.
Some gay actors marry women to present an illusion of heterosexuality. The female friend decides to be a bread because she can make good money, and acquire more media attention and fame. It is a win win situation for both parties involved. 
Let’s be honest here, how many women would openly support an openly gay A list male actor and watch his movies? Would heterosexual women be pleased their favourite male movie star is homosexual? I doubt it.  Movies are all about fantasy and Hollywood is a dream factory.
A lot of female fans of hunky male stars want to believe they can actually have sex with the male star.
Society is still very homophobic about A list male stars being gay. In fact, no A list male Hollywood star has ever come out of the closet.

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