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Blind Item: Ryan Seacrest Broke Up With Boyfriend Derek Hough Not His Sister Julianne.




The Story Behind The Split
[Blind Gossip] People are sad over this attractive couple’s split. Let’s clarify a few things about their relationship.

First of all, they were never a real couple. However, they really were friends with one another.

Secondly, the arrangement worked so well over time, that they actually thought about making it more permanent.

Thirdly, they broke up very suddenly, but it was not because of a conflict between the man and the woman. The real conflict was between the man and the woman’s brother. That’s right! The guy didn’t really break up with her. He was actually breaking up with her brother! She was just a casualty of the fallout.

Why did they break up? One guy heard that the other betrayed him (we don’t know if it was true or not). The breakup followed very quickly after that. It was very sudden and very ugly.

Finally, all three in this relationship are adults and are professionals in the industry, so we think that there is a zero out of ten chance that any details of their relationship or their breakup will ever be made public.

My Guess
Guy: Ryan Seacrest

Gal: Julianne Hough

Gal’s Brother: Derek Hough

Clue: ‘zero out of ten’ chance – refers to the Dancing with the Stars scoring system.

Everyone knows Ryan Seacrest is gay he isn`t fooling anyone. It is sad though that Ryan and Derek Hough feel the need to hide their gay relationship by getting Julianne involved. Ryan Seacrest is a television host I doubt it would hurt his career if he came out. Derek Hough is a dancer, nobody would be surprised if he came out of the closet

Blind Gossip Website Reveals Robert Pattinson Is A Homosexual & Fake Romance With Kristen Stewart Just For Publicity!!!

They’re More a Marketing Strategy than a Couple


BuzzFoto – We’re not even sure why the magazines keep pushing it, but this couple who are said to be romantically involved, are actually [anything] but. Sure, they’re having fun playing with the press, but it’s mostly because they are told it would be a good marketing strategy for their career. Everyone around them knows however, that they are just good friends, not lovers. One in all the media buzz is actually rumored to swing the other way. Not Chace Crawford.


rob pattinson and kristen stewartSOLVED!


It’s Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart! Source: BuzzFoto

Boy, these Twilight kids are stealing all the press right now  from every other wannabe and faux couple! The Twilight Twitterverse practically had a meltdown over the death of their beloved RobSten.

Kristen Stewart got caught sucking face with her married, twice-her-age Snow White director, Rupert Sanders. This guy was not only her director, but the husband of the actress who played Kristen’s mother in the film, Liberty Ross. Ewww.


The bottom line is that although the couple RobSten was a marketing fabrication, Rob and Kristen had become genuinely good friends. They had an agreement, they shared a house together, and she made him look bad. In private, Pattinson’s not about to put up with this embarrassment. But he’s going to have to in public! It sure will make for an interesting dynamic when they have to promote Twilight: Breaking Up a Marriage later this year. Will they really be able to pull off a realistic faking of a reconciliation of a faux relationship when the really big bucks are at stake? That last sentence just hurt my brain. The point here is that you shouldn’t believe anything this couple tells you about their relationship in the future. This is about money and legal contracts and movie marketing and the destruction of a friendship, and not about the destruction of a real couple. Well, except for the Sanders couple, of course.

It is so incredibly rare that we get to see actual proof of an affair in the form of a photo, but the paps at Us Weekly were all over this one. If you want to see all the pics and read the entire story, pick up a copy of Us Weekly at newsstands on Friday.


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