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Breaking News: Tennis Star David Nalbandian Disqualified For Hurting Linesman During Queens Final In London!!!

David Nalbandian of Argentina was disqualified in the finals of the Queens grass court event in London for injuring a linesman. Nalbandian was leading Marin Cilic  7-6 3-4 but he got upset and kicked a sign. The linesman leg was bleeding and immediately he was disqualified from the event.

I am sure David is embarrassed and he should be for this shameful behaviour!  Why couldn’t Nalbandian keep his emotions in check? He was so close to winning the title anyway? David basically wasted an entire week of playing good tennis!

According to ATP rules, Nalbandian will not get any ranking points and I don’t think he will get prize money either. I think the International Tennis Federation or the ATP Tour might suspend David from Wimbledon? The players have to learn this kind of behaviour is unprofessional and disgraceful!


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