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Blind Item: Closeted Homosexual Jake Gyllenhaal New Female Beard Is Actress Minka Kelly Since He Has A Movie Coming Out This Year!!!

[Hollywood Dame] Remember when we mentioned that actor who has been immersing himself in work but his team has been busy beard shopping? Well, he has found a taker. She hasn’t done much lately, but she will be in a movie filled with big names next year.

My Guess: Jake Gyllenhaal is gay but he will not come out of the closet.  Society is becoming more acceptable of homosexuality. However, Hollywood is still  reticent to accepting young male stars being gay.  The public does not want to believe the movie star hunks are gay and neither does the mainstream media.

I personally think Jake Gyllenhaal is a solid B+ star but he is not A list.

Society is still very homophobic and people do not want their hunks to be gay!

Jake and his management team have attempted to butch up his image by trying to make him an action star and leading man.

 I can understand this might be upsetting to heterosexual women but Jake Gyllenhaal is not straight. Straight women will not accept a good looking young male actor if he comes out.  Jake Gyllenhaal recent film roles Prince of Persia, Source Code,  are his attempt to reach a  male audience. 

The young male demographic is not going to support an openly gay action hero. 

 I noticed a pattern in the last couple of years prior to the release of a new film Jake suddenly has a  girlfriend. 

 Remember, two years ago  Jake was suddenly dating the country singer Taylor Swift. Taylor seemed like an odd choice for Jake but she was his   beard.  The photograph  on the cover of  US Weekly appeared staged and fake.

The general public needs to be cognizant of the fact media companies also have a role in presenting a heterosexual image of stars.

People read tabloids because they want to live vicariously through the life of the celebrity.

I doubt the female targeted audience of Us Weekly would love it if they  found out Jake is indeed gay. I imagine Jake and his publicists believed it can help his career to appeal to a younger heterosexual female demographic market. Well it appears Jake Gyllenhaal is at it again he has a movie  End Of Watch coming out later this  year. Jake’s new beard is actress Minka Kelly. Minka has a role in the high profile film  The Butler.


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