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Blind Item: Will & Jada Smith Are Bisexual & Their Daughter Willow Might Be A Butch Baby Dyke?

Child Gives Mommy Some News


This couple always ramps up the phony gushing about their marriage whenever there is a project to promote. However, what goes on behind the scenes is a different story. They actually spend as little time together as humanly possible, and rarely speak to each other. Recently, though, they did have to get together to have one serious discussion about their child.

The child admitted to Mom that they are having romantic feelings about a member of the same sex. While we do not know the outcome of that discussion, we do wonder if Mom and Dad have told their child/ren that they have lots of personal experience with the subject. And we also wonder if they will encourage the child/ren to stay as closeted as they are.

 My Guess: I think this blind is about Will, Jada, and their daughter Willow Smith. For many years, rumours have swirled that Jada and Will are bisexual.  Earlier this year, the mainstream media published reports that Will and Jada’s marriage is on the rocks.

In fact, Will Smith went on an exotic vacation to Trinidad and Tobago with close male friend Duane Martin! Will and Duane did not invite their wives they went to the Caribbean.

 Will and Jada currently have movies in the theaters so they want to maintain the image their family is perfect. A happy illusion is critical for stars to maintain good publicity and of course good box office.

However, Will and Jada’s daughter Willow is only eleven years old. The world is changing and children are becoming more cognizant about homosexuality. It is possible that a child could start to realize she is a lesbian at that age. Willow has always spiked my gaydar she certainly dresses like a butch dyke. Willow’s appearance has changed from a sweet innocent feminine girl to dressing dramatically different she looks very masculine like a boy. She’s also cut off all her hair she definitely looks like a baby dyke.

Willow could just be a tomboy or maybe she is a butch lesbian? If Willow is indeed a lesbian I hope Will and Jada support her and let her know it is okay to be gay.


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