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Days of Our Lives Hot Gay Kiss: Brian & Sonny Make Out In Coffee House While Will Watches In The Background.

Last week Thursday, I did not have the opportunity to watch the NBC broadcast for Days of Our Lives. I heard rumours that there was a hot gay kiss so I had to watch the episode on You Tube.  A lot of people have commented on the internet that Chandler Massey the actor who plays Will Horton seems uncomfortable kissing his co star Freddie Smith in the gay love scenes. Bloggers have noticed when Will and Sonny kiss their mouths are closed. However, on Thursday’s episode a guest star Brant Daugherty his character Brian is the villain in the gay storyline. Last year, Brian let Sonny know he was interested in dating him. However, Sonny brushed Brian off and rejected him so Brian backed off. Meanwhile, last month in an explosive scene it was revealed during Gabi Hernandez and Nick Fallon’s wedding that Will Horton is the father of Gabi’s baby. The reason this is explosive is, Will is gay yet he is confused about his sexuality. Now, Brian is back in Salem he visits Sonny Kiriakis the other gay character at his coffeehouse and he makes a move. Since Sonny is upset that Will lied to him about getting his ex girlfriend Gabi Hernandez pregnant he passionately kisses Brian. The kiss between Brian and Sonny is rare on mainstream television to see two men make out with such desire is not common on network TV.

In Friday’s episode, Brian and Sonny continue to make out but Sonny’s boyfriend Will Horton creeps up to the coffee house peeking through the window blinds he sees the guys kissing passionately. Of course, Will is crushed and extremely upset. Brian and Sonny decide to take their make out session to Brian’s apartment and drink wine. Brian attempts to seduce Sonny on his bed by kissing him and having sex with him. Sonny tells Brian he can’t just have sex to him because he wants more than just a one night stand. Brian plays it cool, but he goes to the Brady pub where Will is finishing is university homework and implies that he had sex with Sonny.

I am surprised, the Days of our Lives producers allowed Brian and Sonny to make out on a bed. It is still rare on television to see two men kissing on a bed with desire and lust. A couple of years ago, on the soap As The World Turns, the gay characters Luke and Noah were prohibited from having a love scene on a bed together. Luke and Noah also did not have a sex scene. The gay storyline for Days of Our Lives isn’t perfect, but it indeed very progressive. The show’s writers and producers seem to be not allowing the negative feedback on Facebook, and other sites stop them from allowing the gay characters to have sex lives. For a long time on television, gay characters were asexual and just second class characters in the background.

I still believe that the love scene on the bed between Brian and Sonny was too short but I loved the fact Brian tried to unlock Sonny’s belt. I thought the scene was well done. There is still a bit of difference though between how the straight characters on Days of Our Lives express their sexuality and how the gay characters are allowed to be sexual. For instance, Will and Sonny have had only one proper love scene last year in November but there was no actual sex scene. The audience saw the foreplay which involved kissing, and then the after glow. The audience is left with our imagination to wonder how good the sex was. I understand Daytime television has limits on how far the sex scenes can go. Days of Our Lives is definitely moving in the right direction in allowing the gay characters to have sex lives just like the heterosexual characters.

Days Of Our Lives Gay Scene: Will & Sonny In Bed Together But Their Relationship Is Lacking Passion.

On numerous internet websites, some fans of the Will & Sonny gay storyline on the NBC soap Days of Our Lives are disappointed about the lack of passion. The problem is clearly the writing, which is disconcerting. Days of Our Lives, is the only American soap opera with a decent gay male storyline.   On the ABC soap General Hospital just created a new  gay male character Felix but he’s a flamboyant, cardboard cut out stereotype of a gay man.

Some fans have complained that the actors Freddie Smith and Chandler Massey lack chemistry. Most of the blame is placed on Chandler Massey some fans believe he just isn’t comfortable kissing another man. Chandler Massey appears awkward, nervous,and uncertain sometimes with his acting when he is kissing Freddie Smith. I don’t know if this has to do with the fact Massey is heterosexual in real life? Maybe Massey is self conscious about kissing Smith and there are deeper more underlining issues he has with playing a gay male character?  Smith is also heterosexual in real life but he seems more natural and comfortable playing a gay male character.

But since Massey is an actor shouldn’t he be giving 100% in his performance when his character is a gay male? I think Massey and Smith have chemistry but the culprit is the writing isn’t giving the actors the freedom to explore their characters sexuality.

In some scenes recently, Will & Sonny come across as best friends, not boyfriends, and definitely not as lovers in a serious romantic relationship.

Will and Sonny’s gay romance comes off as too chaste, too safe, too restrained. There seems to be this tension which is obvious, that the Days of Our Lives executive producer Greg Meng and his writers are fearful of upsetting the heterosexual audience. Why bother creating gay male characters if they are just going to be shadow puppets? What is the point? It is almost the year 2013, if people can’t handle seeing two men in bed together, or making out then they need to get a life or change the channel.

In this clip, it is nice to see Will & Sonny in bed together like any other couple. However, the kissing isn’t that great in this scene the actors Freddie Smith and Chandler Massey’s lips are closed. Closed mouth kissing is pathetic because it isn’t passionate. One of the theories floating around on the internet is, since Days of Our Lives core audience tends to be older people the homosexual romance is being watered down. I agree with this theory because, when I compare Will & Sonny’s relationship to the heterosexual characters there is clearly a double standard.

Another point to consider is, since Will is keeping a secret from Sonny about the paternity of his unborn child this is the reason he’s distant from his boyfriend. I hate the baby storyline, and I think it was a terrible decision by the writers to create it because it sends mixed messages to the audience. I am cognizant that on soaps there needs to be conflict and angst but I feel this particular storyline is boring. I notice other soaps such as the British soap Hollyoaks also has a baby storyline for a gay male character. I understand gay people have children just like heterosexuals but these baby storylines are boring. I am also concerned that once Will’s baby is born, the gay romance is going to be destroyed.

The reason passion in a relationship is important is, how can the audience truly root for Will & Sonny when the writing is restraining the characters simply because they are gay men? How can the audience believe Will & Sonny are truly in love with each other when the writing doesn’t allow it?  Why should the audience care about Will & Sonny when they aren’t allowed to truly be equal to the heterosexual characters on the show?

Days of our lives gay storyline: Sonny & Will Have Sex For First Time Disappointed No Mention Of Safer Sex Or Condom Use.

Yesterday, on the NBC soap Days of our Lives Salem’s gay couple Will Horton and Sonny Kiriakis finally had sex for their first time. The love scene was tasteful, but it wasn’t as progressive as I thought it should be. I commend NBC, for allowing two gorgeous young gay male characters to be able to have a mature gay relationship which does involve sex. The after glow scene is excellent, Will and Sonny are clearly naked under the sheets discussing the first time together. However, I am disappointed that Greg Meng, an openly gay man and executive producer of Days of our Lives did not have the courage to allow the writers to write a scene with Sonny and Will discuss safer sex.

After all, the character Sonny admits to Will in a coffee house scene he’s had sex with men since he returned to Salem. HIV & AIDS is a serious concern in the gay male community and according to the Center for Disease Control website gay men are still getting infected with HIV at an alarming rate. Now, a counter argument is, Days of our Lives is on daytime television, it is a soap not real life and is just fantasy, just entertainment a way to escape from the real world. My concern is, for some fans of Days of our Lives they don’t want to see a conflation of the real world problems with their fantasy. I imagine for some heterosexual and gay viewers introducing a condom in a gay love scene is “too real” and “too gay” to wrap their minds around it. It would also mean a realization that gay men do indeed have sex. There still seems to be some anxieties about allowing gay men to have a realistic homosexual relationship on television.

On another American soap,  One Life To Live three years ago the gay storyline was more progressive Kyle and Oliver did discuss safer sex and condom use. Kyle gave a speech about how much he loved Oliver and he wanted him to enjoy their first time together. Kyle also told Oliver that using protection was an example of showing him how much he loved and cared for his lover. Now why couldn’t Days of our Lives have done something similar and discuss condom use?

Another argument is, the heterosexual characters don’t use condoms on Days of our Lives so neither should the gays. The assumption is, Will and Sonny barebacked they did not practice safer sex since condom use was not discussed. What kind of message is Greg Meng and NBC sending to gay men? However, how many opportunities are Sonny and Will realistically going to have sex on daytime television? Let’s be honest here, this might be the ONLY TIME Will and Sonny are going to have sex on screen. It was a huge opportunity for Greg Meng and NBC to discuss HIV & AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases and safer sex.

I believe Greg Meng and the writers of Days of our Lives should have written a scene with Sonny and Will discussing safer sex and using a condom. Television is a powerful medium, it can be used to educate people. Soap Operas have a tradition of actually breaking down barriers in relation to taboo subjects that Prime Time television tends to ignore. Days of our Lives can reach a lot of gay men who watch the show and a simple reminder about condom use can send a message that safer sex is important.

Another point to consider is, I think the reason Days of our Lives ignored the discussion about HIV & AIDS is because it would be too real for the conservative viewers. The gay love scene seemed a bit chaste to me, I am kind of disappointed to be honest, I thought Will and Sonny’s first time together would be more passionate and erotic. There still seems to be a double standard for gay male characters on television. Gay men are still treated like second class citizens on television they can be funny, attractive, but they aren’t allowed to be able to express their homosexuality and have passionate sex. Now, I am not arguing Days of our Lives love scene with Sonny & Will needed to be gay porn.

However, I do believe given the fact the heterosexual characters Gabi Hernandez and Nick Fallon had several love scenes under the sheets passionately making out there is a clear double standard. It is  disappointing, in the year 2012, that gay male characters are not treated exactly like heterosexual characters on television. Even though, I am a bit disappointed, I acknowledge that Days of our Lives has indeed done a good job with the gay storyline. Will and Sonny are allowed to kiss, to hug, to even have sex which is indeed progressive compared to other shows like Modern Family on ABC or Glee on Fox with their gay male characters. I think NBC is fearful of upsetting the homophobic straight conservative viewers. If you visit Days of our Lives Facebook page there are so many hateful homophobic people that are outraged about Sonny and Will’s gay romance.

Chandler Massey and Freddie Smith are doing an excellent job with the gay storyline. Some fans complained on the internet that Chandler appears too nervous, and awkward kissing Freddie. I think Chandler’s kissing has improved and I see the chemistry between the two actors  I still feel that Freddie is more natural and comfortable than Chandler with kissing other men on screen. I still believe in the gay storyline on Days of our Lives and I hope the writing is a bit more realistic and more passionate in the future.

Days of our Lives gay storyline: Will & Sonny Have An Argument Because Lucas Is Upset His Son Is In A Gay Relationship.

Today on  Days of our Lives, Will’s father Lucas attempts to break up his gay son Will’s relationship with his boyfriend Sonny. The writers have done a good job of exploring the struggle Lucas is having accepting the fact his adult son is a homosexual. Lucas tolerates the fact Will is gay, but he doesn’t accept his son’s homosexuality. Lucas is determined to break up Will and Sonny because be thinks if their relationship is over his son will no longer be sexually attracted to other men.

Unfortunately, Lucas succeeds in creating conflict for Sonny and Will by creating doubt in his son’s mind that Sonny is some kind of sexual predator.

I commend the Days of our Lives writers for having the courage to write a realistic gay romance and discuss the topic of  gay sex. Often on television shows, gay characters are with disrespect they are cartoon stereotypes such as the flaming queen, or they are  asexual, or they might kiss once or twice but they aren’t allowed to have passion as the straight characters.

For instance, on the television show Glee the gay relationship is extremely chaste and not sexual.  The soap opera genre is all about love, sex, and relationships. Heterosexual characters on television are allowed to have love scenes, kiss passionately and declare their love for each other. On Days of our Lives a young gay male couple is given the same freedom to be passionate, to be sexual just like the heterosexuals.

Gay sex is still an incendiary topic, on the Days or our Lives Facebook page some heterosexual viewers are infuriated and upset about the gay storyline. In this storyline, the topic of Sonny’s sexual history is important because there is a mystery about Sonny. For a long times fans of the gay storyline have complained that Sonny does not have the character development necessary for the public to root for him.

Since August, Sonny’s personality is starting to emerge he is a nice sweet guy but he also has a temper. My interpretation of Friday’s episode is Sonny was hurt and upset that Will believed Lucas lies.

Since Will is immature and easily manipulated he believes Lucas when he tells him that Sonny is only using Will for sex. Will is eighteen and he’s never had sex with another man before. Lucas plants a seed into Will’s mind that Sonny is sleeping with tons of guys in Salem and that he is not interested in a romantic relationship with Will. Will runs over to Sonny’s apartment trying to prove his father wrong by attempting to have sex with Sonny. However, since Sonny already had an argument with Lucas earlier in the week he knows that Will’s father has gotten to him. Will demands to know about Sonny’s sexual history.

I think in this episode it illustrates the age difference between Sonny and Will. Sonny is twenty one years old, he owns his own business, and he’s mature. Will is still a teenager and he doesn’t think before he acts. Sonny lectures Will about being respectful to him and he’s angry and infuriated that he believes Lucas lies. In fact, Sonny tells Will their relationship “is a mistake.” Will is heartbroken, but I think Sonny did the right thing. Will needs to realize that his actions have consequences.

Days Of Our Lives Preview To Monday: Will & Sonny’s Gay Romance Goes To Next Level They Make Out Passionately On A Bed!!!

Finally, it took almost a year but the Days of our lives writers and NBC got it right with the gay storyline! For months fans have complained that Will and Sonny’s gay romance lacks passion.

On the October 26th 2012 episode, Will and Sonny relationships advanced to the next level. I commend Freddie Smith and Chander Massey for giving 110% in the make out scene. The kisses were powerful, passionate, full of lust and desire.

Freddie and Chandler are hot and it was so sexy that I felt like a voyeur watching them make out!

Days of Our Lives Gay Storyline: Lucas Finally Accepts Sonny and Will’s Gay Romance!!!

I love this episode of Days of Our Lives because Lucas finally sees his son Will’s happiness is important. In a previous episode, Lucas was uncomfortable seeing Will and his boyfriend Sonny kiss in the Horton Town Square. However, Lucas realizes that he wants Will to be happy and he accepts his son is gay. I also enjoyed watching the conversation Sonny had with his uncle Victor at the coffee shop. Victor approves of Sonny dating Will and he even invites the couple to barbecue at the mansion.

Days of Our Lives Gay Scenes: Lucas Struggles To Accept His Son Will’s Gay Relationship With Sonny.

On Days of Our Lives Facebook page, some fans of the American soap are furious about the gay storyline. One woman said she turns off the television set whenever Will and Sonny kiss. Another person said she doesn’t believe the gay storyline should be on television since Days of Our Lives is on during the afternoon. After I read the negative comments, I realize this gay storyline is important if one person can become more open minded about homosexuality after seeing Days of Our Lives this is progress.

I believe this gay romance between Sonny and Will is very progressive. I was concerned that Days of Our Lives producers would not allow the gay romance to have any passion. In this clip, Will’s father Lucas is struggling to accept his son’s homosexuality. Lucas argues with Sonny’s mother Adrienne about their boys dating. Lucas claims to be open minded but he is freaked out that Sonny and Will kiss passionately in public at the Horton Square.

Some fans believe the Days of Our Lives writers are throwing Lucas under the bus because he initially said he was accepting of Will’s homosexuality. Another important point to consider is, although Lucas did say he is okay with Will being gay now he has seen his son kiss another man. Lucas is finally realizing that Will is sexually attracted to other men and he wants to express his sexuality. Lucas is confused, upset, and hurt that Will is gay.  I think Days of Our Lives needs some scenes with Lucas talking to Sonny’s father Justin since he is accepting of Will and Sonny’s gay relationship. I think Lucas needs to talk to another man about his feelings about Will’s homosexuality.

I believe this clip touches on the theme of masculinity. What does it mean to be a man? What is a real man? Some heterosexual men believe gay men relinquish our masculinity because we are gay.  Lucas seems to think his son Will is less of a man because he is openly gay.

A few years ago, Lucas moved to Hong Kong, he might feel he is responsible for Will being gay because he lacked a male role model in his life. Lucas is not a homophobe, but he is clearly uncomfortable with his son being openly gay.

I also think Will is being a bit cruel to Lucas. It took Will a long time to accept his homosexuality so he should give his father some time to come to terms with him being gay.

I understand Will is heartbroken that Lucas does not accept him yet but his father needs time to adjust.

I think this clip is very realistic, it seems everyone in Salem accepts Will and Sonny’s homosexuality. However, we all know in the real world there is homophobia. Some people claim to be accepting of gay men on the surface. Meanwhile, when gay men express our homosexual desires then all hell breaks loose.

I hope Lucas eventually accepts Will’s homosexuality and they can go back to having a good father and son relationship.

New Gay Days Of Our Lives Storyline: Will & Sonny Kiss In Public But Lucas Is Disappointed His Son Is Openly Gay.

Freddie Smith and Chandler Massey have incredible chemistry they seem so comfortable with each other.

I just checked Days of Our Lives Facebook page and the homophobic comments I have read are disturbing but not surprising. Some people are really upset that Will and Sonny are kissing frequently on their television screen. I believe this gay romance is so important because daytime television needs more diversity.

The kissing scenes are improving but I kind of wish there were deeper kisses and not just quick kisses. I think it is realistic that Will Horton’s father is upset that his son is kissing another man in a public space. Lucas is still adjusting to the fact his son is a homosexual. I appreciate that Days of our Lives is exploring an underlining theme about masculinity. I notice that the only male in Salem who is 100% supportive of Will and Sonny dating is Sonny’s father Justin. Rafe, Lucas, Brady, Bo, Roman, are the male role models in Will’s life aren’t exactly thrilled he is gay. Maybe, the male father figures in Will’s life aren’t comfortable or know how to talk to him? I notice the female family members his mother Sami, his grandmother Marlena, and his other grandmother Kate are very supportive of him being gay.

Perhaps, Lucas feels that he failed Will since he moved away to Hong Kong and wasn’t around for two years during his adolescence? I think Lucas is going to hopefully accept Will and Sonny’s romance.

New Clip Days Of Our Lives Gay Storyline: Sonny & Will Are A Romantic Couple Their First Date At The Coffee House!!!

The long year wait is finally for Days of Our Lives fans Sonny and Will to finally a romantic couple.  Freddie Smith and Chandler Massey have excellent chemistry with each other. The kissing scenes today are less awkward than the previous episode. Freddie and Chandler are adorable they really capture the excitement of their characters Sonny and Will’s romance starting to bloom.

The final scene in the coffee house is hilarious when Lucas spots the guys kissing and he freaks out! It looks like Lucas might not be so comfortable with his son Will being gay. However, I think it is realistic of the Days of Our Lives writers to have Lucas feeling uncomfortable. It is hard for some fathers to accept that their son is a homosexual. Although Lucas has stated he is okay with Will being gay, now that he has seen Will kiss Sonny the realization is settling in. My only complaint is, the gay storyline on Days of Our Lives isn’t getting enough screentime. I hated that the kissing scenes between Freddie and Chandler were cut and spread out across the episode.

It is going to be interesting to see if Days of Our Lives will allow Will and Sonny to have  a sex scene? After all, if the heterosexual characters on Days of Our Lives can have sex why can’t the gays? Also, I hope the Days of Our Lives writers allow Sonny and Will to have a serious romance. For instance, I hope the audience is going to be allowed to see Will and Sonny holding hands in public walking through the Horton Square.

Days Of Our Lives Gay Storyline: Sonny & Will Finally Have Their First Real Passionate Kiss!!!

Last month, Sonny kissed Will but Will was still terrified because he wasn’t sure if he had feelings for his best friend. On tomorrow’s episode, Days Of Our Lives fans are finally going to see the first real passionate kiss between Sonny and Will.

Some fans have wondered do Freddie Smith and Chandler Massey have the chemistry to prove to the audience their characters are in love?

In previous kissing scenes, some fans have complained that Chandler Massey is awkward regardless of whether he is kissing a woman or a man.

However, I think fans of Days of Our Lives have the answer Freddie Smith and Chandler Massey have incredible chemistry they play off of each other.

Technically, this is Sonny & Will’s second kiss but this time there is desire and passion behind this kiss. Freddie Smith and Chandler Massey are both straight in real life but their acting in this scene is superb. Both Smith and Massey have no hesitation and really nail this kissing scene. I also liked that the guys both closed their eyes and Massey’s grabs the back of Smith’s neck as they lean in to kiss. The kissing scene is hot!


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