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We need more black gay storylines like Tariq & Kal Deserve Their Own Television Show.

Wow, the chemistry that Tariq and Kal have for each other is off the charts! It is disappointing that the LA Complex was cancelled after the first season. The most interesting storyline of course is the gay romance between Kal and Tariq. It was so refreshing to turn on my television and see a black gay couple falling in love. I didn’t agree with the way how the writers created conflict between Kal and Tariq. I believe there is still so many stories to be told.

Is The Homophobia In Uganda Ignored Due To Racism In LGBT Community?

The western media have focused an enormous amount of media attention about the homophobia in Russia. Since the Winter Olympics will take place in Russia in February 2014 the issue of LGBT rights in Russia has gotten the spotlight.

Perhaps the shock of the Occident is due to the fact Europe is stereotyped as being progressive, tolerant, and modern?
Western people seem to be horrified that Vladimir Putin has created and passed anti gay legislation in Russia.

Where is the press about the anti gay bill in Uganda now becoming law? Where is the GLAAD spokesperson Wilson Cruz? Why isn’t the Human Rights Campaign on television denouncing the anti gay law in Uganda becoming law? Why is there this canyon of silence?

If the Winter Olympics was taking place in Africa, or South America, or Asia, or the Middle East would the western media care about the plight of LGBT people there? Or, is it because Russia although a communist nation, is still a part of Europe and is still a white nation why there is so much press?

The white homosexuals in Russia have it easier than say Jamaican LGBT people, or gay and lesbian people in Iran where gays can be killed.

Although, people like to pretend race doesn’t matter in the obsession of the western media coverage about discrimination of LGBT people in Russia it would be naive to ignore it.

The Russian LGBT people we see on television are white, and western people especially in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada relate to them since they are white themselves.

The homophobia in Uganda is treated and viewed through a different lens by the western media in the mainstream and the LGBT community. Uganda is foreign, it is distant, it is too black, the other, and therefore invisible and treated like an afterthought.

However, Russia’s anti gay laws are terrible. I am not disputing that LGBT people in Russia are not being discriminated against. I am just pointing out there are many countries around the world where the rights of LGBT people are worse! Celebrities like Wentworth Miller, Thomas Roberts, speak out about the homophobia in Russia yet are silent about the discrimination of LGBT people in other countries.

There is this facade that the LGBT community is a monolithic group however this is a DANGEROUS LIE! The racism within the LGBT media is more subtle but it is indeed very real and it exists.

Whenever, I visit message boards and people write about homophobia in African countries there is the usual racist rhetoric that Africans are uncivilized and that’s why they are against homosexuality. However, in the United States, there are racist white Christian groups who travel to the third world to engender homophobia. Why doesn’t the bigotry of American Christian groups not getting more media attention? I recall during my undergraduate days at York University, I learned that American Evangelical Christian groups travel to Uganda, and other African countries and provide funding for Christian groups there. The homophobia in Uganda didn’t just emerge out of nowhere.

The Rachel Maddow show is one of the rare American television shows which have provided a space for dialogue about the homophobia in Uganda.

The Ugandan government has passed the anti gay bill. However, I don’t recall GLAAD, or Human Rights Campaign, or LGBT celebrities speaking out about the homophobia in Uganda.

Since the majority of the LGBT community in Uganda are black Africans or South Asians due to the issue of race they don’t receive the same media attention.

Could it be, because Russia is a white European nation, gay and lesbian organizations in the west relate to Russia easier? Uganda isn’t the only nation with terrible anti gay laws countries such as Iran, Malaysia, and the Middle East gay people have NO RIGHTS!

Sorry if I sound cynical, but I can’t help sense there is an element of racism by the LGBT power elite organizations like GLAAD about Uganda and other third world nations in relation to gay rights.

1990 Paris Is Burning Classic Documentary About Gay & Latino gay men in NYC.

In the year 1990, American filmmaker Jennie Livingston decided to make a film about the black and latino gay men in New York City. Paris is Burning, is a classic gay documentary which looks at the lives of gay men of colour. Often in the media, the gay men of colour are ignored. However, in Paris is Burning, gay black and latino men are the stars of the film.

I love the fact the black and latino gay men in this movie are FIERCE!!!

The drag ball scenes are THE BEST PART of the movie! The drag balls are fantasy world for the drag queens they are able to live their fantasies of what they WISH their lives could be. It is a very interesting and important part of the film.

Paris is Burning teaches the audience the struggles that black and latino gay men endured New York City in the 1990s.

These men are BRAVE, they live their lives being openly gay in the early 1990s! Imagine, being black or latino and gay in the 1990! The world is a different place now, but there was even more homophobia back then.

This movie explores how gay and latino gay men negotiate between their race, gender, and sexual orientation. One person in the film says he has three strikes against him he’s black, male, and also gay. Paris is Burning also explores the problems black and latino drag queens experience such as racism, unemployment, poverty. Some of the men in the film turned to prostitution in order to pay their bills or even stealing.

Livingston did a great job with this movie, I wish there were more documentaries about gay men of colour in the public sphere.

The sad part about this movie is many of the men in Paris is Burning, are no longer with us they have passed. For instance, one person VENUS XTRAVANGANSA a Latino drag queen was murdered.

Paris is Burning was an important part of the emerging queer cinema and Livingston deserves credit for bring the stories of black and latino gay men to the masses.

Contact The CRTC Do Not let Dean Blundell & 102.1 The Edge get away with homophobia!!!

102.1 The Edge is a radio station I listen to frequently because I love rock music. However, I am very disappointed to hear 102.1 The Edge Dean Blundell show is so homophobic. In the past, I listened to Blundell’s show for a few minutes but then I realized how sexist and immature the program is. Blundell is a wannabe Howard Stern.

Recently, Blundell made some disgusting anti gay jokes calling gay men “man whores”, negative comments about anal sex calling it “butt love”.

The worst part about this incident is, 102.1 The Edge probably LOVES the free publicity the Dean Blundell show is getting. 102.1 The Edge will claim that Blundell’s show is just comedy, but as I said before comedy has a subtext.

Shock jock radio hosts and comedians always say their humour is just for jokes. However, sometimes jokes are not funny and the humour is a mask for bigotry.

The homophobia that Dean Blundell and 102.1 The Edge is spreading is abhorrent. Now imagine, if 102.1 The Edge made racist comments on the air, would the Canadian public accept this? Of course not! So why is homophobia against gay men acceptable? Is it palatable in Canada for a radio station in Toronto to broadcast anti gay hate? The CRTC needs to do something about 102.1 The Edge.

The producer for 102.1 The Edge, Derek Welsman was actually a foreman in he jury in a case involving a HIV positive gay man who was convicted of sexually assaulting other gay men at the Spa Excess bathhouse. Welsman actually talked about he case ON THE AIR, even though he was instructed by the judge not to.

This anti gay crap at 102.1 The Edge, must be challenged and must not be ignored. I urge the readers of my blog to contact the CRTC and file a complaint against 102.1 The Edge.



British Diver Tom Daley Allegedly Dating Chicken Hawk Dustin Lance Black.

Wow, if this news is true that British diver Tom Daley is dating Oscar screenwriter Dustin Lance Black then that is creepy, sick, disgusting, and disturbing.

Dustin Lance Black is thirty nine years old, what could he possibly have in common with a nineteen year old kid other than sex? What could they possibly talk about?

Also, it is important to note, Daley’s father died a few years ago and wants a father figure?

Daley is vulnerable and that’s what chicken hawks want, they want young guys who they can manipulate and exploit.

But getting involved with a chicken hawk isn’t the way to go about it.

Dustin Lance Black also has been involved in less than stellar activity such as having a sex tape which is floating somewhere on the internet.

If the rumours are true, then this is bad news for the gay community. There is already a negative perception, of older gay men chasing after young boys. The stereotype is, gay men are predators who take advantage of youth.

One issue the gay male community is reticent to discuss is older gay men preying on young boys.

Since Tom Daley recently came out of the closet and he’s a star in the United Kingdom this will be a big story. The press are going to have a field day with this news.

Daley is a role model to queer youth, and he was courageous coming out of the closet a few days ago.

However, I think this is very sad news to be honest if he is indeed dating this older man. Tom Daley can date any man he desires yet he hooks up with a chicken hawk?

Yes, Daley is an adult and he is nineteen and legal. However, there is a term in gay male culture called twinks. A twink is a young gay male between the ages of eighteen to probably twenty four. Older gay men love twinks because they lack life experience, are vulnerable, and can be easily taken advantage of.

The older gay man loves twinks because they are young and can be used for sex.

Usually, when a twink ends up with an older gay man there is no happy ending. The older gay men gets rid of the young man and replaces him with someone else.

HBO New Gay Series Looking Once Again About Pretty White Gay Men Complaining About Their Lives.

Of course, I know I shouldn’t be surprised, the trailer for the new HBO show Looking which will debut in January 2014 is all about young white gay men. I hear there is a Hispanic character in the cast, of course there is no black, Asian, or Native American gay characters.

It is more of the status quo, and this is why gay people of colour we must continue to create our own art.

The representations of gay men in pop culture are still the same bland white gay guys or the token Latino.

Remember, being Hispanic is NOT a race it is a cultural group. It seems to me the casting director made sure the cast was white enough to pass for their white gay male audience.

San Francisco where the show is based has a very diverse gay community so where is the diversity?

I will probably pass on watching this show. I am just apathetic to pop culture viewing gay men through a Eurocentric lens.

ITV Reporters Discuss Whether Morrissey Autobiography Is Good.

I love Morrissey, and yes I purchased my copy of his autobiography from Ebay. Morrissey’s book is not available in Canada yet. I have read the early sections of the book Morrissey is a talented writer. Morrissey is famous for being outspoken. Morrissey’s autobiography debut at number one on!

German Gay Storyline: Christian Cheats On Oliver With A Woman They Decide To Have An Open Relationship.

I am disappointed the German soap Verboten Liebe, once again returns to the storyline of Christian cheating on his husband Oliver with a woman! How many times can Christian cheat on Oliver with a female? Christian uses the same excuse that he got drunk in England and blacked out. Why can’t Christian admit he is bisexual? Christian has an urge to have sex with a woman. I think Christian cheating on Oliver with a woman hurts him even more than if he slept with another man. I don’t understand what the writers are trying to say? If Christian is bisexual, then the writers need to make him declare it. Maybe the writers are going to make Christian leave Oliver for a woman? When Christian and Oliver started dating five years ago, Oliver went after Christian despite the fact he was dating a woman Coco.

Male bisexuality isn’t really explored a lot in pop culture, perhaps the writers are trying to illustrate Christian still desires women too? Christian has never had a sexual relationship with another man besides Oliver. Are the writers are trying to create an interesting storyline about Christian leaving Oliver for a woman? The rumour is, Thore Scholermann, the actor who plays Christian is only returning for the short term and the gay storyline might end soon. If Christian leaves the show then I will have to stop watching because Christian is my favourite character!

I am frustrated with the writers because, Christian insists he isn’t bisexual but his actions speak louder than words.

I wish the writing was better, why return to the same storyline? It would be more interesting, if Christian had an affair with another man and a gay love triangle emerged. A lot of fans are upset with the writers of Verboten Liebe, because Christian has slept with multiple women before on the show.

Also, the concept of an open relationship is actually quite common for gay male couples. I know my comment might sound sexist for some readers but, gay men we understand the difference between love and sex. I think heterosexual men also understand the difference too. For men, we have sex drives, we want pleasure, and even though, a man might love his partner he STILL wants some variety in his sex life. The gay bathhouses are a perfect example of gay men having the sexual freedom and understanding to explore our sexuality. Gay male culture in the western world is all about sexual freedom. I am not sure, this open relationship is going to work for Christian and Oliver though. I guess, Oliver is going to get a new boyfriend to piss Christian off just like he did last time.

Gay American Singer Steve Grand New Video Stay!!!

Gay singer Steve Grand’s second music video Stay was released today on You Tube! I love this song, it is very different from Grand’s first viral hit All American Boy which was a sad depressing song. Stay is more upbeat, hopeful, and it shows Steve in love with another man, but this time he gets the gay guy! I think Steve Grand is so refreshing, it is so nice to see a young gay male singer, be unapologetic about being GAY.

Of course, a major reason Steve Grand is receiving a lot of media attention and also the public’s attention is due to the fact he’s a handsome young man. However, so what? Steve Grand is hot, and it certainly doesn’t hurt to be attractive especially since he’s a singer.

Some gay men are critical of Steve Grand because they feel the gay male community is a bit superficial and people are obsessed about Grand’s good looks.

I agree that Steve Grand receives a lot of attention because he’s HOT. However, I also believe there is a yearning from a lot of gay men, to finally see gay love in a visual form and in music. I believe, a lot of gay men like Steve Grand because it is great to see a gay man sing about being in love with another man.

There is still a lot of homophobia in society, and in the entertainment industry although barriers are breaking down there is still a lot of blatant discrimination.

It is great that Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis can make Same Love a huge international hit. Meanwhile, for me personally, it is great seeing Steve Grand an actual gay man be confident and be proud about his homosexuality. It just means something more to me, as a gay man to see another gay man, in pop culture be a successful entertainer.

Having straight allies such as Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis is good, but it is even better for the gay community when gay men actually stand up and be proud. The confidence that Steve Grand demonstrates with his music is very empowering to the gay community.

Steve Grand is a proud gay man and that’s very refreshing to see, he isn’t hiding his love for other men in his music videos.

If you notice, a lot of gay male entertainers such as Adam Lambert, Frank Ocean, or Ricky Martin, they only came out of the closet after they had a certain level of success. Also, unlike Ricky Martin, Adam Lambert, or Frank Ocean, Steve Grand came out as a gay man from the VERY BEGINNING! It is nice that there are a few queer male entertainers in the music industry, but there is still a problem.

The openly gay male singers on the major music labels, they seem to have a marketing strategy of not appearing “too gay”.
It isn’t very powerful, when Frank Ocean sings about loving a man yet he can’t make a music video about loving another man.

The visual aspect of music videos are very important, because I believe it is imperative for gay male entertainers to claim their space.

The mainstream record companies seem more concerned about record sales, and also appealing to heterosexual women. Even though Frank Ocean, Ricky Martin, and Adam Lambert are out of the closet, they clearly are being marketed to women not gay men.

The gay male market is virtually ignored, by the mainstream record companies.
Also, I have noticed the other openly gay male singers, their music videos are not very gay nor do their videos deal with gay male romance. Even though Ricky Martin is out as a gay man, a lot of his music videos still involves him singing to a woman.

Steve Grand is a breath of fresh air, I can’t wait until Steve releases his first album.


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