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We need more black gay storylines like Tariq & Kal Deserve Their Own Television Show.

Wow, the chemistry that Tariq and Kal have for each other is off the charts! It is disappointing that the LA Complex was cancelled after the first season. The most interesting storyline of course is the gay romance between Kal and Tariq. It was so refreshing to turn on my television and see a black gay couple falling in love. I didn’t agree with the way how the writers created conflict between Kal and Tariq. I believe there is still so many stories to be told.

German Gay Storyline: Christian Cheats On Oliver With A Woman They Decide To Have An Open Relationship.

I am disappointed the German soap Verboten Liebe, once again returns to the storyline of Christian cheating on his husband Oliver with a woman! How many times can Christian cheat on Oliver with a female? Christian uses the same excuse that he got drunk in England and blacked out. Why can’t Christian admit he is bisexual? Christian has an urge to have sex with a woman. I think Christian cheating on Oliver with a woman hurts him even more than if he slept with another man. I don’t understand what the writers are trying to say? If Christian is bisexual, then the writers need to make him declare it. Maybe the writers are going to make Christian leave Oliver for a woman? When Christian and Oliver started dating five years ago, Oliver went after Christian despite the fact he was dating a woman Coco.

Male bisexuality isn’t really explored a lot in pop culture, perhaps the writers are trying to illustrate Christian still desires women too? Christian has never had a sexual relationship with another man besides Oliver. Are the writers are trying to create an interesting storyline about Christian leaving Oliver for a woman? The rumour is, Thore Scholermann, the actor who plays Christian is only returning for the short term and the gay storyline might end soon. If Christian leaves the show then I will have to stop watching because Christian is my favourite character!

I am frustrated with the writers because, Christian insists he isn’t bisexual but his actions speak louder than words.

I wish the writing was better, why return to the same storyline? It would be more interesting, if Christian had an affair with another man and a gay love triangle emerged. A lot of fans are upset with the writers of Verboten Liebe, because Christian has slept with multiple women before on the show.

Also, the concept of an open relationship is actually quite common for gay male couples. I know my comment might sound sexist for some readers but, gay men we understand the difference between love and sex. I think heterosexual men also understand the difference too. For men, we have sex drives, we want pleasure, and even though, a man might love his partner he STILL wants some variety in his sex life. The gay bathhouses are a perfect example of gay men having the sexual freedom and understanding to explore our sexuality. Gay male culture in the western world is all about sexual freedom. I am not sure, this open relationship is going to work for Christian and Oliver though. I guess, Oliver is going to get a new boyfriend to piss Christian off just like he did last time.

Gay American Singer Steve Grand New Video Stay!!!

Gay singer Steve Grand’s second music video Stay was released today on You Tube! I love this song, it is very different from Grand’s first viral hit All American Boy which was a sad depressing song. Stay is more upbeat, hopeful, and it shows Steve in love with another man, but this time he gets the gay guy! I think Steve Grand is so refreshing, it is so nice to see a young gay male singer, be unapologetic about being GAY.

Of course, a major reason Steve Grand is receiving a lot of media attention and also the public’s attention is due to the fact he’s a handsome young man. However, so what? Steve Grand is hot, and it certainly doesn’t hurt to be attractive especially since he’s a singer.

Some gay men are critical of Steve Grand because they feel the gay male community is a bit superficial and people are obsessed about Grand’s good looks.

I agree that Steve Grand receives a lot of attention because he’s HOT. However, I also believe there is a yearning from a lot of gay men, to finally see gay love in a visual form and in music. I believe, a lot of gay men like Steve Grand because it is great to see a gay man sing about being in love with another man.

There is still a lot of homophobia in society, and in the entertainment industry although barriers are breaking down there is still a lot of blatant discrimination.

It is great that Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis can make Same Love a huge international hit. Meanwhile, for me personally, it is great seeing Steve Grand an actual gay man be confident and be proud about his homosexuality. It just means something more to me, as a gay man to see another gay man, in pop culture be a successful entertainer.

Having straight allies such as Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis is good, but it is even better for the gay community when gay men actually stand up and be proud. The confidence that Steve Grand demonstrates with his music is very empowering to the gay community.

Steve Grand is a proud gay man and that’s very refreshing to see, he isn’t hiding his love for other men in his music videos.

If you notice, a lot of gay male entertainers such as Adam Lambert, Frank Ocean, or Ricky Martin, they only came out of the closet after they had a certain level of success. Also, unlike Ricky Martin, Adam Lambert, or Frank Ocean, Steve Grand came out as a gay man from the VERY BEGINNING! It is nice that there are a few queer male entertainers in the music industry, but there is still a problem.

The openly gay male singers on the major music labels, they seem to have a marketing strategy of not appearing “too gay”.
It isn’t very powerful, when Frank Ocean sings about loving a man yet he can’t make a music video about loving another man.

The visual aspect of music videos are very important, because I believe it is imperative for gay male entertainers to claim their space.

The mainstream record companies seem more concerned about record sales, and also appealing to heterosexual women. Even though Frank Ocean, Ricky Martin, and Adam Lambert are out of the closet, they clearly are being marketed to women not gay men.

The gay male market is virtually ignored, by the mainstream record companies.
Also, I have noticed the other openly gay male singers, their music videos are not very gay nor do their videos deal with gay male romance. Even though Ricky Martin is out as a gay man, a lot of his music videos still involves him singing to a woman.

Steve Grand is a breath of fresh air, I can’t wait until Steve releases his first album.

Gay German Soap Opera: Christian Returns To His Husband Oliver But He Gets Hurt In Accident.

I am so happy Thore Scholermann, the actor who plays Christian has returned to the German soap opera Verboten Liebe!!! Christian and Oliver are my favourite gay male couple on television! This German gay storyline is incredible and they have been together for five years! Christian and Oliver’s relationship is special because the actors Thore Scholermann and Jo Weil have amazing chemistry!

Usually on soap operas, a gay male couple has a very ephemeral relationship, and then they couple disappears. However, Christian and Oliver are a gay supercouple they have a huge international following due to You Tube. The producers of Verboten Liebe know Christian and Oliver have a huge fanbase!

Christian and Oliver’s love story is very special because the writers allow the gay characters to have a passionate, adult sexual relationship. For instance, on the American soap NBC’s Days of Our Lives, Will and Sonny have a very asexual relationship they don’t have gay sex scenes and they rarely kiss.

The good news is Verboten Liebe, is a German soap, and in Germany, people over there have a more relaxed attitude towards male homosexuality. Christian and Oliver’s relationship is very romantic, very passionate and very intense. Christian and Oliver act like a gay couple in love. The writers have done a good job, not downplaying the homosexuality. Christian and Oliver have problems in their relationship just like the heterosexual characters. Christian and Oliver’s gay romance has resonated with people around the world because the acting is incredible! Thore and Jo are good friends in real life and it shows in their acting they know their characters so well!!

In the current storyline, Christian returns to Germany he worked in England for a while, but he drops a bombshell on his lover Oliver telling him he has to return to England! Of course, Oliver is upset because he was separated from Christian for months. Christian suggests that Oliver moves to England with him, but he doesn’t want to leave his friends in Germany. I can see both sides of the argument. Christian is correct, he needs a job to pay his bills, and his job in England is secure. However, I also see Oliver’s point of view, Christian should not have made a life changing decision without consulting his husband!

I have heard rumours that Thore is only briefly going to be on Veroboten Liebe, because he has worked on other shows such as The Voice the German version and a tabloid gossip show. I sincerely hope the writers do not kill off Christian, I’ve missed him so much he’s my favourite character on the show! If Christian dies then I will have to stop watching Verboten Liebe, because I only watch the show to see hunky Thore Scholermann!

WWE Star Darren Young Comes Out Of Closet Says He Is Gay.

Darren Young gay wrestler

Wow, this is so nice to see WWE star Darren Young casually come out of the closet. Young was so nonchalant, when he came out to the TMZ reporter. This is fantastic, Darren coming out is going to make a difference I feel. It is so nice to see a handsome, masculine gay black man come out of the closet. I also think Darren Young coming out is great for the black community, there needs to be more dialogue about homosexuality.

For far too long gay black men we are silenced due to the homophobia. However, when public figures such as Darren Young continue to come out, these men challenge the perceptions of what it means to be gay. Often the image of the gay black man in pop culture is negative, about the dangerous down low brother or the effeminate drag queen. No offense to the fans of Ru Paul, and Miss Jay Alexander but it is refreshing to see a confident, masculine, gay black man come out. Masculine gay black men really shock people because these men challenge the image of the black homosexual.

Homophobic people prefer the flamboyant gay black man image because he fits into the neat stereotype and category of the perception people have of gay men. Meanwhile, the masculine gay black man shatters the negativity, and the image of the black homosexual. We need more public figures who are gay black men to come out like Darren Young!

He sounds very confident, gay, and proud and I think that’s the right way to come out. Young didn’t do no press conference, or no big magazine article he just stated very matter of fact he’s into other men. Everyone knows, the WWE is a very macho, testosterone environment.

Steve Grand’s Love Interest In Video All American Boy Not So Straight Appeared In Gay Porn.

Fratmen Taylor Steve Grand love interest music video gay July 2013Fratmen-Taylor-Nude-Muscle-Jock-1 July 2013Fratmen-Taylor-Nude-Muscle-Jock-4

The gay porn blog The Sword has identified singer Steve Grand’s love interest from the video All American boy isn’t so straight after all. Steve Grand’s pal has appeared in Fratman.Tv using the alias Taylor. It is kind of funny because in the articles I have read Steve Grand describes his friend as heterosexual. I personally don’t believe in the gay for pay crap. My perspective is, if a man is going to perform oral or anal sex with another man on camera he has to have some same sex attraction.

There has to be something else at play for a guy to get into gay porn beyond just money. Could it be curiosity about homosexuality? Perhaps? Who knows? I just don’t believe the fallacy that the gay porn industry dictates that these men that get into gay porn are heterosexual. I don’t buy it. I also believe, these men are most likely bicurious or probably bisexual at least.

After all, why couldn’t Steve Grand’s friend just do straight porn? My question isn’t about morality, I watch gay porn just like every other gay man out there. People got to make money anyway they can so to each his own.


Openly Gay Country Music Singer Steve Grand Got A You Tube Hit Over 1 Million Views!!!

Steve Grand hot gay country music singer IV July 2013Steve grand hot gay country singer III July 2013
Steve Grand sexy gay country singer II July 2013

Steve Grand sexy country music singer July 2013

Twenty three year old Steve Grand You Tube video All American Boy is a huge viral success with over 1 million views!

Grand’s first music video cost $7000 dollars he maxed out his credit card to make it. This video is wonderful, I love it!

It is so nice to see a gay artist singing about just being in love although this song is bitter sweet the love is unrequited.

I think Steve Grand is going to have a successful music career he’s a good singer, handsome, and he seems passionate about his music.

Steve was also a model for the Australia gay Magazine DNA.

The Country Music genre is a bit conservative though, and also homophobic. It will be interesting to see where Steve Grand goes

from here, I hope he does get a record deal. Steve is handsome, I am sure gay men and also heterosexual women are going to

support him. Well done Steve!

John Wall, John Isner, Matt Harvey Hot Nude Pics From ESPN Magazine Body Issue!!!

john_wall_nude II July 2013

John Wall nude ESPN III July 2013
john-wall-nude-espn-body-issue IV


John Isner nude The Body Issue ESPN July 2013

Matt Harvey New York Mets Pitcher nude July 2013

Matt Harvey sexy white nude July 2013

Since this is a gay blog, I am only focusing on the hot pics of the male athletes from EPSN’s body issue. I think it is great that ESPN is celebrating the male body. John Wall, John Isner, and Matt Harvey are hot! For far too long, the male body has been concealed, it great that ESPN is showing the world the glorious male form. It is about time ESPN realize, there is a huge audience of gay male sports fans we want to see male athletes nude too! Sports Illustrated has their swim suit issue of half naked women, glad ESPN Magazine got it right returning the favour.

Sexy British Gymnast Louis Smith On Cover Of Gay Times Magazine!!!

louis-smith July 2013 hot photo!

Wow, I am going to get a copy of Gay Times magazine Louis Smith is so hot! Gay Times magazine does a really good job of getting the most gorgeous men on the cover!

Secret Lives Gay Storyline: Elias & Lari Spend The Evening Together.

I love You Tube because I can watch international gay storylines such as the Finnish soap Secret Lives. In this gay storyline, Lari’s hockey career is over because he had a serious knee injury. Lari is slowly beginning to accept his homosexuality, but he is still not out to his father. Lari is starting to understand how important Elias is to him and that he is in love with him.


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