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Milos Raonic Loses In Second Round Of Wimbledon Is He The Real Deal Or Just Canadian Media Hype?


I am not surprised that Milos Raonic lost to Sam Querrey in the second round of Wimbledon because I knew it was going to be a tough match. Querrey defeated Raonic 6-7 7-6 7-6 6-4. On paper, Raonic was the favourite because he’s ranked number 21 and Queerey is ranked 64th. However, Querrey is a former top twenty player and he’s coming back from an elbow injury.

This is a terrible result because Rafael Nadal lost yesterday and the door was open for Raonic to do some damage at Wimbledon. Raonic was supposed to reach the fourth round at least and he already has beaten Andy Murray. Since Raonic is the twenty first seed losing in the second round just proves he has a long way to go before he can be considered a contender at a grand slam. Raonic has won three small events in his career but he hasn’t demonstrated that he is ready to take the next big step.

The question has to be asked is Milos Raonic just Canadian media hype? Are Canadians expecting too much from Raonic? In Canada, we have never had a male tennis player ranked in the top twenty five. I understand the excitement of having a talented young Canadian male player competing for Canada.  However,  Raonic isn’t even ranked in the ATP top twenty he’s currently ranked number twenty one. Raonic hasn’t beaten the big three Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, or Roger Federer. Raonic lost to Federer three times this year in in three set matches. Raonic is close but he still needs a lot of improvement in his game before the Canadian press should call this young man a contender.

How can Raonic be a contender to win Wimbledon when the kid isn’t even ranked in the top ten? I believe Raonic is too nice, too soft, too Canadian. After Raonic lost to Querrey he’s smiling and having a conversation with him. Why is Raonic smiling he just lost the match no need to smile. Where is the bitterness and the anger? Where is the rage? Raonic should be furious at himself for not coming through with the victory.

Milos is an attractive, intelligent young man and he’s very thoughtful  but I am not sure if he has the killer instinct? Raonic seems to want to be liked by his peers on the ATP Tour the question is why?  The professional tennis tour is competitive, but I am not sure if Raonic has that intense desire to become a champion? I am not saying Raonic needs to be rude but I think he needs to distance himself from the other players emotionally.

Raonic has never reached the quarterfinals of a grand slam event and he hasn’t won a Masters series title. The Canadian media are obsessed with Raonic’s big serve which is a weapon. Raonic also has a powerful forehand and he volleys very well.

However, a closer inspection of Raonic’s game reveals some weaknesses. First, Raonic’s backhand is a weakness and the other men on the ATP Tour have figured it out. Raonic has an excellent slice backhand but his two handed backhand he makes a lot of errors off of it. Raonic tends to hit his two handed backhand into the net a lot.  Second, Raonic also has a poor break point conversion rate he doesn’t break serve enough. Raonic can hold his serve which is very important but he has difficulty breaking his opponent’s serve.

A lot of Raonic’s matches have 7-6 scores because he’s not breaking serve enough and hoping to win the set in a tiebreaker. In order for Raonic to reach the top ten he needs to break his opponent’s serve. Raonic’s coach Galo Blanco need to help Raonic realize he’s got to improve his return game if he wants to become a champion.

Raonic only broke Querrey’s serve once despite having five opportunities to break his serve.

Third, Raonic’s movement isn’t the best he moves okay for a six foot five man but he isn’t quick. Raonic needs to improve his movement on the court.

Fourth, I think the Canadian media is to blame because the expectations are simply too high for Raonic. He is only twenty one years of age he needs more time to mature mentally and physically into his body.  Finally, I think Raonic needs to improve his fitness he’s skinny but  he needs some definition on his body he seems rather fragile. Raonic doesn’t have the ripped abs and muscles like Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic.  Also, if Raonic was more physically fit he wouldn’t get tired in his tennis matches.

Blind Item: Hip Hop Star Sean “P Diddy” Combs Is Bisexual Likes Having Sex With Younger Men.

Three Men And A Hip Hop Mogul

[Gawker] Which Hip-Hop Mogul Is Not Very Discreet About His Gay Romps With Young Men? Three young men, to be exact, according to the source. They were all “summoned” to the mogul’s apartment for some downlow fun. He was very enthusiastic about giving bl*w jobs and very effeminate, which is odd, considering his rep as a ladies’ man. Our source says that he entertained his visitors “while his assistants typed on their laptops and waited for him to finish.”

Mr. Mogul doesn’t seem to mind that most in his inner circle know of his extracurricular proclivities, but he certainly doesn’t want it public. Yet.

My guess is Sean Combs the rumours have swirled for many years he is bisexual and his heterosexual image is just an illusion. Since the rap industry is very homophobic it isn’t surprising that P Diddy can’t come out of the closet.  Being gay is career suicide for a male rapper. Since Sean Combs is on the down low he can have the best of both worlds.

Wimbledon Women’s Preview: Will Maria Sharapova Continue Her Domination Of Women’s Tennis At Wimbledon?

Maria Sharapova finally had her breakthrough on clay over a week ago when she won the French Open for the first time. Sharapova enters an elite group of only ten women in women’s tennis history to win all four grand slam championships. Sharapova also reached the finals of the  Australian Open final in January  and the Wimbledon final last year. Sharapova’s confidence is back and she already won Wimbledon eight years ago when she was only seventeen years old.

Will Maria Sharapova build on her incredible performance in Paris and win Wimbledon for the second time? Sharapova has never won grand slam singles titles back to back.  Wimbledon is a huge opportunity for Maria Sharapova to cement her status as the Queen of women’s tennis. Women’s tennis needs a dominant number one player.

I believe the reigning Wimbledon champion Petra Kvitova of the Czech Republic has a lot to prove her performance this year is just satisfactory.

Kvitova hasn’t won a WTA tour title since November 2011 and her results are inconsistent. Meanwhile, Victoria Azarenka the second ranked woman in the world’s form has gone down since winning the Australian Open back in January. Serena Williams the four-time Wimbledon champion is a question mark because her performance this year is erratic. Serena lost in the fourth round of the Australian Open and in the first round of the French Open.

Serena is thirty years old and she’s not getting any younger. I am uncertain if Serena’s heart is in the game anymore she seems disinterested on the tennis court.

Kim Clijsters and Venus Williams are on their way out to retirement I don’t see either woman being a factor at Wimbledon.  Agnieszka Radwanska needs to prove she is worthy of being the third best women tennis player in the world. Radwanska has reached the quarterfinals twice at the All England Club but she has never advanced beyond the quarterfinals in her career. I belive Agnieszka needs a more aggressive game and take some risks if she is going to breakthrough.

Caroline Wozniacki the former number one from Denmark performance this year is terrible! Wozniacki has dropped from the top rank in the world to number seven. The problem for Caroline is she refuses to play more aggressively and prefers to play a more defensive style of tennis. Finally, Samantha Stosur has never advanced beyond the third round at Wimbledon. I am shocked that Stosur never does well at the All England Club because she has a huge serve, big forehand, and solid volleys.

Wimbledon Preview: Can Serbian Tennis Stud Novak Djokovic Get His Year Back On Track At Wimbledon & Defend Title?

Last year, Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic did the unthinkable he won the Australian Open, Wimbledon, US Open, and dominated men’s tennis. Djokovic also won ten titles and only lost six matches in 2011. At the beginning of 2012, Djokovic won the Australian Open for the third time barely defeating Rafael Nadal.  However, Djokovic’s last title was the Miami Masters in March.

Djokovic lost the Monte Carlo, Rome, and French Open finals to Rafael Nadal. Nadal’s is the greatest clay court player in men’s tennis history.  Djokovic is the reigning Wimbledon champion if he does not defend his title he will probably lose the number one ranking.

I think one of the reasons Novak is less dominant this year is due to the fact his beloved grandfather Vladimir died in April. The emotional and psychological trauma of his grandfather’s death has affected Novak’s game.

I believe Rafael Nadal is the only man who can seriously challenge Novak at Wimbledon. Since Roger Federer lost to Tommy Haas in the finals in Halle Germany, I am not sure if Federer can challenge Nadal and Djokovic. Federer has lost in the quarterfinals the past two years to big hitters Tomas Berdych and Jo Wilfred Tsonga.

Blind Item: Closeted Homosexual Jake Gyllenhaal New Female Beard Is Actress Minka Kelly Since He Has A Movie Coming Out This Year!!!

[Hollywood Dame] Remember when we mentioned that actor who has been immersing himself in work but his team has been busy beard shopping? Well, he has found a taker. She hasn’t done much lately, but she will be in a movie filled with big names next year.

My Guess: Jake Gyllenhaal is gay but he will not come out of the closet.  Society is becoming more acceptable of homosexuality. However, Hollywood is still  reticent to accepting young male stars being gay.  The public does not want to believe the movie star hunks are gay and neither does the mainstream media.

I personally think Jake Gyllenhaal is a solid B+ star but he is not A list.

Society is still very homophobic and people do not want their hunks to be gay!

Jake and his management team have attempted to butch up his image by trying to make him an action star and leading man.

 I can understand this might be upsetting to heterosexual women but Jake Gyllenhaal is not straight. Straight women will not accept a good looking young male actor if he comes out.  Jake Gyllenhaal recent film roles Prince of Persia, Source Code,  are his attempt to reach a  male audience. 

The young male demographic is not going to support an openly gay action hero. 

 I noticed a pattern in the last couple of years prior to the release of a new film Jake suddenly has a  girlfriend. 

 Remember, two years ago  Jake was suddenly dating the country singer Taylor Swift. Taylor seemed like an odd choice for Jake but she was his   beard.  The photograph  on the cover of  US Weekly appeared staged and fake.

The general public needs to be cognizant of the fact media companies also have a role in presenting a heterosexual image of stars.

People read tabloids because they want to live vicariously through the life of the celebrity.

I doubt the female targeted audience of Us Weekly would love it if they  found out Jake is indeed gay. I imagine Jake and his publicists believed it can help his career to appeal to a younger heterosexual female demographic market. Well it appears Jake Gyllenhaal is at it again he has a movie  End Of Watch coming out later this  year. Jake’s new beard is actress Minka Kelly. Minka has a role in the high profile film  The Butler.

Blind Item: Oprah OWN Network Losing Millions Of Dollars & She Interviews Trashy Kardashian Family!!!

The Stench of Desperation

[BlindGossip] A few years ago, this celebrity swore she would have nothing to do with all those “sleazy reality stars.” She told friends that reality stars had no talent, made no contribution to making the world a better place, that their antics were “disgusting”, and that she didn’t want to spend one minute of her life thinking about them or being involved with them.

Fast forward a few years and a few failures later, and she now has a whole new attitude. She is currently in deep discussions with the three reigning kings of reality television. What is she doing? Trying to become the Reality Queen! In addition to her recent reality dabbling, she is trying to bring aboard some star friends to do a reality show to mend their reputation. She is also considering staging the ultimate reality stunt herself: Her own wedding.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen! She doesn’t have a perfume, but, if she did, it would be called… Desperation.

My Guess: This is an easy blind because it is so obvious since everyone knows Oprah’s OWN Network is  losing millions of dollars. Oprah is getting more desperate interviewing Whitney Houston’s  daughter a few weeks after her mother died.

I thought that was very low of Oprah to talk to Bobbi Kristina when the kid was probably still  in shock that Whitney is dead.

Now Oprah interviewed the Kardashian family. Oprah is a bit hypocritical because she always presented the image that she is above tabloid garbage.

Celebrity: Oprah

Three Kings:  Andy Cohen,  Ryan Seacrest, Mark Burnett

Recent Reality Dabbling: Oprah interview with the trashy Kardashian family.

Star Friends: John Travolta or Tom Cruise

Wedding To: Stedman Oprah male beard.

Shocking News: Usher Raymond New Album Looking 4 Myself Has Disappointing Debut Sells Only 128,000 Copies!!!

According to the website Hits Daily Double, Usher Raymond new album Looking 4 Myself  will debut at number one on the Billboard charts. However, Looking 4 Myself  sold a disappointing 128,000 copies! Usher previous albums Raymond Vs Raymond, and Here I Stand were multi platinum hits!  This is very strange and bizarre result! I hope Usher sales in international markets are better much higher.

Grandpa Bob Rae Clears The Path For Sexy Justin Trudeau To Become New Leader Of Liberal Party In Canada!!!


Bob Rae the interim Liberal  leader made the right decision last week to not run to be the full time leader of the party. Bob Rae is sixty four years old he is simply too old  to reach a younger generation. Rae is not popular in the province of Ontario he was the former Premier of the New Democratic Party back in the early 1990s. Rae is not popular in Quebec either.

The Liberal party needs someone young,  intelligent, and attractive to breathe new life into Canadian politics. Justine Trudeau of course is only forty years old, he has political experience but he also has the youth necessary to reach a younger Canadian generation.

Trudeau is bilingual, he grew up in Quebec and he has an effervescent personality which can translate into votes.

Trudeau is still reticent about whether he will run for the Liberal party leadership.  I strongly believe the Liberal party needs a younger person forty or under to be the new leader.  The public is tired of old farts such as Bob Rae.

Is Halle Berry’s Decline In Hollywood Just Proof Hollywood Is Racist & Sexist Against Black Women?


Ten years ago,  Halle Berry was on the top of the world she made history by becoming the first  black woman to win the Oscar for  best actress for Monster’s Ball.   A decade  later Halle Berry’s career is currently in the toilet she is struggling just to get work. Berry’s victory in 2002 was supposed to open the door for women of colour in Hollywood.   High profile black actresses Vanessa Williams, Queen Latifah, and Angela Bassett all turned down the female lead in Monster’s Ball. In fact, in 2002, Angela Bassett told Newsweek Magazine  that Berry’s character Leticia Musgrove was a  “prostitute”.

It might be difficult for people who are not black to understand the anger and disappointment blacks had with Halle Berry. There was a  huge uproar and backlash against Berry for appearing in Monster’s Ball. Berry was criticized by many blacks  and her popularity with black audiences declined dramatically. A common complaint among blacks is blunt, why did the first black woman to win best actress have to screw a white man in order to win? Would Hollywood allow Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron, or Jennifer Aniston to have an explicit sex scene with a black man and win an Academy Award?

Many black people objected to the explicit sex scene Berry had with white actor Billy Bob Thorton because they felt the film promoted the licentious black whore stereotype. When Berry’s character Leticia Musgrove screamed the line “make me feel good” baring her breasts and nude body this upset many African-Americans.

The Monster’s Ball sex scene also alludes to white male dominance over black women and to the horrors of slavery where black females were raped by white men.

The pornographic scene in Monster’s Ball was similar to a rape scene and not a loving or romantic film scene.

Black women are consistently stereotyped as being lascivious, and sexually available for the disposal of men.  Young black female pop stars such as Rihanna and Beyonce promote the black jezebel image with their sexually explicit music videos!  Turn on  MTV, BET, or Much Music, and the viewer will see young black women dancing seductively in tight clothing  this promotes a disturbing negative image of black females.

Why didn’t Angela Bassett win the Oscar for her incredible performance in the  1993 Tina Turner biopic What’s Love Got To Do With It? Why did a black woman have to take her clothes off in order to  win the best actress Oscar? Was Berry character Leticia Musgrove the jezebel?

In the 1982, the groundbreaking black feminist classic book All The Women Are White, All The Blacks Are Men, But Some Of Us Are Brave,  black feminists argues black women are still placed into sexist categories. A black actress is either the maid, or the whore, but  she is never depicted on the silver screen as a three dimensional human being. Where are the movies with black women in leading roles as doctors, teachers, police women, firefighters, writers, lawyers, politicians, bankers, or dentists?

Last year, the  success of  summer hit The Help received some negative press in the black community because of the black mammy stereotype. Kathryn Stockett’s novel The Help is considered a feminist classic by mainstream white feminists. However, in the novel and the film the central theme of the novel  is about Skeeter a young white woman’s evolution and change. The black female characters Minny, and Aibileen are just shadows to Skeeter.

Octavia Spencer won the best supporting actress Oscar for The Help but there was apathetic support in the black community.  The reason is, despite Spencer’s strong performance in The Help she won an Oscar for being a white woman’s maid! Spencer’s best supporting actress win is not progress because it proves Hollywood is still incredibly racist against black actors.

Over seventy years ago, another black actress Hattie McDaniel also won an Oscar for being a maid in the racist film Gone With The Wind. Octavia Spencer’s victory cemented that  fact Hollywood still places black women into restrictive racist and sexist binaries.

Meanwhile, ten years after Halle Berry’s victory she was unable to capitalize off  her success. Time will tell if Octavia Spencer can maintain her success after winning the Oscar.  For a short period of time Berry’s career was successful.

In December 2002, Halle starred with British actor Pierce Bronson and the film grossed $431 million dollars worldwide. In 2003, Halle was the star of the horror flick Gothika and the movie was a huge hit earning $141 million worldwide. Halle cemented her A list status by proving she can headline a movie by herself.  However,  in 2004 Berry’s career hit rock bottom with the disappointing performance in the film Catwoman. Despite winning an Academy Award she wasn’t the first choice which was Ashley Judd. Judd turned down the role for Catwoman and Halle won the part.

On various internet websites such as IMDB.COM, some fans were disappointed that a black actress obtained the lead role.  The budget for Catwoman was $100 million dollars but the worldwide box office was only $82 million. The mainstream media attacked Halle for taking on the role. Although Catwoman was a disappointment, white actresses such as Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Aniston, Charlize Theron, Angelina Jolie also have numerous bombs in their careers.

The dilemma for Halle Berry was,  since she was the only A list black actress any failure was used to justify the myopic belief black actresses are not profitable. However, the truth is Hollywood doesn’t know what do with a beautiful, talented, black actress.

White actresses also have white skin privilege therefore they are allowed more opportunities to obtain leading lady film roles. An A list white actress such as Nicole Kidman can have a series of  bombs yet  she still have the offers for leading lady roles!

Halle Berry’s career as an A list actress was over after Catwoman she never was offered the same kind of roles her white female contemporaries get.

The Hollywood system still favours white women over women of colour and this is a fact. Mainstream magazines such as Vanity Fair, Vogue, Entertainment Weekly, Variety, New York Times, LA Times, promotes young white actresses over women of colour. Television shows such as E Talk, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, also have a prominent role of  being a representation for white beauty.

Since Hollywood is a racist dream factory, the white woman is still placed on the pedestal as the ultimate beautiful woman. The image of a  woman in the pop culture that is successful, talented, and attractive is still the white female.  Women of colour rarely ever obtain the high-profile film roles despite being as talented, hardworking or beautiful. Halle Berry has complained in numerous media interviews that she receives the scraps the crappy film roles  that an A list white actress doesn’t want.

Although Berry has a legitimate complaint that she is treated unfairly compared to the A list white actresses, she still had better opportunities than any black woman in Hollywood history. Berry was paid $14 million dollars for Catwoman, she also has endorsements with Revlon cosmetics, and she has her own perfume line.

Berry has also made some poor choices she honestly believed after she won the best actress Oscar for Monster’s Ball that she could cross over to white America.

The dilemma for Halle Berry is, although she is half white she still did not connect with a mainstream audience. Berry attempted to reach the mainstream with her roles in films such as Things We Lost In A Fire, Perfect Stranger, Frankie & Alice. Berry’s recent film the pathetic and dismal shark movie Dark Tide failed to reach an audience.

The quandary for Berry is, she is an aging sex symbol although she looks great and is physically fit she is also forty-five years old. Hollywood is a sexist business and  judged by their age and not their talent. Men are allowed to age in Hollywood gracefully. For instance, Denzel Washington is fifty-seven years old yet since he is a male he still has the opportunities to obtain the high-profile film roles. Will Smith is forty-three years old and Jamie Foxx is forty-four yet their careers are more successful than Halle Berry’s career. Although black men encounter racism in Hollywood they still benefit from male privilege because they are men.

All women in Hollywood are treated to the unfair misogynist double standard that they can only be successful for an ephemeral period of time.  Once an actress regardless of her race reaches the magical age of forty the roles start to dry up. Meryl Streep is the exception to the rule but for most actresses regardless of their talent they are replaced by younger actresses.

Since black women encounter discrimination in relation to their race and gender Halle Berry’s decline is incredibly sad. Unfortunately for Berry, Hollywood replaced her with younger black actresses such as Zoe Saldana, Kerry Washington, Jennifer Hudson, and Meagan Good.

Halle Berry’s contemporaries such as Queen Latifah, Vivica A Fox, Taraji P Henson, Sanaa Lathan, and Gabrielle Union are still working. One problem which Halle Berry needs to address if she wants to make a comeback is to make movies which appeal to the black female audience. Tyler Perry is successful because his movies have reached black women which is a lucrative market which mainstream Hollywood tends to ignore. Black women want to see other black women fall in love, have romantic relationships, and appear in exciting and interesting movies. Queen Latifah has not forgotten the black female audience and this is the reason why her career is currently more successful than Halle Berry’s career.

If Halle Berry wants to make a successful comeback she needs to make films which will win back the black female audience. Berry needs to consider making a romantic comedy or a dramatic film which involves romance.


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