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We need more black gay storylines like Tariq & Kal Deserve Their Own Television Show.

Wow, the chemistry that Tariq and Kal have for each other is off the charts! It is disappointing that the LA Complex was cancelled after the first season. The most interesting storyline of course is the gay romance between Kal and Tariq. It was so refreshing to turn on my television and see a black gay couple falling in love. I didn’t agree with the way how the writers created conflict between Kal and Tariq. I believe there is still so many stories to be told.

1990 Paris Is Burning Classic Documentary About Gay & Latino gay men in NYC.

In the year 1990, American filmmaker Jennie Livingston decided to make a film about the black and latino gay men in New York City. Paris is Burning, is a classic gay documentary which looks at the lives of gay men of colour. Often in the media, the gay men of colour are ignored. However, in Paris is Burning, gay black and latino men are the stars of the film.

I love the fact the black and latino gay men in this movie are FIERCE!!!

The drag ball scenes are THE BEST PART of the movie! The drag balls are fantasy world for the drag queens they are able to live their fantasies of what they WISH their lives could be. It is a very interesting and important part of the film.

Paris is Burning teaches the audience the struggles that black and latino gay men endured New York City in the 1990s.

These men are BRAVE, they live their lives being openly gay in the early 1990s! Imagine, being black or latino and gay in the 1990! The world is a different place now, but there was even more homophobia back then.

This movie explores how gay and latino gay men negotiate between their race, gender, and sexual orientation. One person in the film says he has three strikes against him he’s black, male, and also gay. Paris is Burning also explores the problems black and latino drag queens experience such as racism, unemployment, poverty. Some of the men in the film turned to prostitution in order to pay their bills or even stealing.

Livingston did a great job with this movie, I wish there were more documentaries about gay men of colour in the public sphere.

The sad part about this movie is many of the men in Paris is Burning, are no longer with us they have passed. For instance, one person VENUS XTRAVANGANSA a Latino drag queen was murdered.

Paris is Burning was an important part of the emerging queer cinema and Livingston deserves credit for bring the stories of black and latino gay men to the masses.

Shocking News: Five Gay Men Trapped Due to Violent Homophobic Mob In Jamaica!!!

This is so disgusting, disturbing, and horrible! My goodness, this is so sad! The gay men in this video are terrified, since a violent angry mob is after them! The homophobia in Jamaica is wrong, and something needs to be done about this. I think Canada, should do something about this either cut off foreign aid to Jamaica or put in sanctions.

WWE Star Darren Young Comes Out Of Closet Says He Is Gay.

Darren Young gay wrestler

Wow, this is so nice to see WWE star Darren Young casually come out of the closet. Young was so nonchalant, when he came out to the TMZ reporter. This is fantastic, Darren coming out is going to make a difference I feel. It is so nice to see a handsome, masculine gay black man come out of the closet. I also think Darren Young coming out is great for the black community, there needs to be more dialogue about homosexuality.

For far too long gay black men we are silenced due to the homophobia. However, when public figures such as Darren Young continue to come out, these men challenge the perceptions of what it means to be gay. Often the image of the gay black man in pop culture is negative, about the dangerous down low brother or the effeminate drag queen. No offense to the fans of Ru Paul, and Miss Jay Alexander but it is refreshing to see a confident, masculine, gay black man come out. Masculine gay black men really shock people because these men challenge the image of the black homosexual.

Homophobic people prefer the flamboyant gay black man image because he fits into the neat stereotype and category of the perception people have of gay men. Meanwhile, the masculine gay black man shatters the negativity, and the image of the black homosexual. We need more public figures who are gay black men to come out like Darren Young!

He sounds very confident, gay, and proud and I think that’s the right way to come out. Young didn’t do no press conference, or no big magazine article he just stated very matter of fact he’s into other men. Everyone knows, the WWE is a very macho, testosterone environment.

British Soap Hollyoaks New Gay Storyline About Nigerian Man Coming Out.

There is a new gay character on the British soap Hollyoaks, his name is Vincent and he is from Nigeria. Vincent is an illegal immigrant, he fled Nigeria because he didn’t want to be persecuted for being a gay man. It is nice that Hollyoaks is showing the struggle gay people experience from around the world. In the western world, gays and lesbians do experience discrimination, but not to the magnitude that some people from the third world go through.

NBA Free Agent Jason Collins Comes Out But He Is No Gay Jackie Robinson.

Although the mainstream media, are trying to say NBA free agent Jason Collins coming out as a gay man is a big deal the truth is it isn’t. Jason Collins is not the gay Jackie Robinson although he is on the cover of the Sports Illustrated. When is Orlando Cruz the Puerto Rican boxer should be on the cover? Orlando Cruz came out as a gay man in late year in in the fall and he is still active in boxing. Since boxing is considered a fringe sport, Cruz isn’t getting the media attention he so rightfully deserves.

Orlando Cruz has won two professional fights since he came out of the closet last fall, so why isn’t he on the cover of the NY Times or ESPN Magazine? Why is Orlando Cruz so disrespected just because he’s a boxer?

Jason Collins coming out, might make a difference in the black community though, he shines a spotlight into the struggles gay black men experience in society. I think that’s the only thing I can really take out of Jason Collins coming out he might allow our community to have more of a dialogue about homosexuality. It does take courage for a black gay man to come out especially if the man is a professional athlete.

I am cynical because, I think the social impact is only going to really occur when a gay man comes out in a team sport while he is still active and in his prime.

When is a male sports superstar going to come out as gay like Martina Navratilova, Billie Jean King, Amelie Mauresmo have done in women’s tennis? Navratilova, King, and Mauresmo are elite tennis champions they reached number one in the world and won multiple grand slam singles titles. Navratilova and King came out in the 1980s they lost millions of dollars in endorsements.

Amelie Mauresmo came out at the beginning of her career after she reached the Australian Open women’s final in 1999. Due to Navratilova and King’s success on the tennis court it was easier for Mauresmo to come out as a lesbian. Mauresmo retained all of her endorsements and she’s a national hero in France.

There still isn’t a professional male athlete in a team sport who is active out of the closet. Jason Collins is a journeyman, he wasn’t a great player and he’s not active he’s a free agent.

In order to smash the misconceptions about gay men in professional sports, it is going to take someone braver than Jason Collins.

It is going to take a man who is in his prime, a professional athlete, and someone who is a solid athlete.

Since, Jason Collins is thirty four years old, he waited until the end of his career to come out which is easier. Collins has nothing to lose coming out now he competed in the NBA for twelve years.

It is sad that the majority of the gay male athletes who do come out only come out always come out at the end of their professional careers. At the end of a pro athlete’s career there is less stigma to coming out and less of a risk.

There is a serious issue of homophobia in men’s professional sports given the fact nobody wants to come out while active.
Since at least 5 to 10% of the population is gay there has to be more gay men in the NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL who are gay but closeted. Why are these gay men still in the closet?

In the grand scheme of things, Collins is thirty four years old, he’s not on a team. Collins also waited until the end of his career to come out as a gay man. I commend Collins for having the courage to come out, but he is not the gay Jackie Robinson. The social impact that Jason Collins coming out is going to have is small. If Collins had come out maybe five years ago, while he was active in the NBA then he could have made a difference.

Traditional Gay African Wedding In South Africa.

Wow, this video brings tears to my eyes, it is so wonderful to see a young gay black couple in love! This wedding is going to open the minds of people across the globe. I also believe this wedding will hopefully start a dialogue in the black community about homosexuality. Gay marriage is legal in South Africa and I think this wedding is symbolic to show South Africa is progressing. Yes, gays and lesbians in South Africa still encounter discrimination, but this wedding illustrates more African people are accepting homosexuality.

Former NFL Player Kwame Harris Comes Out The Closet Talks About Sports Career & Homosexuality.

I am very pleased that Kwame Harris the former NFL player decided to come out of the closet and talk about his homosexuality. We need more black gay men in the pop culture to come out and let people know it is okay to be black and gay. It is sad that that Kwame didn’t feel he could come out of the closet during his NFL career. The homophobia in the NFL is still very strong. According to a CBS reporter Mike Freeman, a closeted gay man in the NFL is thinking about coming out and continuing his career.

Huffington Post Article: Marco McMillian’s Family Claim Mississippi Mayoral Candidate’s Death Was A Hate Crime

By Emily Le Coz
Posted: 03/04/2013  9:03 pm EST  |  Updated: 03/05/2013 10:26 am EST


Marco Mcmillian Hate Crime

By Emily Le Coz

The (Jackson, Miss.) Clarion-Ledger

JACKSON, Miss. — The family of Marco McMillian, the Clarksdale mayoral candidate found brutally murdered last week, want authorities to investigate the death of the openly gay candidate as a hate crime after learning the gruesome details about his final moments.

The Coahoma County (Miss.) Sheriff’s Department, however, isn’t exploring that option, said its spokesman Will Rooker. The department is leading the investigation with the help of the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation. Bureau spokesman Warren Strain couldn’t be reached for comment Monday.

McMillian was beaten, dragged, and set afire before his body was found Wednesday near the Mississippi River, according to a statement the family issued late Sunday and which was confirmed Monday by family friend and Marco McMillian’s godfather, Carter Womack.

Womack also said the 33-year-old was found naked, bruised and swollen. The account was based on photographs the family saw, as well as two conversations it had with the coroner.

McMillian was one of the first viable openly gay candidates to run for office in Mississippi, according to the Victory Fund, a national organization that supports homosexual candidates.

“He was very concerned about his safety; people had tried to talk him out of the race,” Womack said. “The family feels this ought to be investigated as a hate crime,” Womack said.

So too does Larry Nelson Sr., president and CEO of Victims Group of Violent Crimes in Jackson, Miss., who had spoken to McMillian just days before his death: “This was a hate crime. I don’t care if the perpetrator was black, white, or polka dotted.”

Mississippi has a hate-crime law that covers race, religion and gender but doesn’t extend to sexual orientation. Local and state agencies can seek assistance to pursue a federal hate crime, which does cover homosexuality, but they haven’t done so in this case.

Rooker offered no comment on the family’s statement. Coahoma County Coroner Scotty Meredith said only that McMillian’s body wasn’t dragged behind a vehicle but rather dragged from the vehicle to the spot where it was dumped.

Autopsy results won’t be released until toxicology tests are complete, which could take an additional three weeks.

Authorities found McMillian’s body a day after his sport-utility vehicle was involved in a head-on collision outside Clarksdale. The man driving was 22-year-old Lawrence Reed of Clarksdale, who later was charged with the candidate’s murder.

McMillian was not in the SUV at the time; investigators believe he already was dead and had been dumped hours beforehand.

Chris Talley, the driver of the other vehicle, said authorities knew about the crime before the accident occurred. Talley was taken to a local hospital and released. Reed was airlifted to the Regional Medical Center at Memphis and released Saturday. He’s being held at the Shelby County Jail in Memphis, Tenn., until he can be extradited.

Authorities remain tight-lipped about the murder and its possible motives, not only with the media but with the McMillian family. Womack said the McMillians are frustrated by the lack of communication and feel the crime deserves a full investigation.

“The only contact with the sheriff’s department the family has had was when the sheriff came by to say Marco was missing and then to say they found the body,” he said. “There has been nothing at all. Not a call, not anything.”

Rooker didn’t comment about the communication between his department and the family.

Without definitive answers, mass speculation abounds. Among the numerous theories is that Reed allegedly killed McMillian after McMillian made sexual advances toward him, or that the two men possibly had been in a romantic relationship.

The family said it doesn’t know Reed and never heard McMillian speak of him. Family members said they wanted to share what little facts they have about the case to dispel such speculation.

McMillian had moved back to his hometown of Clarksdale several months ago to enter the mayoral race. He had wanted to reduce crime and boost employment opportunities.

Before his return, the Democratic candidate had served as international executive director of Phi Beta Sigma fraternity, executive assistant and chief of staff to the president of Alabama A&M University, and assistant to the vice president for institutional advancement at Jackson State University, his alma mater.

McMillian, who also has a master’s degree from St. Mary’s University in Minnesota, ran a firm providing professional consultation to nonprofit organizations.

Can Openly Gay Rapper Le1f Make It In The Mainstream Hip Hop Industry?

Today, I read an article in Now Magazine about an African-American gay rapper Le1f.  According to Now Magazine, Le1f  real name is Khalif Diouf parents are from Senegal. I am not sure if Le1f is going to be a star in hip hop due to the homophobia in the music industry. However, I watched Le1f’s video and he seems very self assured, confident, and he’s flamboyant which is refreshing. He has already released a mix tape called Dark York. Already the media are comparing Le1f to Frank Ocean for obvious reasons because they are both black queer men. There are some differences between the two artists.

First, Le1f is a confident gay black man he’s not pretending to be bisexual or trying to present a blurred image of his homosexuality for marketing purposes. Meanwhile, Frank Ocean sexuality is confusing because he hasn’t really declared he’s gay. Frank Ocean’s record label probably told him not to be more clear about his sexuality in order to appeal to mainstream audiences.

Frank Ocean has only said he fell in love with a man when he was nineteen years old. The video Wut is extremely homoerotic from Le1f’s dancing in daisy duke shorts, lap dancing a male model, and the cute semi nude male dancer seductively dancing in the video. The two female dancers are gorgeous and the video is fierce!


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