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British Diver Tom Daley Allegedly Dating Chicken Hawk Dustin Lance Black.

Wow, if this news is true that British diver Tom Daley is dating Oscar screenwriter Dustin Lance Black then that is creepy, sick, disgusting, and disturbing.

Dustin Lance Black is thirty nine years old, what could he possibly have in common with a nineteen year old kid other than sex? What could they possibly talk about?

Also, it is important to note, Daley’s father died a few years ago and wants a father figure?

Daley is vulnerable and that’s what chicken hawks want, they want young guys who they can manipulate and exploit.

But getting involved with a chicken hawk isn’t the way to go about it.

Dustin Lance Black also has been involved in less than stellar activity such as having a sex tape which is floating somewhere on the internet.

If the rumours are true, then this is bad news for the gay community. There is already a negative perception, of older gay men chasing after young boys. The stereotype is, gay men are predators who take advantage of youth.

One issue the gay male community is reticent to discuss is older gay men preying on young boys.

Since Tom Daley recently came out of the closet and he’s a star in the United Kingdom this will be a big story. The press are going to have a field day with this news.

Daley is a role model to queer youth, and he was courageous coming out of the closet a few days ago.

However, I think this is very sad news to be honest if he is indeed dating this older man. Tom Daley can date any man he desires yet he hooks up with a chicken hawk?

Yes, Daley is an adult and he is nineteen and legal. However, there is a term in gay male culture called twinks. A twink is a young gay male between the ages of eighteen to probably twenty four. Older gay men love twinks because they lack life experience, are vulnerable, and can be easily taken advantage of.

The older gay man loves twinks because they are young and can be used for sex.

Usually, when a twink ends up with an older gay man there is no happy ending. The older gay men gets rid of the young man and replaces him with someone else.

HBO New Gay Series Looking Once Again About Pretty White Gay Men Complaining About Their Lives.

Of course, I know I shouldn’t be surprised, the trailer for the new HBO show Looking which will debut in January 2014 is all about young white gay men. I hear there is a Hispanic character in the cast, of course there is no black, Asian, or Native American gay characters.

It is more of the status quo, and this is why gay people of colour we must continue to create our own art.

The representations of gay men in pop culture are still the same bland white gay guys or the token Latino.

Remember, being Hispanic is NOT a race it is a cultural group. It seems to me the casting director made sure the cast was white enough to pass for their white gay male audience.

San Francisco where the show is based has a very diverse gay community so where is the diversity?

I will probably pass on watching this show. I am just apathetic to pop culture viewing gay men through a Eurocentric lens.

Sexy British Gymnast Louis Smith On Cover Of Gay Times Magazine!!!

louis-smith July 2013 hot photo!

Wow, I am going to get a copy of Gay Times magazine Louis Smith is so hot! Gay Times magazine does a really good job of getting the most gorgeous men on the cover!

Openly Gay Soccer Player Robbie Rogers Trains With LA Galaxy Might Make Comeback.

Yesterday, American soccer star Robbie Rogers returned to training with the LA Galaxy. Rogers came out of the closet in February and if he does return to the MLS he will be the first openly gay soccer player in the world. The problem is, even though Rogers is a free agent,the Chicago Fire own his rights. Rogers isn’t interested in working in Chicago he wants to play for the LA Galaxy so he can be close to his family in the Southern California area. The interesting aspect of the Robbie Rogers story is, on various internet forums there is a lot of excitement people seem thrilled he might comeback. There is also no hint of homophobia at least from what I’ve read about Robbie Rogers online.

There seems to be a lot of people who truly respect this young man since he was so courageous to come out during his prime. Rogers is only twenty five, he turns twenty six later this month but he still has time to continue his successful career. Rogers retired from professional soccer because he is concerned about dealing with homophobia in the lockeroom and from fans from opposing teams. I sincerely hope Robbie Rogers does return to the MLS because just by competing he can give a lot of hope to LGBT people. I am cognizant that Rogers doesn’t want to be a gay hero he just wants to be a soccer player. Since there is a paucity of male athletes coming out in professional sports Robbie Rogers is proof a gay man can be masculine and also excel at sports.

NBA Free Agent Jason Collins Comes Out But He Is No Gay Jackie Robinson.

Although the mainstream media, are trying to say NBA free agent Jason Collins coming out as a gay man is a big deal the truth is it isn’t. Jason Collins is not the gay Jackie Robinson although he is on the cover of the Sports Illustrated. When is Orlando Cruz the Puerto Rican boxer should be on the cover? Orlando Cruz came out as a gay man in late year in in the fall and he is still active in boxing. Since boxing is considered a fringe sport, Cruz isn’t getting the media attention he so rightfully deserves.

Orlando Cruz has won two professional fights since he came out of the closet last fall, so why isn’t he on the cover of the NY Times or ESPN Magazine? Why is Orlando Cruz so disrespected just because he’s a boxer?

Jason Collins coming out, might make a difference in the black community though, he shines a spotlight into the struggles gay black men experience in society. I think that’s the only thing I can really take out of Jason Collins coming out he might allow our community to have more of a dialogue about homosexuality. It does take courage for a black gay man to come out especially if the man is a professional athlete.

I am cynical because, I think the social impact is only going to really occur when a gay man comes out in a team sport while he is still active and in his prime.

When is a male sports superstar going to come out as gay like Martina Navratilova, Billie Jean King, Amelie Mauresmo have done in women’s tennis? Navratilova, King, and Mauresmo are elite tennis champions they reached number one in the world and won multiple grand slam singles titles. Navratilova and King came out in the 1980s they lost millions of dollars in endorsements.

Amelie Mauresmo came out at the beginning of her career after she reached the Australian Open women’s final in 1999. Due to Navratilova and King’s success on the tennis court it was easier for Mauresmo to come out as a lesbian. Mauresmo retained all of her endorsements and she’s a national hero in France.

There still isn’t a professional male athlete in a team sport who is active out of the closet. Jason Collins is a journeyman, he wasn’t a great player and he’s not active he’s a free agent.

In order to smash the misconceptions about gay men in professional sports, it is going to take someone braver than Jason Collins.

It is going to take a man who is in his prime, a professional athlete, and someone who is a solid athlete.

Since, Jason Collins is thirty four years old, he waited until the end of his career to come out which is easier. Collins has nothing to lose coming out now he competed in the NBA for twelve years.

It is sad that the majority of the gay male athletes who do come out only come out always come out at the end of their professional careers. At the end of a pro athlete’s career there is less stigma to coming out and less of a risk.

There is a serious issue of homophobia in men’s professional sports given the fact nobody wants to come out while active.
Since at least 5 to 10% of the population is gay there has to be more gay men in the NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL who are gay but closeted. Why are these gay men still in the closet?

In the grand scheme of things, Collins is thirty four years old, he’s not on a team. Collins also waited until the end of his career to come out as a gay man. I commend Collins for having the courage to come out, but he is not the gay Jackie Robinson. The social impact that Jason Collins coming out is going to have is small. If Collins had come out maybe five years ago, while he was active in the NBA then he could have made a difference.

The Media, Gay Community, & General Public Are Expecting Too Much From Closeted Gay Athletes.

Kerry Rhodes gayKerry Rhodes gay rumours II

Last night, the American gossip website Mediatakeout splashed the provactive pics of NFL player Kerry Rhodes embracing his male assistant. Immediately, people began speculating if Rhodes is the first gay NFL player to come out. However, Rhodes told TMZ he is not gay as he attempted to squash the gay rumours. The fact that Rhodes felt the need to announce his heterosexuality is not surprising. The problem is the intense media attention about this elusive gay male athlete means the general public is now paying close attention ttrying to figure out who these gay athletes are. This just puts even more pressure on the closeted athletes to remain in the closet.

Although the mainstream North American media want a gay male athlete from the NFL, NHL, NBA, or MLB to come out I am not sure if it is going to happen. There are numerous arguments as to why a top male athlete has not come out. The gay community is also to blame because we place so much of our expectations on gay celebrities. We forget that gay celebrities are also people they have flaws, they aren’t perfect, yet we expect them to live up to our impossible unrealistic standards.

For instance, Robbie Rogers the young American soccer player came out as gay a few months ago on his blog. However, on Queerty, Towelroad, and other gay blogs Rogers was attacked and called a coward because he refused to be the gay Jackie Robinson. Rogers told The Guardian, and the New York Times that there is a pack mentality in the sports lockerooms. The heterosexual men use gay slurs, and make jokes about homosexuals. Rogers doesn’t want to deal with the homophobia and I can’t blame the man. Who would want to be subjected to abuse? Rogers is also worried about fans in soccer giving him a hard time when he is competing. This is probably going to happen if a gay man does come out in the NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB. When the first gay male athlete comes out it is going to be a mixed response. Some people are going to be supportive while others are going to be homophobic.

Meanwhile, female athletes are already coming out and declaring they are lesbians yet they are treated with such disregard and disrespect. In Nigeria, there is new controversy that their soccer Federation is screening out lesbian athletes from joining the women’s soccer team. In North America, lesbian athletes and coaches in women’s basketball also experience discrimination.

Last year, Megan Rapinoe a top American female soccer player came out declaring she is a lesbian yet there was hardly any media attention. Rapinoe brave decision to come out was treated like an afterthought, as though it didn’t matter. Why are courageous lesbian athletes treated with such disdain as though they don’t matter? Rapinoe’s decision to come out is amazing, she’s not afraid of speaking out about homophobia in sports but because she’s a woman she’s treated as inferior by the sports media.

The misogyny of the mainstream sports media is often ignored about the struggles and contributions of lesbian athletes. In professional tennis the only players coming out are the lesbians not the gay men. In modern tennis history numerous lesbians have come out such as Martina Navratilova, Billie Jean King, Amelie Mauresmo, Renee Stubbs, Gigi Fernandez, Conchita Martinez, and Lisa Raymond. Lesbians are treated with respect on the WTA Tour. However, on the ATP men’s tennis tour no gay man has come out since Bill Tidlen in the 1920s.
Even though, professional tennis is an individual sport the gay male tennis players on the ATP Tour are not coming out. The question remains why?

The unknown is a barrier for the gay male athletes, nobody knows what the reaction of sponsors, agents, media, fans, are going to be. Since nobody wants to take the first step to come out the closet door remains firmly shut. The internet is also a lightning rod of homophobia in the fan forums such as ESPN, Bleacher Report, CBS Sports the homophobia is intense. The
core message of the homophobes online is they want a don’t don’t tell policy to remain intact. The homophobes believe if a gay male athlete comes out he’s being selfish, taking attention away from the team and coming out in order to obtain media attention. This argument is weak because homosexuality is still viewed as being private while heterosexuality is treated as public in society. Heterosexual male athletes broadcast their girlfriends, wives, children, talk about their marriages, their love lives to the media. Meanwhile, the gay male athletes have to hide their sexual orientation in order to maintain the peace.

The homophobic comments on blogs are adamant they will not accept a gay male athlete. This homophobia online is often ignored in the press. The subliminal message is masculinty and homosexuality are like oil and water they don’t mix. A gay male athlete would challenge the homophobia that a gay man cannot be masculine and cannot excel in professional sports.

The closeted gay male athletes of course, read the sports websites, they know some sports fans are homophobic and this is probably one of the reasons they remain in the closet.

Another point to consider is, maybe these gay male athletes don’t want to be the gay Jackie Robinson? Maybe, these gay male athletes don’t want the intense media and public attention? Think about it, a gay man who is closeted can live his life discreetly he can date whomever he wants, and nobody knows.

It is interesting that the gay activism in the NFL have been the heterosexual allies such as Chris Kluwe and Brendan Ayanbadjeo. Ayanbadjeo was criticized by the gay media when he announced last week that up to four gay NFL players might come out at the same time. I believe the gay media attacking Ayanbadjeo is counterproductive because he has been very passionate and vocal about gay rights. Ayanbadjeo didn’t have to speak out about homophobia in the NFL he could have kept his mouth closed and followed the status quo.

Sometimes the gay community we are our own worse enemy. I think the gay male athletes are cognizant that if they do come out the gay community is going to put so much pressure on these men to become gay activists. Robbie Rogers has already illustrated that it isn’t fair to expect so much from a gay male athlete. All these guys want to do is compete, play sports, make their money and be the best they can be. The media, the gay community, and the general public need to dial down their expectations of gay athletes.

Traditional Gay African Wedding In South Africa.

Wow, this video brings tears to my eyes, it is so wonderful to see a young gay black couple in love! This wedding is going to open the minds of people across the globe. I also believe this wedding will hopefully start a dialogue in the black community about homosexuality. Gay marriage is legal in South Africa and I think this wedding is symbolic to show South Africa is progressing. Yes, gays and lesbians in South Africa still encounter discrimination, but this wedding illustrates more African people are accepting homosexuality.

Former NFL Player Kwame Harris Comes Out The Closet Talks About Sports Career & Homosexuality.

I am very pleased that Kwame Harris the former NFL player decided to come out of the closet and talk about his homosexuality. We need more black gay men in the pop culture to come out and let people know it is okay to be black and gay. It is sad that that Kwame didn’t feel he could come out of the closet during his NFL career. The homophobia in the NFL is still very strong. According to a CBS reporter Mike Freeman, a closeted gay man in the NFL is thinking about coming out and continuing his career.

Gay Argentina Soap Botineras: Manuel & Lalo Make Love For The First Time.

Three years ago, the soap Botineras in Argentina had a very popular gay storyline about two soccer players Manuel and Lalo.

I can honestly say, this is one of the best gay male romances I have ever seen! I can’t imagine, a gay storyline like this being broadcast on North American television. The sensuality, passion, desire, and the love Manuel and Lalo have for each other is just incredible. The story is simple, Manuel is thirty years old, his professional soccer career is almost over.

However, Manuel is closeted he’s married to a woman Lily and he has two children. Lalo, is only eighteen he’s just starting his soccer career and Manuel falls for the younger man. Compared to North American soaps or television shows with gay storylines, this gay storyline is about love.

This soap illustrates the difficulty a gay male soccer players would have coming out of the closet. Lalo doesn’t want to come out because he’s afraid it might destroy his career. Manuel’s wife Lily eventually finds out the truth that her husband is having an affair with Lalo. There is a lot of drama in this story.

Although, Queer as Folk gets a lot of attention for being sexually explicit, the love scenes were mechanical and not loving. The romance between Manuel and Lalo is all about love, tenderness, and devotion. It is very rare to watch a soap with gay male characters who show tenderness, compassion, and comfort each other. Often, the actors who do play gay male characters are uncomfortable or awkward in the gay love scenes. Here the actors who play Manuel and Lalo give a tremendous performance, and make the audience actually believe their characters are in love.


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