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Salon Article: Is It Time For Tom Cruise To Follow Anderson Cooper’s Example & Come Out Of The Closet?

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Is it time for Tom Cruise to come out?

This article originally appeared on The Weeklings.

Tom Cruise’s wife is leaving him.

A few days ago, Katie Holmes, the other half of TomKat, the mother of Tom’s only biological child, and the impetus of his notorious Oprah couch-jump, filed for divorce in New York. As Amy Argetsinger points out at the Washington Post, Holmes becomes the third Mrs. Cruise to jump ship at the age of 33 (which probably has some numerological-Scientological significance Beck would be able to explain).

The Weeklings

About the only person surprised by this is Tom Cruise, who turns 50 today (he was born on the third of July).

Whatever went on behind closed doors, the Cruise-Holmes union seemed, to those of us following it obsessively at TMZ and Us Weekly, like a P.R. stunt. Holmes staggered through publicity appearances like a catatonic, while Cruise’s egregious and desperate determination to convince us that the relationship was legit comprised the worst performance of his acting career.

Let the record show that I’m a huge Tom Cruise fan. I love the guy. I became aware of him as an actor, as opposed to just a guy in the movies, when I went to see Interview with a Vampire. Anne Rice had been outspoken in her disappointment at the casting of Cruise as Lestat — and he wound up being the only thing in the movie worth watching. He killed in that flick. He kills in every flick. “Jerry Maguire,” “Eyes Wide Shut,” “Tropic Thunder,” “Magnolia,” “Collateral” — stand-out performances, all. Is he limited? Sure, but who isn’t? I may not like every movie he does (“Mission Impossible” is wretched, and “Vanilla Sky” is a train wreck), but I always like him. The guy is a movie star, plain and simple, and he’s been one for a staggeringly long period of time.

His personal life, however, is harder to get behind. It’s not so much what we know as what we don’t — or, rather, what we think we know. Yes, he’s a Scientologist … but what does that mean, exactly? Does he really believe all that stuff, or is Scientology just another high-profile acting job?

And then there’s the elephant in the room. The big, pink elephant.

The rumors have dogged him for decades now, since before he rocked out to Bob Seger in tighty-whities. That he wants to do it to for Johnny. That Mimi and Nicole and Katie were beautiful beards. That what he really desires is A Few Good Men.

If there is fire to be found in this great cloud of gay smoke, it would be remarkable. The guy’s been A-list famous since 1983, and there has been no public evidence at all, none, to support the rumors. Masseurs have not pressed charges against him; photographs of him kissing other men on the lips on a tarmac have not popped up on the Internet, unlike other movie-star Scientologists we can name. In this day and age, when so many celebrities rise and fall by virtue of a stray tweet, when everyone in greater Los Angeles has a camera phone and thus the capability to catch him in flagrante delicto, it’s almost inconceivable that he could be acting on these alleged homoerotic impulses. Either he’s straight, or he gives new meaning to the term Cruise control.

But if the rumors are true … if he does prefer the company of men … if his impossible mission is to be an openly gay action-movie star, his course of action now is clear: Tom Cruise needs to take a page from the Anderson Cooper playbook. He needs to come out, he needs to come out big-time, and when he gets hitched again, he should marry a guy.

It’s not like this sort of disclosure is unprecedented. Cary Grant confessed to bisexuality when he was an old man; so did Richard Burton. Why not Tom Cruise?

Yes, this would be incredibly brave — the sort of courage we come to expect from a man who so convincingly played Maverick and Ethan Hunt. It would also be admirable to the Nth degree. One press release would transform him from thrice-divorced Scientologist weirdo to civil rights hero and gay icon. He could live his life out in the open, and in so doing, make the world a better, more tolerant place. And instead of jumping on Oprah’s couch, he could jump on Ellen’s.

That’s if he’s gay. (Note to the attorneys for Mr. Cruise: I am merely repeating oft-repeated rumors, and this should not be read as an endorsement of them). If he’s not — if the real Tom Cruise is exactly what he’s shown us — then take note, Mila Kunis and Eliza Dushku and Amber Heard and every other hot Hollywood 20-something on the make: Mrs. Tom Cruise is a plum part, and auditions will be held soon.

BBC News: France Enters The Twenty First Century Will Allow Homosexuals Same Sex Marriage & Adoption In 2013!!!

People parade during the 12th edition of the Gay Pride in ParisAt present, only married couples and not civil union partners can adopt in France

Gay couples in France will be allowed to get married and to adopt children as of 2013, Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault has announced in parliament.

The announcement was part of a keynote speech outlining the new Socialist government’s five-year plan.

It confirms an election pledge made by President Francois Hollande.

A number of European nations including Germany, Sweden and Britain already allow gay adoption.

Continue reading the main story

“Start Quote

Our society is evolving, lifestyles and mentalities are changing”

Jean-Marc AyraultFrench prime minister

At present only married couples – not civil union partners – can adopt in France.

“In the first half of 2013, the right to marriage and adoption will be open to all couples, without discrimination,” Mr Ayrault told parliament.

“Our society is evolving, lifestyles and mentalities are changing. The government will respond to that.”

He announced the news during a keynote speech outlining the government’s budget and political agenda.

Symbolic gesture

Gays in France make up 6.5% of the electorate, compared with practising Catholics at 4.5%, according to figures released by pollster Ifop.

A survey carried out at the beginning of the year showed 63% of French people are in favour of gay marriage while 56% support gay adoption.

The confirmation of the new law came only days after Paris held its annual Gay Pride parade, which this year was buoyed by the new goverment’s promise to legalise gay marriage and adoption rights.

In a symbolic gesture, French Minister for Families Dominique Bertinotti turned out to see the parade floats set off.

European nations allowing gay adoption include Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Iceland, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and Britain.

Blind Gossip Reveals Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Fake Marriage Is Over She Is No Longer His Beard!!!

The Five Year Mark


[BlindGossip] They have passed the five-year point, so the marriage is over! They are living separately, their public appearances as a couple are down to once or twice a month (tops), and any time together is as much about keeping the child/ren connected to the whole family as it is to be seen together for the paparazzi.

Here’s the timing for the announcement of the split: He has two big projects this year. She has already agreed to chip in and help promote the first project with red carpet appearances and positive interview mentions. If that occurs (and we believe it will), the official split will be announced during the summer lull. If she takes an additional payout and waits until after the second release, the announcement will be made approximately New Years 2013.


It’s Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes! Source:

The situation is exactly as we described to you back in April 2012:

1. The five-year contract is up

2. They were already living separately

3. Their public appearances were down to once or twice a month

4. The timing of the announcement is taking place after they have finished promoting the first big project (Rock of Ages)

5. The timing of the announcement is during the summer lull (Announcing on a Friday afternoon of a holiday weekend is also a nice touch)

She rejected the additional payout to stick around for the promotions for Jack Reacher. Katie Holmes is out of there!


Blind Gossip Reveals Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore Were Never Legally Married Therefore No Need For Divorce!!!


BlindGossip – This famous actor and actress couple got married several years ago. Although it was a hastily-arranged secret wedding, you’ve probably seen a few good photos of the event. Well, guess who’s not really married? We mean legally.  While their wedding was a religious commitment ceremony and family party, they never got around to the actual marriage license part. Well, at least that should make their “divorce” easier.


It’s Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher! Source: BlindGossip

They were “married” for six years, and announced last year that their “marriage” was over. Why haven’t they filed for divorce yet? Because they were never legally married.

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore got married in a Kaballah ceremony September 2005. There were lots of assorted rumors over the nest few years that that Demi was bisexual, that they had an open marriage, or that they were cheating on each other. The two of them maintained that they were had a faithful relationship and that they wanted to have a baby together.

In September of 2010, a friend of the couple told BlindGossip that Ashton was cheating on Demi. They also told us that the marriage was over… but that it wasn’t really a marriage, so there wasn’t really going to be a divorce. On January 5, 2011, we published this blind. In November 2011, the couple announced that their relationship was over. Since then, though, neither one has filed for divorce. The rest of the media started catching on to this puzzling fact earlier this month. From The Huffington Post (including quotes from RadarOnline):

Last November, Demi Moore released a statement that she had decided to “end” her six-year marriage to Ashton

Sydney Morning Herald Article: Gay Marriage Conscience Vote Will Stop Same Sex Marriage Becoming Legal In Australia.

June 19, 2012

Gay marriage vote on hold

Supporters of same-sex marriage are delaying a final vote in federal parliament hoping to shore up their numbers.

  • ADVOCATES of same-sex marriage accept Parliament will defeat two bills later this year calling to legalise gay marriage but believe public pressure will ultimately prevail.

The Finance Minister, Penny Wong, one of the strongest proponents for a change to the Marriage Act, said yesterday that change would come.

”I think the campaign is not going to go away because, ultimately, it’s a campaign for people’s equality,” she said.

Same-sex marriage... proponent Penny Wong believes change will come.Same-sex marriage … proponent Penny Wong believes change will come. Photo: Andrew Meares

A seven-member parliamentary committee split 4-2 against same-sex marriage yesterday with one abstention as it handed down a report which contained no recommendations, only information for all politicians to use to inform their final decision.

The committee chairman and Labor MP, Graham Perrett, along with fellow Labor MP Laura Smyth, favoured gay marriage while Liberal MPs Sharman Stone and Ross Vasta, and Labor’s Mike Symon and Shane Neumann opposed it.

The other member, the Liberal moderate Judi Moylan, gave no separate opinion.

Because both pieces of legislation are private members bills, time set aside to debate them is limited and no vote is expected until the end of this year at the earliest.

Priority will be given to the bill introduced by the NSW Labor MP Stephen Jones. The other is a Greens bill, sponsored by Adam Bandt.

”We’re short of the numbers at the moment but anything could change,” Mr Jones said.

The Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, will vote against gay marriage but has allowed Labor MPs a conscience vote. Number crunchers estimate about 36 of the 70 Labor MPs will vote for same-sex marriage while 10 to 15 are undecided and the rest will vote against.

Tony Abbott will not allow a conscience vote and all Coalition MPs are required to vote against same-sex marriage. Backbenchers can cross the floor but any frontbencher who does so would have to resign from the shadow ministry.

Mr Bandt, who will hold off on his bill until later this year or next year, said the delay between the start of debate and the final vote would be used to increase public pressure on political leaders, especially Mr Abbott, to have a change of heart.

”I’m optimistic of achieving reform within the life of this Parliament with some more discussion and more persuasion,” he said.

Parliament’s standing committee on social policy and legal affairs received a record 276,437 responses to an online survey it conducted as part of its inquiry.

Church groups and the Australian Christian Lobby have fiercely campaigned against gay marriage, despite Labor’s bill exonerating the churches and any other religious groups from having to marry gay people.

Mr Perrett, who holds a marginal Queensland seat, said ”it is important to remember that God did not write the Marriage Act”.

With public opinion polls consistently showing majority support for same-sex marriage, Mr Perrett said it was incumbent upon MPs to respond to growing public support ”by categorically opposing laws that legitimise discrimination”.

Ms Stone and Mr Vasta said the Liberals had promised before the federal election not to legalise gay marriage.

”I do not accept that the view towards marriage has changed since the 2010 federal election,” Ms Stone said.

Read more:

Barbara Walters Asks A List Movie Star Hugh Jackman If He Is A Closeted Homosexual?

Barbara Walters certainly knows Hugh Jackman is gay but he didn’ t actually deny his sexual orientation either in this clip. According to my sources, Hugh Jackman is not straight. My personal opinion is, Hugh Jackman is at least bisexual but he can’t come out because this would hurt his action film career.

Jackman is famous for his performances in the X Men and Wolverine movies. He decided to marry his  beard Deborah Lee Furness  to provide an illusion of heterosexuality. Although the general public believes society is more progressive, the truth is many movie fans don’t want A list male stars to be openly gay.

In fact, no A list male movie star has come out of the closet. By contrast, female stars like Angelina Jolie or Drew Barrymore  say they are bisexual and nobody cares. The general public is apathetic when a female star comes out of the closet as bisexual or lesbian because it isn’t seen as a threat. 

A decade ago, Walters asked Ricky Martin in an infamous interview if he was homosexual and Martin denied he was gay. However, two years ago Ricky Martin decided to come out of the closet. Some people might think Walters was out of line asking Hugh about his sexuality but she’s only doing her job.

NY Times Article: American Lesbian Tennis Star Gigi Fernandez Gave Birth To Twins At The Age Of Forty Five!!!

A Dream Deferred, Almost Too Long

Published: August 29, 2010

LAKE MARY, Fla. — During a doubles lesson at an Orlando sports club this month, Gigi Fernandez dragged her tennis racket along the service line. She told the women gathered around her to picture the line as the edge of a cliff: they stepped beyond it at their peril.

Todd Anderson for The New York Times

Jane Geddes, left, and Gigi Fernandez, right, with their twins. Fernandez battled infertility until her friend Monika Kosc, center, donated her eggs.

Motherhood in Play

The Waiting Game

This is the third article in a series examining the decisions female athletes face regarding pregnancy and child rearing.

The latest news and analysis from all of the 2011 major tournaments.


Todd Anderson for The New York Times

Gigi Fernandez, left, and Jane Geddes with their twins Karson and Madison. Struggling with infertility after a long tennis career, Fernandez almost gave up hope that she would have children.

Fernandez always seemed perfectly positioned on the court, winning 17 Grand Slam doubles titles and reaching No. 1 before retiring in 1997 at age 33. It was only when she tried to have a baby in her 40s that she found herself on the wrong side of the line.

The odds of becoming pregnant plunge for women over 35, but Fernandez, whose grace at the net was often overshadowed by a trigger temper, forged ahead. She was imbued with the world-class athlete’s mind-set that where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Seven unsuccessful fertility treatments later, Fernandez sat with her partner, Jane Geddes, and listened numbly as her doctor said that her eggs were old and that her Hall of Fame tennis career had contributed to her inability to conceive.

“It was crushing,” Fernandez said, adding, “I felt almost like I wished I would have never played tennis.”

Fernandez’s globe-trotting career made it difficult to sustain a long-term relationship. She met Geddes, four years older and an 11-time winner on the L.P.G.A. Tour, the year she retired.

It was a case of opposites attracting. Geddes’s optimistic and easygoing demeanor smoothes Fernandez’s jagged edges. And Fernandez’s passionate nature makes life more vibrant for Geddes, who has degrees in criminology and law and works for the L.P.G.A. Tour. They had been a couple for five years when they decided to have a child, neither dreaming such an elemental desire would become such a nightmare.

“As an athlete, you have this attitude, ‘I can do anything with my body,’ ” Fernandez said. “That’s how you think. So your biological clock is ticking, but you’re in denial.”

Fernandez tells her tennis students to always play the percentages. It is sound advice in matters of reproduction, too.

Dr. David L. Keefe, the chairman of obstetrics and gynecology at New York University Langone Medical Center, said natural fertility rates for women declined gradually from ages 35 to 38 and more precipitously after that.

In a telephone interview, Keefe, who did not treat Fernandez, said he would advise professional athletes in their early 20s to consider freezing their eggs.

Fernandez said: “I would not have done that because I was so psychotic about my body. I would have never risked taking the hormones and the retrieval and dealing with any adverse effects. I wouldn’t even give blood.”

The intense physical stress that world-class athletes subject their bodies to can lead to ovulation dysfunction. Fernandez thought back to all the menstrual periods she missed in her 20s because of her intense training and how, at the time, that proved more a convenience than a cause for concern.

Based on her experience, Fernandez said she would counsel women in professional sports to start planning for motherhood in their late 20s, rather than a decade later as she did.

“I was so selfish in those years,” she said. “I felt like I had to be. I felt like tennis was so all-encompassing.”

It was not until the summer of 2008, using donated eggs and sperm, that Fernandez became pregnant. When she gave birth to twins, Karson and Madison Fernandez-Geddes, in April 2009, two months after her 45th birthday, the vanity plate on her sport-utility vehicle assumed a new meaning: DBLE GLD no longer referred only to her 1992 and 1996 Olympic doubles titles.

From Pro to Parent

Fernandez, 46, a native of Puerto Rico, started playing tennis at 7 and developed quick hands at the net by returning balls her father, Tuto, tossed as if he were feeding a wood chipper. She accepted a scholarship to Clemson and turned pro shortly after making the 1983 N.C.A.A. singles final as a freshman.

Over the next 15 years, Fernandez won 68 women’s doubles titles. Her most successful partnership was with Natasha Zvereva, with whom she won 14 Grand Slam events. They will compete next week in the Champions Invitational at the United States Open.

After retiring, Fernandez, who was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame this year alongside Zvereva, tried on different identities. She became a scratch golfer, earned her real estate license, took classes at the University of South Florida and coached tennis. On the cusp of 40, Fernandez set her sights on motherhood.

“Gigi’s one of those people who is like, ‘I want it and I want it now,’ ” Geddes said. “So it became her greatest challenge.”

Fernandez and Geddes said they spent five years and roughly $100,000 in a quest to become parents.

“My role, as it often is, was to be the cup-half-full person,” Geddes said, adding, “It’s an unbelievable process of low lows and high highs but unfortunately nothing in between.”

With every failed intrauterine insemination or in vitro fertilization attempt, Fernandez became more distraught. Speaking of Geddes, she said, “I think she hated how obsessive and relentless I became with the process and how upset I became after every failed attempt.”

Fernandez recalled one drive home from the doctor when Geddes steered the car to the side of the road, stopped and said: “That’s it. We are done with this.”

Geddes said it was hard to see Fernandez in such distress. “Halfway through it, I told her she had to stop taking all these drugs,” Geddes said. “She was, like, psychotic.”

Fernandez said: “The hormone treatment was intensely emotional. I don’t say I wassuicidal, but I had suicidal thoughts. My thought was, what’s the point of living if I can’t have a child?”

Despite all that she had accomplished in tennis, Fernandez said, “There’s this implication that women are here to bear children, and if you can’t bear children, you’re useless.”

In 2007, the couple tried adoption. Fernandez said she filled out a lengthy questionnaire to begin the process in Florida only to be stopped by the final question.

“It was, ‘What is your sexual preference?’ ” Fernandez said.

When months passed and their papers were lost in a shuffle of caseworkers, they pursued adoption in California. Twice they were chosen by a birth mother in a process Fernandez described as “very anxiety-producing.”

In each case, Fernandez said, they paid the mother’s expenses, including medical costs, food and rent, only to have each change her mind late in the pregnancy.

When the second adoption fell through in the spring of 2008, Fernandez and Geddes were emotionally and financially drained.

“It felt sort of like it’s not supposed to happen,” Geddes said.

A Friend’s Gift

During the time Fernandez and Geddes were focused on adopting, they became friends with Monika Kosc, who was recently divorced and childless. Kosc said her heart ached for the couple, whose distress was palpable.

One day, she asked Fernandez, “What do you need to have a baby?”

“I need eggs,” Fernandez replied.

“I have eggs,” Kosc said. “You can have some of mine.”

Kosc, who was 36, went for mandatory counseling before agreeing to the procedure. She injected herself with hormones for two weeks. In August 2008, she produced eggs that were fertilized with sperm from an anonymous donor. Fernandez’s doctor, Mark P. Trolice, implanted two embryos in Fernandez’s uterus. Fernandez was in New York for the Champions Invitational when she received a voice-mail message from her doctor. She met Geddes at their hotel before calling back.

“When he said ‘You are pregnant,’ we screamed,” Fernandez wrote in an e-mail. “I cried. The entire hallway knew something had happened in our room!!”

As a precaution, Fernandez withdrew from the Open. The twins were delivered byCaesarean section six weeks early because she had developed high blood pressure.

Now Fernandez works from home, scheduling tennis lessons and business meetings for when the twins are at preschool. Geddes, the 1986 United States Women’s Open champion, commutes 40 miles each way to L.P.G.A. headquarters in Daytona Beach and travels extensively.

The trips are the worst, said Geddes, who told of returning from an overseas event last month and getting a cold shoulder from Madison at the airport.

“To see these guys as a family is priceless,” Kosc said, adding: “I see the biggest change in Gigi. It’s not about her. It’s about the kids. She’s so selfless and giving and thoughtful and responsible and down to earth.”

Kosc was speaking from the playroom in the house in the gated community here where Fernandez and Geddes live and where Kosc, a frequent visitor, answers to Auntie. A plastic golf club and a child’s tennis racket were among the toys. On the top of the television, blocks spelling each child’s name flanked blocks that spelled Mama.

Fernandez, Geddes and Kosc sat cross-legged on the floor, playing with Karson and Madison and talking about their unusual bond.

“I feel like no matter what we do for Monika, we’ll never repay her,” Fernandez said.

Madison and Karson’s eyes were glued to the television, where a cartoon monkey was explaining baseball, basketball, golf, soccer and tennis. The instructional DVD, the sporting version of Baby Mozart, is called “Baby Goes Pro.” It is the brainchild of Fernandez and her business partner, Valerie Stern.

The idea came to Fernandez as she pondered ways to nurture a love and aptitude for sports in her children, who have none of their athletic parents’ genes.

“I really deep down wish they were genetically mine,” Fernandez said. “Sometimes, I kid myself into thinking they are. Because I carried them, I feel so connected to them.”

Geddes, with input from Fernandez, chose the sperm donor based on his personality. In their home office, they keep a folder that contains all the information they have on him. His answers to a questionnaire suggest that he is kind, smart, optimistic and easygoing. He seems a lot like Geddes in temperament, just what the couple was seeking.

Kosc said she has been approached by other couples seeking an egg donor.

“It’s not going to happen,” she said, adding, “I don’t want any half-siblings out there.”

Fernandez interjected, “Only if I want another one.”

Kosc: “You have a perfect world.”

Fernandez: “There is no such thing as perfect.”

Geddes: “That’s the world of Gigi right there.”

This article has been revised to reflect the following correction:

Correction: September 6, 2010

An article last Monday about Gigi Fernandez’s tennis career and its effect on her plans for motherhood misstated the year she competed in the N.C.A.A. women’s singles championships. It was 1983, not 1993.


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