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German Gay Storyline: Christian Cheats On Oliver With A Woman They Decide To Have An Open Relationship.

I am disappointed the German soap Verboten Liebe, once again returns to the storyline of Christian cheating on his husband Oliver with a woman! How many times can Christian cheat on Oliver with a female? Christian uses the same excuse that he got drunk in England and blacked out. Why can’t Christian admit he is bisexual? Christian has an urge to have sex with a woman. I think Christian cheating on Oliver with a woman hurts him even more than if he slept with another man. I don’t understand what the writers are trying to say? If Christian is bisexual, then the writers need to make him declare it. Maybe the writers are going to make Christian leave Oliver for a woman? When Christian and Oliver started dating five years ago, Oliver went after Christian despite the fact he was dating a woman Coco.

Male bisexuality isn’t really explored a lot in pop culture, perhaps the writers are trying to illustrate Christian still desires women too? Christian has never had a sexual relationship with another man besides Oliver. Are the writers are trying to create an interesting storyline about Christian leaving Oliver for a woman? The rumour is, Thore Scholermann, the actor who plays Christian is only returning for the short term and the gay storyline might end soon. If Christian leaves the show then I will have to stop watching because Christian is my favourite character!

I am frustrated with the writers because, Christian insists he isn’t bisexual but his actions speak louder than words.

I wish the writing was better, why return to the same storyline? It would be more interesting, if Christian had an affair with another man and a gay love triangle emerged. A lot of fans are upset with the writers of Verboten Liebe, because Christian has slept with multiple women before on the show.

Also, the concept of an open relationship is actually quite common for gay male couples. I know my comment might sound sexist for some readers but, gay men we understand the difference between love and sex. I think heterosexual men also understand the difference too. For men, we have sex drives, we want pleasure, and even though, a man might love his partner he STILL wants some variety in his sex life. The gay bathhouses are a perfect example of gay men having the sexual freedom and understanding to explore our sexuality. Gay male culture in the western world is all about sexual freedom. I am not sure, this open relationship is going to work for Christian and Oliver though. I guess, Oliver is going to get a new boyfriend to piss Christian off just like he did last time.

Gay German Soap Opera: Christian Returns To His Husband Oliver But He Gets Hurt In Accident.

I am so happy Thore Scholermann, the actor who plays Christian has returned to the German soap opera Verboten Liebe!!! Christian and Oliver are my favourite gay male couple on television! This German gay storyline is incredible and they have been together for five years! Christian and Oliver’s relationship is special because the actors Thore Scholermann and Jo Weil have amazing chemistry!

Usually on soap operas, a gay male couple has a very ephemeral relationship, and then they couple disappears. However, Christian and Oliver are a gay supercouple they have a huge international following due to You Tube. The producers of Verboten Liebe know Christian and Oliver have a huge fanbase!

Christian and Oliver’s love story is very special because the writers allow the gay characters to have a passionate, adult sexual relationship. For instance, on the American soap NBC’s Days of Our Lives, Will and Sonny have a very asexual relationship they don’t have gay sex scenes and they rarely kiss.

The good news is Verboten Liebe, is a German soap, and in Germany, people over there have a more relaxed attitude towards male homosexuality. Christian and Oliver’s relationship is very romantic, very passionate and very intense. Christian and Oliver act like a gay couple in love. The writers have done a good job, not downplaying the homosexuality. Christian and Oliver have problems in their relationship just like the heterosexual characters. Christian and Oliver’s gay romance has resonated with people around the world because the acting is incredible! Thore and Jo are good friends in real life and it shows in their acting they know their characters so well!!

In the current storyline, Christian returns to Germany he worked in England for a while, but he drops a bombshell on his lover Oliver telling him he has to return to England! Of course, Oliver is upset because he was separated from Christian for months. Christian suggests that Oliver moves to England with him, but he doesn’t want to leave his friends in Germany. I can see both sides of the argument. Christian is correct, he needs a job to pay his bills, and his job in England is secure. However, I also see Oliver’s point of view, Christian should not have made a life changing decision without consulting his husband!

I have heard rumours that Thore is only briefly going to be on Veroboten Liebe, because he has worked on other shows such as The Voice the German version and a tabloid gossip show. I sincerely hope the writers do not kill off Christian, I’ve missed him so much he’s my favourite character on the show! If Christian dies then I will have to stop watching Verboten Liebe, because I only watch the show to see hunky Thore Scholermann!

British Soap Hollyoaks New Gay Storyline About Nigerian Man Coming Out.

There is a new gay character on the British soap Hollyoaks, his name is Vincent and he is from Nigeria. Vincent is an illegal immigrant, he fled Nigeria because he didn’t want to be persecuted for being a gay man. It is nice that Hollyoaks is showing the struggle gay people experience from around the world. In the western world, gays and lesbians do experience discrimination, but not to the magnitude that some people from the third world go through.

Secret Lives Gay Storyline: Elias & Lari Spend The Evening Together.

I love You Tube because I can watch international gay storylines such as the Finnish soap Secret Lives. In this gay storyline, Lari’s hockey career is over because he had a serious knee injury. Lari is slowly beginning to accept his homosexuality, but he is still not out to his father. Lari is starting to understand how important Elias is to him and that he is in love with him.

Young & Restless Promo: Lauren Tells Michael The Truth She’s Having An Affair With A Younger man.

Finally, this week on the American soap The Young & The Restless Michael finds out the truth that his wife Lauren is having an affair. I like this storyline because it is nice to see a romance between an older woman and a younger man. I think Carmine really does love Lauren even though she’s married. Lauren and Carmine have better chemistry than Lauren has with Michael. Michael has gotten boring and dry.

Gay Argentina Soap Botineras: Manuel & Lalo Make Love For The First Time.

Three years ago, the soap Botineras in Argentina had a very popular gay storyline about two soccer players Manuel and Lalo.

I can honestly say, this is one of the best gay male romances I have ever seen! I can’t imagine, a gay storyline like this being broadcast on North American television. The sensuality, passion, desire, and the love Manuel and Lalo have for each other is just incredible. The story is simple, Manuel is thirty years old, his professional soccer career is almost over.

However, Manuel is closeted he’s married to a woman Lily and he has two children. Lalo, is only eighteen he’s just starting his soccer career and Manuel falls for the younger man. Compared to North American soaps or television shows with gay storylines, this gay storyline is about love.

This soap illustrates the difficulty a gay male soccer players would have coming out of the closet. Lalo doesn’t want to come out because he’s afraid it might destroy his career. Manuel’s wife Lily eventually finds out the truth that her husband is having an affair with Lalo. There is a lot of drama in this story.

Although, Queer as Folk gets a lot of attention for being sexually explicit, the love scenes were mechanical and not loving. The romance between Manuel and Lalo is all about love, tenderness, and devotion. It is very rare to watch a soap with gay male characters who show tenderness, compassion, and comfort each other. Often, the actors who do play gay male characters are uncomfortable or awkward in the gay love scenes. Here the actors who play Manuel and Lalo give a tremendous performance, and make the audience actually believe their characters are in love.

Days of Our Lives Hot Gay Kiss: Brian & Sonny Make Out In Coffee House While Will Watches In The Background.

Last week Thursday, I did not have the opportunity to watch the NBC broadcast for Days of Our Lives. I heard rumours that there was a hot gay kiss so I had to watch the episode on You Tube.  A lot of people have commented on the internet that Chandler Massey the actor who plays Will Horton seems uncomfortable kissing his co star Freddie Smith in the gay love scenes. Bloggers have noticed when Will and Sonny kiss their mouths are closed. However, on Thursday’s episode a guest star Brant Daugherty his character Brian is the villain in the gay storyline. Last year, Brian let Sonny know he was interested in dating him. However, Sonny brushed Brian off and rejected him so Brian backed off. Meanwhile, last month in an explosive scene it was revealed during Gabi Hernandez and Nick Fallon’s wedding that Will Horton is the father of Gabi’s baby. The reason this is explosive is, Will is gay yet he is confused about his sexuality. Now, Brian is back in Salem he visits Sonny Kiriakis the other gay character at his coffeehouse and he makes a move. Since Sonny is upset that Will lied to him about getting his ex girlfriend Gabi Hernandez pregnant he passionately kisses Brian. The kiss between Brian and Sonny is rare on mainstream television to see two men make out with such desire is not common on network TV.

In Friday’s episode, Brian and Sonny continue to make out but Sonny’s boyfriend Will Horton creeps up to the coffee house peeking through the window blinds he sees the guys kissing passionately. Of course, Will is crushed and extremely upset. Brian and Sonny decide to take their make out session to Brian’s apartment and drink wine. Brian attempts to seduce Sonny on his bed by kissing him and having sex with him. Sonny tells Brian he can’t just have sex to him because he wants more than just a one night stand. Brian plays it cool, but he goes to the Brady pub where Will is finishing is university homework and implies that he had sex with Sonny.

I am surprised, the Days of our Lives producers allowed Brian and Sonny to make out on a bed. It is still rare on television to see two men kissing on a bed with desire and lust. A couple of years ago, on the soap As The World Turns, the gay characters Luke and Noah were prohibited from having a love scene on a bed together. Luke and Noah also did not have a sex scene. The gay storyline for Days of Our Lives isn’t perfect, but it indeed very progressive. The show’s writers and producers seem to be not allowing the negative feedback on Facebook, and other sites stop them from allowing the gay characters to have sex lives. For a long time on television, gay characters were asexual and just second class characters in the background.

I still believe that the love scene on the bed between Brian and Sonny was too short but I loved the fact Brian tried to unlock Sonny’s belt. I thought the scene was well done. There is still a bit of difference though between how the straight characters on Days of Our Lives express their sexuality and how the gay characters are allowed to be sexual. For instance, Will and Sonny have had only one proper love scene last year in November but there was no actual sex scene. The audience saw the foreplay which involved kissing, and then the after glow. The audience is left with our imagination to wonder how good the sex was. I understand Daytime television has limits on how far the sex scenes can go. Days of Our Lives is definitely moving in the right direction in allowing the gay characters to have sex lives just like the heterosexual characters.

General Hospital New Gay Character Felix Is A Racist Stereotypical Effeminate Stereotype!!

I have tried to get into the ABC soap General Hospital’s storyline with the new gay character Felix but I am apathetic towards him. I am conflicted about Felix because on the one hand I am pleased to see a gay black man on television.  Most of the gay and lesbian characters on television are white, middle to upper class professionals.

However, I am extremely disappointed with the General Hospital writers, why does Felix have to be such an offensive stereotype? Why can’t a gay black man be masculine on television? Why is Felix so effeminate? Felix sells cosmetics to pay for nursing school and he sometimes wears make up. Why can’t a gay black man be shown on television to be a real man? Are there really gay black men who act like this sissy Felix?

I am a gay black man and I don’t wear make up, or care about fashion or cosmetics. I also don’t hang out with women either. I have female acquaintances but I don’t spend my time listening to women complain about their love lives.

Some gay people say that effeminate gay characters are needed because not all gay men are masculine. However, since Felix is also a black character I am concerned he is being marginalized due to his race and sexual orientation. Is Felix going to have a boyfriend or a storyline of his own or is he just going to be the black gay guy who makes silly jokes?

On the internet, some people love Felix he says outrageous jokes usually relating to sex and he’s a snap queen. Felix is a dangerous and racist stereotype of a gay black man he is just someone to laugh at he’s a token character not to be taken seriously. Felix also has no life and he just listens to the white female characters complain about their love lives. It is so disappointing how black characters are treated on the daytime soaps. Why have black characters on soaps at all if they are just going to be racist stereotypical token characters?

Let’s be honest here, there is a paucity of powerful black characters already on daytime television gay and heterosexual. Black characters on the daytime soaps are basically used to support the white characters yet they don’t have their own storylines anymore.

On Days of Our Lives, since Lexie Carver died back in June 2012, her husband Abe, her son Theo, and brother Cameron have been pushed to the background.Renee Jones quit Days of Our Lives back in June 2012, she said she wanted to quit acting. However, Renee’s talent was wasted on Days of Our Lives because the writers focused most of the attention on the white actress Alison Sweeney. Jones character Lexie and James Reynolds character Abe in the past had incredible storylines.

Another black character on Days of Our Lives who deserves more screentime is Maxine. Unfortunately,  Maxine is the stereotypical black mammy. Maxine is fat, a  loudmouth,  sassy, and always listens to the problems of the white characters such as Daniel and Jennifer. Maxine has no love life, no family she’s just the faithful black mammy her  sole purpose is to make the white characters feel better about themselves. It is so racist and offensive in the year 2012, that a black female character such as Maxine has no complexity she’s just a token.

On Young & The Restless, the Winters family which is African American are segregated from the white cast. The Winters family doesn’t have any decent storylines and they are treated like garbage by the writers. When are black characters gay and straight going to be treated with respect on daytime television like their white counterparts? Or, are black characters just going to be treated like tokens. Now some people might argue, “well don’t complain, at least there are some black characters on daytime television.” However, what’s the point of having black tokens on daytime television when they have nothing interesting to do?

Days of our lives gay storyline: Sonny & Will Have Sex For First Time Disappointed No Mention Of Safer Sex Or Condom Use.

Yesterday, on the NBC soap Days of our Lives Salem’s gay couple Will Horton and Sonny Kiriakis finally had sex for their first time. The love scene was tasteful, but it wasn’t as progressive as I thought it should be. I commend NBC, for allowing two gorgeous young gay male characters to be able to have a mature gay relationship which does involve sex. The after glow scene is excellent, Will and Sonny are clearly naked under the sheets discussing the first time together. However, I am disappointed that Greg Meng, an openly gay man and executive producer of Days of our Lives did not have the courage to allow the writers to write a scene with Sonny and Will discuss safer sex.

After all, the character Sonny admits to Will in a coffee house scene he’s had sex with men since he returned to Salem. HIV & AIDS is a serious concern in the gay male community and according to the Center for Disease Control website gay men are still getting infected with HIV at an alarming rate. Now, a counter argument is, Days of our Lives is on daytime television, it is a soap not real life and is just fantasy, just entertainment a way to escape from the real world. My concern is, for some fans of Days of our Lives they don’t want to see a conflation of the real world problems with their fantasy. I imagine for some heterosexual and gay viewers introducing a condom in a gay love scene is “too real” and “too gay” to wrap their minds around it. It would also mean a realization that gay men do indeed have sex. There still seems to be some anxieties about allowing gay men to have a realistic homosexual relationship on television.

On another American soap,  One Life To Live three years ago the gay storyline was more progressive Kyle and Oliver did discuss safer sex and condom use. Kyle gave a speech about how much he loved Oliver and he wanted him to enjoy their first time together. Kyle also told Oliver that using protection was an example of showing him how much he loved and cared for his lover. Now why couldn’t Days of our Lives have done something similar and discuss condom use?

Another argument is, the heterosexual characters don’t use condoms on Days of our Lives so neither should the gays. The assumption is, Will and Sonny barebacked they did not practice safer sex since condom use was not discussed. What kind of message is Greg Meng and NBC sending to gay men? However, how many opportunities are Sonny and Will realistically going to have sex on daytime television? Let’s be honest here, this might be the ONLY TIME Will and Sonny are going to have sex on screen. It was a huge opportunity for Greg Meng and NBC to discuss HIV & AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases and safer sex.

I believe Greg Meng and the writers of Days of our Lives should have written a scene with Sonny and Will discussing safer sex and using a condom. Television is a powerful medium, it can be used to educate people. Soap Operas have a tradition of actually breaking down barriers in relation to taboo subjects that Prime Time television tends to ignore. Days of our Lives can reach a lot of gay men who watch the show and a simple reminder about condom use can send a message that safer sex is important.

Another point to consider is, I think the reason Days of our Lives ignored the discussion about HIV & AIDS is because it would be too real for the conservative viewers. The gay love scene seemed a bit chaste to me, I am kind of disappointed to be honest, I thought Will and Sonny’s first time together would be more passionate and erotic. There still seems to be a double standard for gay male characters on television. Gay men are still treated like second class citizens on television they can be funny, attractive, but they aren’t allowed to be able to express their homosexuality and have passionate sex. Now, I am not arguing Days of our Lives love scene with Sonny & Will needed to be gay porn.

However, I do believe given the fact the heterosexual characters Gabi Hernandez and Nick Fallon had several love scenes under the sheets passionately making out there is a clear double standard. It is  disappointing, in the year 2012, that gay male characters are not treated exactly like heterosexual characters on television. Even though, I am a bit disappointed, I acknowledge that Days of our Lives has indeed done a good job with the gay storyline. Will and Sonny are allowed to kiss, to hug, to even have sex which is indeed progressive compared to other shows like Modern Family on ABC or Glee on Fox with their gay male characters. I think NBC is fearful of upsetting the homophobic straight conservative viewers. If you visit Days of our Lives Facebook page there are so many hateful homophobic people that are outraged about Sonny and Will’s gay romance.

Chandler Massey and Freddie Smith are doing an excellent job with the gay storyline. Some fans complained on the internet that Chandler appears too nervous, and awkward kissing Freddie. I think Chandler’s kissing has improved and I see the chemistry between the two actors  I still feel that Freddie is more natural and comfortable than Chandler with kissing other men on screen. I still believe in the gay storyline on Days of our Lives and I hope the writing is a bit more realistic and more passionate in the future.


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