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LA Complex Gay Storyline Second Season Finale: Kal’s Father Dies He Has A Frank Ocean Moment Comes Out On The Internet.

Sometimes I wonder, if the writers of the LA Complex are prescient? After all, the hip hop artist Frank Ocean came out of the closet in July and now the gay rapper Kaldrick King comes out on the internet in the season finale. I was moved by Kaldrick’s letter he wanted to tell his father about his struggles with his homosexuality. After Kaldrick’s father dies,he realizes that he needs to live his life on his own terms and not worry about what other people think. Kakdrick finally acknowledges he is gay and he took the brave step to coming out to his fans online.

It is going to be interesting to see if there are ramifications and any fallout after Kaldrick comes out.

Are Kaldrick’s fans going to support him not that he declares he is a homosexual?

I feel that Kaldrick’s new boyfriend Chris is attractive and also very mature and thoughtful. However, I am not convinced that Kaldrick and Chris have the emotional and physical chemistry that they are in love. I sense that Chris is actually like another father figure to Kaldrick he is like a gay mentor to him showing him that is okay for a black man to be gay. I like the Chris because he is a positive representation of a gay black man he is a successful lawyer, and he is comfortable with his homosexuality. I am just not sold that Kaldrick and Chris are in love with each other.

At least the fictional character Kaldrick King is not stringing his fans along any longer pretending to be heterosexual when he knows he is a gay black man.

However, it is important to point out in the real world, a male rap artist with a high profile has never come out of the closet. Frank Ocean is a R&B singer he is not a rapper. In addition, unlike Frank Ocean, at least Kaldrick King is resolute that he is indeed homosexual. Frank Ocean recently released a music video called Pyramids about a female stripper. I don’t want to sound cynical, but I wonder if Frank Ocean’s coming out is simply a carefully planned publicity stunt? One argument is, Frank Ocean does not need to label his sexual orientation.

Another point to consider, politically correct people will state that we should not label other people but the truth is human beings do label each other. We utilize labels to identify, categorize, and it is a method to understanding each other. Is Frank Ocean gay, or bisexual? I believe Frank Ocean refuses to take on the gay label because he and his PR team probably feel it will stigmatize him and place him into a corner. Frank Ocean and his record company can claim he is a progressive queer role model because he came out of the closet.

Yes, it was a bold step forward for black gay rights that Frank Ocean a prominent African American musician came out of the closet. However, the ambiguity about the R&B singer’s sexual orientation is a quandary.

The media and the general public are confused about Frank Ocean’s  true sexual orientation. On various media websites, I have read that Frank Ocean is gay and on other websites the writers state he is bisexual. Why hasn’t Frank Ocean made a music video about being in love with another man? Would it be too shocking or too gay for Frank Ocean to declare his love for another male and kiss him in a music video?  Would it shock heterosexual female consumers if Frank Ocean made a music video about having a real passionate love affair with another man?

It is disconcerting that Frank Ocean is only trying to appeal to a heterosexual female market yet ignore his gay male market.

The general public isn’t stupid, Frank Ocean can’t crawl back into the closet he’s out that’s a wrap. Is Frank Ocean going to do what the British actor Luke Evans did come out and then run back into the closet? Luke Evans starred in the Immortals last year and his next major role will be in the Hobbit. Since Evans profile is rising in Hollywood his PR people believe the general public isn’t going to accept him as a gay male action star.

Over a decade ago, Luke Evans came out of the closet to the American gay publication Advocate Magazine  All you need to do is type in Luke Evans and gay in a google search and you will find the article. Evans discussed his propensity to enjoying watching gay porn, his love for men with large penises, and his love for other men.

Fast forward a decade later, now that Luke Evans is being groomed by Hollywood to become an action star he is suddenly in love with women. Evans Wikipedia page is scrubbed clean of any discussion about his homosexuality. It appears Frank Ocean is  also playing a pernicious game, he is blurring the lines of sexuality on purpose which is abhorrent and deleterious.

Frank Ocean certainly isn’t the gay black role model that the mainstream media is painting him to be. A real role model wouldn’t be singing about loving women and making a video about a female stripper.

Frank Ocean decided to come out of the closet and now he must deal with the consequences. He can’t have it both ways playing with various demographic markets. Frank Ocean needs to make it clear to the general public is he gay or bisexual. It is only fair, because it is not enough for Frank Ocean to state he once fell in love with another man. He needs to prove to the general public that he is indeed not playing a pathetic publicity stunt game and declare his love for other men.

At least Kaldrick King isn’t playing games with his audience on the LA Complex. It is disappointing that a fictional character on a television show is more progressive than a real human being who could do so much for black gay rights. Frank Ocean actions are very disappointing because he isn’t as comfortable with his sexuality and his actions prove this to be the case.

LA Complex Gay Storyline: Tariq & Kal Are Not Getting Back Together.

I know Kal was wrong for beating up his ex boyfriend Tariq but I must admit I want them to get back together. The scene inside Tariq’s apartment in Montreal is so emotional. I yearned to see Tariq and Kal have one last kiss.  I wish there was a television show specifically about gay black men. On American television this fall there are two gay shows NBC’s The New Normal and CBS Partners focus on white gay men. I believe it is time for network television to have a television show specifically about gay men of colour because this would be groundbreaking.

The paucity of queer men of colour’s storylines is deleterious because it erases our realities. I believe the Tariq and Kal storyline is positive specifically because they are both black gay men.

Although the LA Complex gay storyline is not perfect, it still illustrates to the audience that gay black men we do love each other. The negative aspect of the gay storyline is the violence which I still believe is pernicious. Couldn’t the writers have done something else to create conflict for Tariq and Kal? Why was it necessary for Kal to be violent and beat Tariq? I am concerned about the subliminal messages of racism about gay black men.

The writing is flawed because the audience needed to see Tariq’s journey from being a domestic violence victim to regaining his self confidence. The LA Complex writers only focused on Kal’s storyline because I guess it is more sensational to deal with a closeted gay rapper. I can’t help but think Tariq deserved more attention and screentime. I wanted to see Tariq go into therapy, speak at a domestic violence group, and battle with his conflicting emotions about Kal. The LA Complex writers robbed the audience of Tariq’s journey from pain to resolution.

The acting by Benjamin Watson and Andra Fuller is flawless. The facial expressions  of Watson and Fuller express the pain, regret, sadness, and unhappiness of their break up.

Kal clearly loves Tariq he knows he is wrong for physically abusing him. However, the sadness on Tariq’s face he held it together long enough and stayed strong he wants nothing to do with Kal.

After Kal left, Tariq cried it was heartbreaking to see him so upset because I believe he is torn. Tariq still loves Kal but he can’t forgive him.

I feel that Tariq and Kal have so much chemistry, passion, and love for each other. I believe this is a breakthrough storyline for television to have two young gay black men fall in love and out of love with each other.

I am sad that Tariq is gone because I believe he is the man for Kal. Kal is a work in progress, he still needs to deal with his internalized homophobia and self hatred. Tariq has already moved on he has a new boyfriend and Kal is dating the lawyer Chris. I think Chris is cute, he seems grounded, mature, and responsible, but I am not sure if Kal and Chris have a love connection? I feel that the desire, and love that Tariq and Kal is more powerful.

New LA Complex Episode: Kaldrick Is Confused About His Feelings For An Older Gay Black Man.

Well this is an interesting development, I thought Kaldrick’s sex scene with the hot lawyer was just going to be a one night stand. The lawyer is so hot he is gorgeous!  Wow I love the kiss!

I like the lawyer he’s an openly gay black man he is proud he’s not going to put up with Kaldrick’s bullshit!  I like this lawyer he’s very blunt and he’s not interested in dating a closet case he wants a meaningful relationship with another man.

I still think Kaldrick has more chemistry with Tariq because they are closer to the same age and life experiences. Tariq is a very sweet and sensitive young man and I think he can Kaldrick could grow together. However, I wonder if Tariq will ever forgive Kaldrick or if they can ever get back together?  Kal still isn’t over Tariq I think he still loves him.

This lawyer seems more mature, grounded, worldly and from a different social class than Kaldrick. Kaldrick is extremely immature and I think the lawyer sees right through Kaldrick he knows he has a lot of emotional baggage. I love it when the guy says to Kaldrick ” you need to start with this Tariq guy.”

LA Complex New Episode: Kal Tries To Please His Father By Dating A Woman While Still Denying His Homosexual Desires!!!

First, I just want to let people know there is a petition to save the LA Complex so a third season can be created. If you love the LA Complex show please sign the petition and spread the word.

Here is the link:…

I wish the LA Complex was getting more press in the black media in North America. It is interesting for me to watch the gay storyline on the NBC soap Days Of Our Lives and the gay storyline on LA Complex. It would be awesome if Ebony, Essence, Upscale, Source, and the rest of the black press paid attention to the LA Complex.

Last night on the LA Complex, Kal’s father sets him up on a date with a beautiful young woman. She  is a social worker and she works with disadvantaged people in Los Angeles. However, at the restaurant Kal sees an attractive male waiter and he can’t keep his eyes off of him. Kal is trying to please his father while denying his homosexuality.

I miss Kal’s ex boyfriend Tariq he moved back to Montreal. I think Tariq will appear return to the LA Complex soon. I doubt Tariq and Kal will get back together after Kal brutally attacked him.

I understand stories need controversy and conflict, but why do gay male characters on television always have to date women? Kal kisses Donna but he’s not attracted to women he desires other men.

The issue of race is important when examining both LA Complex and Days of Our Lives.  On the LA Complex, it isn’t a white universe where everyone is rich and white. By contrast, on Days Of Our Lives, there is hardly any racial diversity and almost all the characters are white and middle to upper class.

LA Complex is important because it is one of the rare television shows which is telling a gay storyline from a non Eurocentric perspective.

It is refreshing to actually watch television and see black gay men, see the complexity of our lives depicted on the small screen.

Although, the LA Complex isn’t perfect, the Kaldrick and Tariq storyline is a step in the right direction.

The general public needs to know that not all gay people are white or rich and live fabulous lives in the suburbs.

I believe the LA Complex actually takes more risks that Days Of Our Lives because it is actually a Canadian show. Mainstream American television is still very homophobic and reticent about male homosexuality. Remember, in Canada gays and lesbians have appeared on television in positive roles since the 1980s on Degrassi Junior High.

I think in the black community we need to have a more open dialogue about male homosexuality. The R&B singer Frank Ocean’s decision to come out of the closet last month and declare he is sexually attracted to other men is powerful. Suddenly,  a quick google search and there are discussions online about black men and homosexuality.

However, the LA Complex is a television show, and I think the writers are trying to illustrate the difficulty Kaldrick King has with coming out. Some people have asked, why doesn’t Kal just come out of the closet? There are multiple reasons why Kal can’t just come out and declare he is gay. First, Kal is a celebrity if he comes out of the closet it can hurt his brand.

Now, one argument is that Frank Ocean came out of the closet but he’s a singer not a rapper. In the hip hop industry, a black male is framed as having a ferocious heterosexuality. The black man has to be masculine, strong, powerful, promiscuous ,and of course straight.

Of course, the hyper heterosexuality of male hip hop artists is full of stereotypes but this is what the audience wants to purchase. In the real world, black men we are diverse, some of us are masculine, some of us are feminine, and some of us are in between.

LA Complex Season 2 Episode Three: Kal Confronts Someone From His Past.

I think this episode is the worst one so far in the Kal and Tariq gay storyline.  I feel the storyline needs to focus more on Tariq’s feelings and how he is going to overcome the pain of being attacked by his boyfriend. I am tired of Kal being portrayed as a violent thug and a dangerous black man. Where is the growth? Where is the transformation to Kal’s personality? I feel that Kal has not done enough to illustrate to the audience he is sorry about attacking Tariq. All I see is Kal feeling sorry for himself.

LA Complex Season 2 Episode 2: Kal Attempted Suicide & In The Hospital. He Admits To Himself He Is Homosexual.

In this episode Kal ends up in the hospital after his failed suicide attempt.For far too long television shows make coming out too simplistic that all a person needs to do is accept himself for being gay. However, let’s say if the individual coming out isn’t white and doesn’t identify with the narrative of the mainstream community about homosexuality?

I think this is where the power lies in the Kaldrick storyline because it can be extremely difficult for gay black men to come out. After a black gay man comes out which community is really going to support him? The mainstream white gay community has problems with racism and the black community has issues with homophobia.

The intersectionality of Kaldrick’s identity crosses multiple lines he isn’t just a black man or a gay man he is both.

The LA Complex has done a good job to illustrate that coming out is not easy for gay black men. Kal probably feels like he would be viewed as less than a man in the black community if he did come out of the closet. Of course, some black people are accepting of homosexuality but others are not. There is also a narrative that some black people believe that homosexuality is foreign to black culture.

LA Complex Season Two Premiere: Gay Couple Tariq & Kal Breaks Up Because Of Domestic Violence!!

I am conflicted about the LA Complex’s gay storyline between because a part of me loves the fact it focuses on a black gay male couple. I enjoy the chemistry between Benjamin Watson and Andra Fuller. Watson and Fuller are committed to their roles that I believe there is passion between their characters Tariq and Kal. It is rare to see young, masculine, black gay men on mainstream television.

However, I am disgusted at the stereotypes of black masculinity and sexuality. First, the character Kal is a down low rapper, he’s an ex con, and he’s a violent thug.

Kal is abusive towards Tariq  he treats him like dirt and he brutally beats Tariq it is simply too abhorrent to watch!

Black men we are already stigmatized  by a hostile and racist white society through essentialism. It is easy for racists to believe that black men are violent and dangerous.

I guess it was just impossible for the LA Complex writers to create a story about a loving and positive black gay relationship?

There is  a paucity of representation of black gay men on television, yet LA Complex has to present a negative image of black gay men.

It just seems like the LA Complex writers have ticked off all the racist and negative stereotypes about gay black men. Isn’t there another way to explore a black gay male relationship without violence? Couldn’t the writers have found another way to make conflict and compelling storylines for Tariq and Kal?

There are many black gay men we are confident and proud about our homsoexuality. I am aware there are closeted black gay men who struggle with being gay and black.

Was it necessary for the LA Complex writers to have Kal beat up his boyfriend Tariq? I am cognizant there are closeted down low black men out there. However, would a white gay male couple be treated the same way? I can’t recall ever seeing a white gay male couple on television involved in such a dysfunctional and violent relationship on television.

I think the LA Complex missed an opportunity to create a positive and loving gay black male relationship by focusing simply using violence to entertain the audience.

LA Complex Gay Clips: Tariq & Kal Hot Make Out Scenes Season Two Premieres July 17th On MuchMusic!!!

At the end of the first season of the Muchmusic soap LA Complex, Kal beat up Tariq because he was fearful Dynasty and his crew would find out he is gay.

I really enjoyed the Tariq and Kal gay romance because it is so rare to see gay black men in love on television.

Andre Fuller and Ben Watson are gorgeous!

Fuller and Watson are fearless in their romantic scenes and the passion is powerful and feels real.

I liked the fact that Kal and Tariq personalities are different and that their love was starting to grow.

Benjamin Watson and Andre Fuller are excellent actors and their physical chemistry is tremendous.

However, I am still disappointed that the LA Complex writers felt it was necessary for Kal to brutally beat up Tariq. I think it was lazy writing by the writers in order to keep the gay storyline dramatic.

I am not disputing that domestic violence does not occur in gay male relationships. However, since there is a paucity of black gay men on television was it necessary to make their relationship violent?  I am concerned about the negative racist and sexist stereotypes that exist in society about queer black men.

I will tune into Much Music on July 17th to see the aftermath of  the domestic violence scene. I wonder, will Tariq take Kal back? Is Tariq going to press charges against Kal for domestic violence?

Or will the writers simply end the relationship between the two men? I am intrigued by this storyline because it is nice to see gay black men on a television show who aren’t cardboard gay stereotypes. I am glad that  Tariq or Kal aren’t  drag queens, cross dressers, or effeminate that’s a real relief. It is nice to see two masculine gay black men on a prime time soap opera.


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