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We need more black gay storylines like Tariq & Kal Deserve Their Own Television Show.

Wow, the chemistry that Tariq and Kal have for each other is off the charts! It is disappointing that the LA Complex was cancelled after the first season. The most interesting storyline of course is the gay romance between Kal and Tariq. It was so refreshing to turn on my television and see a black gay couple falling in love. I didn’t agree with the way how the writers created conflict between Kal and Tariq. I believe there is still so many stories to be told.

1990 Paris Is Burning Classic Documentary About Gay & Latino gay men in NYC.

In the year 1990, American filmmaker Jennie Livingston decided to make a film about the black and latino gay men in New York City. Paris is Burning, is a classic gay documentary which looks at the lives of gay men of colour. Often in the media, the gay men of colour are ignored. However, in Paris is Burning, gay black and latino men are the stars of the film.

I love the fact the black and latino gay men in this movie are FIERCE!!!

The drag ball scenes are THE BEST PART of the movie! The drag balls are fantasy world for the drag queens they are able to live their fantasies of what they WISH their lives could be. It is a very interesting and important part of the film.

Paris is Burning teaches the audience the struggles that black and latino gay men endured New York City in the 1990s.

These men are BRAVE, they live their lives being openly gay in the early 1990s! Imagine, being black or latino and gay in the 1990! The world is a different place now, but there was even more homophobia back then.

This movie explores how gay and latino gay men negotiate between their race, gender, and sexual orientation. One person in the film says he has three strikes against him he’s black, male, and also gay. Paris is Burning also explores the problems black and latino drag queens experience such as racism, unemployment, poverty. Some of the men in the film turned to prostitution in order to pay their bills or even stealing.

Livingston did a great job with this movie, I wish there were more documentaries about gay men of colour in the public sphere.

The sad part about this movie is many of the men in Paris is Burning, are no longer with us they have passed. For instance, one person VENUS XTRAVANGANSA a Latino drag queen was murdered.

Paris is Burning was an important part of the emerging queer cinema and Livingston deserves credit for bring the stories of black and latino gay men to the masses.

HBO New Gay Series Looking Once Again About Pretty White Gay Men Complaining About Their Lives.

Of course, I know I shouldn’t be surprised, the trailer for the new HBO show Looking which will debut in January 2014 is all about young white gay men. I hear there is a Hispanic character in the cast, of course there is no black, Asian, or Native American gay characters.

It is more of the status quo, and this is why gay people of colour we must continue to create our own art.

The representations of gay men in pop culture are still the same bland white gay guys or the token Latino.

Remember, being Hispanic is NOT a race it is a cultural group. It seems to me the casting director made sure the cast was white enough to pass for their white gay male audience.

San Francisco where the show is based has a very diverse gay community so where is the diversity?

I will probably pass on watching this show. I am just apathetic to pop culture viewing gay men through a Eurocentric lens.

Gay American Singer Steve Grand New Video Stay!!!

Gay singer Steve Grand’s second music video Stay was released today on You Tube! I love this song, it is very different from Grand’s first viral hit All American Boy which was a sad depressing song. Stay is more upbeat, hopeful, and it shows Steve in love with another man, but this time he gets the gay guy! I think Steve Grand is so refreshing, it is so nice to see a young gay male singer, be unapologetic about being GAY.

Of course, a major reason Steve Grand is receiving a lot of media attention and also the public’s attention is due to the fact he’s a handsome young man. However, so what? Steve Grand is hot, and it certainly doesn’t hurt to be attractive especially since he’s a singer.

Some gay men are critical of Steve Grand because they feel the gay male community is a bit superficial and people are obsessed about Grand’s good looks.

I agree that Steve Grand receives a lot of attention because he’s HOT. However, I also believe there is a yearning from a lot of gay men, to finally see gay love in a visual form and in music. I believe, a lot of gay men like Steve Grand because it is great to see a gay man sing about being in love with another man.

There is still a lot of homophobia in society, and in the entertainment industry although barriers are breaking down there is still a lot of blatant discrimination.

It is great that Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis can make Same Love a huge international hit. Meanwhile, for me personally, it is great seeing Steve Grand an actual gay man be confident and be proud about his homosexuality. It just means something more to me, as a gay man to see another gay man, in pop culture be a successful entertainer.

Having straight allies such as Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis is good, but it is even better for the gay community when gay men actually stand up and be proud. The confidence that Steve Grand demonstrates with his music is very empowering to the gay community.

Steve Grand is a proud gay man and that’s very refreshing to see, he isn’t hiding his love for other men in his music videos.

If you notice, a lot of gay male entertainers such as Adam Lambert, Frank Ocean, or Ricky Martin, they only came out of the closet after they had a certain level of success. Also, unlike Ricky Martin, Adam Lambert, or Frank Ocean, Steve Grand came out as a gay man from the VERY BEGINNING! It is nice that there are a few queer male entertainers in the music industry, but there is still a problem.

The openly gay male singers on the major music labels, they seem to have a marketing strategy of not appearing “too gay”.
It isn’t very powerful, when Frank Ocean sings about loving a man yet he can’t make a music video about loving another man.

The visual aspect of music videos are very important, because I believe it is imperative for gay male entertainers to claim their space.

The mainstream record companies seem more concerned about record sales, and also appealing to heterosexual women. Even though Frank Ocean, Ricky Martin, and Adam Lambert are out of the closet, they clearly are being marketed to women not gay men.

The gay male market is virtually ignored, by the mainstream record companies.
Also, I have noticed the other openly gay male singers, their music videos are not very gay nor do their videos deal with gay male romance. Even though Ricky Martin is out as a gay man, a lot of his music videos still involves him singing to a woman.

Steve Grand is a breath of fresh air, I can’t wait until Steve releases his first album.

Gay German Soap Opera: Christian Returns To His Husband Oliver But He Gets Hurt In Accident.

I am so happy Thore Scholermann, the actor who plays Christian has returned to the German soap opera Verboten Liebe!!! Christian and Oliver are my favourite gay male couple on television! This German gay storyline is incredible and they have been together for five years! Christian and Oliver’s relationship is special because the actors Thore Scholermann and Jo Weil have amazing chemistry!

Usually on soap operas, a gay male couple has a very ephemeral relationship, and then they couple disappears. However, Christian and Oliver are a gay supercouple they have a huge international following due to You Tube. The producers of Verboten Liebe know Christian and Oliver have a huge fanbase!

Christian and Oliver’s love story is very special because the writers allow the gay characters to have a passionate, adult sexual relationship. For instance, on the American soap NBC’s Days of Our Lives, Will and Sonny have a very asexual relationship they don’t have gay sex scenes and they rarely kiss.

The good news is Verboten Liebe, is a German soap, and in Germany, people over there have a more relaxed attitude towards male homosexuality. Christian and Oliver’s relationship is very romantic, very passionate and very intense. Christian and Oliver act like a gay couple in love. The writers have done a good job, not downplaying the homosexuality. Christian and Oliver have problems in their relationship just like the heterosexual characters. Christian and Oliver’s gay romance has resonated with people around the world because the acting is incredible! Thore and Jo are good friends in real life and it shows in their acting they know their characters so well!!

In the current storyline, Christian returns to Germany he worked in England for a while, but he drops a bombshell on his lover Oliver telling him he has to return to England! Of course, Oliver is upset because he was separated from Christian for months. Christian suggests that Oliver moves to England with him, but he doesn’t want to leave his friends in Germany. I can see both sides of the argument. Christian is correct, he needs a job to pay his bills, and his job in England is secure. However, I also see Oliver’s point of view, Christian should not have made a life changing decision without consulting his husband!

I have heard rumours that Thore is only briefly going to be on Veroboten Liebe, because he has worked on other shows such as The Voice the German version and a tabloid gossip show. I sincerely hope the writers do not kill off Christian, I’ve missed him so much he’s my favourite character on the show! If Christian dies then I will have to stop watching Verboten Liebe, because I only watch the show to see hunky Thore Scholermann!

Lee Daniel’s New Film The Butler Is Boring Black Films Are Unoriginal Only Focuses In Race.

Oprah The Butler
Lee Daniel’s new film The Butler is the number one film for two weeks in a row. The box office for The Butler is also solid earning over $52 million dollars. However, I am not interested in seeing The Butler because it is basically a black male version of The Help. These race movies are big box office for Hollywood, the Help was a huge box office hit two years ago.
Hollywood has an extremely myopic perspective about the black life experience and it is all about money.

The narrative is, the black life experience is ONLY ABOUT RACE. The commercials tell me I am supposed to see The Butler, because I am black. However, I am not African American, I am a black Canadian, and I’ve seen my fair share of black films that revolve around racism. It is tired, boring, and I am sick of it!

Another film, I won’t be seeing in the fall is Idris Elba’s biopic about Nelson Mandela. There have been several movies already made about Nelson Mandela the famous South African civil rights leader. However, I am fatigued, and I am exhausted watching another boring movie about race. How many films can Hollywood possibly release about Nelson Mandela?

Why hasn’t anyone made a movie about the struggle of black gays and lesbians in South Africa? Why are all the films released about African people always about the black heterosexuals? Why can’t a black dramatic film be made about black people that does not REVOLVE AROUND THE ISSUE OF RACE? It is so derivative, and so tired.

According to the ideology of Hollywood filmmakers, black dramatic films must revolve around race and be about two points in history slavery and the civil rights movement! If there is a movie set in the present about a black person it involves race such as the film Fruitvale Station.

This is BORING! Yes, I said it IS BORING! Yes, I know racism is a serious problem in society, and black people still struggle. However, I am also cognizant as a black man, that I don’t just think about being black every single minute of my life. Isn’t there more to the black life experience than just RACE? Seriously, can’t a screenwriter or filmmaker make a movie about black people that doesn’t revolve around the past? What about life right NOW IN THE PRESENT?

For instance, one area of black film that is ignored is the issue of homosexuality in the black community. Only indie films such as Brother To Brother which was released almost a decade ago dealt with gay black men.

In black cinema, there are numerous films that could be made revolving around black gays and lesbians from the past. However, black films have a tendency to downplay the homosexuality of black queer icons. For example, Lorraine Hansberry the playwright who became famous for her 1959 play A Raisin In The Sun, is a lesbian. It is well known, that Hansberry wrote for the lesbian publication The Ladder in the 1950s. However, how many people know Hansberry was gay? I hear there is an indie biopic being made about Hansberry life, but will this biopic explore the fact she was a black lesbian?

There is a paucity of films being created about black gays and lesbians. I heard there was supposed to be a film made about E Lynn Harris first novel Invisible Life. Tracy Edmonds was supposed to produce the film yet according to the black film blog Shadow & Act Tracy Edmonds is no longer producing the film. E Lynn Harris mother sued Proteus Spann a man who has the rights to all of Harris books. A LA judge sided with Spann and he states he is going to make a film adaptation of Harris novel Not A Day Goes By. However, a film still has not been released yet about black gay men.

Rodney Evans a gay African American filmmaker does have an indie film out called The Happy Sad. However, how many black people are actually going to watch this film? There are no high profile black actors in the film.

Two years ago Dee Rees film Pariah was released, but the film’s box office was luke warm it didn’t even earn $1 million dollars. I believe more black films should be made around issues such as homosexuality because they move beyond JUST RACE. Pariah was a very interesting film, because it dealt with the struggle of a young black teen lesbian coming out of the closet.

There is a film adaptation of the erotic writer Zane’s best selling book Addicted, and I am interested in seeing the movie. However, I am also concerned, because there haven’t been many black films that explore the issue of sexuality well.

Hollywood needs to understand, the film audience, at least I hope people are thirsty for something new, something different.

WWE Star Darren Young Comes Out Of Closet Says He Is Gay.


Darren Young gay wrestler

Wow, this is so nice to see WWE star Darren Young casually come out of the closet. Young was so nonchalant, when he came out to the TMZ reporter. This is fantastic, Darren coming out is going to make a difference I feel. It is so nice to see a handsome, masculine gay black man come out of the closet. I also think Darren Young coming out is great for the black community, there needs to be more dialogue about homosexuality.

For far too long gay black men we are silenced due to the homophobia. However, when public figures such as Darren Young continue to come out, these men challenge the perceptions of what it means to be gay. Often the image of the gay black man in pop culture is negative, about the dangerous down low brother or the effeminate drag queen. No offense to the fans of Ru Paul, and Miss Jay Alexander but it is refreshing to see a confident, masculine, gay black man come out. Masculine gay black men really shock people because these men challenge the image of the black homosexual.

Homophobic people prefer the flamboyant gay black man image because he fits into the neat stereotype and category of the perception people have of gay men. Meanwhile, the masculine gay black man shatters the negativity, and the image of the black homosexual. We need more public figures who are gay black men to come out like Darren Young!

He sounds very confident, gay, and proud and I think that’s the right way to come out. Young didn’t do no press conference, or no big magazine article he just stated very matter of fact he’s into other men. Everyone knows, the WWE is a very macho, testosterone environment.

Rafael Nadal Destroys Canadian Tennis Ace Milos Raonic In Montreal Masters Final!!


I knew Canadian tennis star Milos Raonic didn’t have a chance to beat Rafael Nadal today but I thought he could have made it close. However, immediately Raonic was serving at 1-1 and Nadal breaks his serve and the match is over. Nadal destroyed Raonic 6-2 6-2 in a little bit over an hour. First, congratulations to Milos Raonic for becoming the first Canadian man to reach the top 10. On Monday, Raonic will be ranked tenth in the world and that’s an awesome achievement for a young player. However, Nadal illustrated today that there is a huge gap between the elite players in the top five and the rest of the top 10 or top 2o players. Raonic is in the second tier group, his game is good enough to beat most of the men on the ATP Tour but not good enough against Nadal.

The reason Nadal has dominated Raonic 4-0 in their head to head meetings is due to a few things. Raonic is slow, yes he is six foot five but his movement is awkward his footwork is terrible!

Tomas Berdych the sixth ranked player in the world is the same height as Raonic but his movement is superior. Nadal simply redirects the ball, he pushes Milos Raonic around the court. Unfortunately, for Raonic his lack of mobility is exploited by Nadal. I suggest Raonic hire a sprint coach, I am not suggesting Raonic is going to become a track and field star like Usain Bolt.

However, I feel that in order for Raonic to challenge the top five players he must improve his movement. If Raonic can improve his fitness, meaning getting physically stronger he will have more confidence on the court. Raonic is slim but he’s going to have to work even harder in the gym if he seriously wants to challenge the top four players. Right now, Raonic is not fast enough and his groundstrokes are not consistent enough. Raonic made too many silly errors today against Nadal.

Second, Raonic’s backhand is weak he runs around his poor backhand to hit forehands. Raonic needs to improve his backhand and turn it from a weakness into a weapon. The problem is Nadal is so much quicker than Raonic he exploits Raonic’s backhand and forces him into errors. Finally, I think Raonic needs to realize having a big serve is not enough to beat the top players. Raonic needs to dedicate himself to adding more variety into his game he is sadly very one dimensional. I don’t want Milos Raonic to end up like Andy Roddick he didn’t have variety in his game and he became Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer’s punching bag. The good news is Raonic is young he’s only twenty two. However, in the fall when Raonic has time, I sincerely hope that he really dedicates himself to improving his movement. If Milos Raonic can improve his movement, maybe he has a chance against the top four players.

Jenny & Marina’s First Kiss From The L Word Lesbian Television Series.

I miss the L Word, it was a groundbreaking show about lesbians falling in love in Los Angeles.

I love the L Word it is a superior show than Queer As Folk. I felt the L Word was more authentic to me, more real even though it was a television show. Queer As Folk, I didn’t like it due to the underlining issues of racism and the lack of minority characters on the show.

I thought the L Word was a sexy, hot show, and this clip is hot! I don’t understand the complaints about the actresses being feminine? Why can’t a television show have feminine lesbians? There was one butch character on the L Word Shane and she is a complex and interesting character.

In this clip, Jenny is drawn to Marina, but she is confused about her sexuality. Marina seduces Jenny in the bathroom kissing her passionately on the lips.

Later on in the first season, Jenny realizes she is a lesbian and she dumps her boyfriend. The L Word was on Showtime in the United States for six season and got cancelled in 2009. We really need a new television show about lesbians. Some people complained that the L Word wasn’t racially diverse enough, although there were some women of colour characters such as Papi, Tasha, and Carmen.

Other people said the L Word was stereotypical in the sense that the cast was glamorous. However, since when is television supposed to reflect real life? Don’t most people want to see attractive and beautiful people fall in love? I like the L Word despite the flaws because it was nice to see a show specifically about lesbians. Often, lesbians are invisible in the gay community, and the L Word provided a space specifically for women. I also learned some things about the lesbian community watching the show. I only own season 4 of the L Word on DVD but I plan to buy the box set of the series.

Kerry Washington’s Husband NFL Star Nnamdi Asomugha Is So Handsome!!!

I don’t care for football but when I heard actress Kerry Washington married a hunk Nnamdi Asomugha I had to see for myself! Wow, thank goodness for You Tube this guy is so articulate, and so handsome!! Kerry really picked a good one!


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