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Contact The CRTC Do Not let Dean Blundell & 102.1 The Edge get away with homophobia!!!

102.1 The Edge is a radio station I listen to frequently because I love rock music. However, I am very disappointed to hear 102.1 The Edge Dean Blundell show is so homophobic. In the past, I listened to Blundell’s show for a few minutes but then I realized how sexist and immature the program is. Blundell is a wannabe Howard Stern.

Recently, Blundell made some disgusting anti gay jokes calling gay men “man whores”, negative comments about anal sex calling it “butt love”.

The worst part about this incident is, 102.1 The Edge probably LOVES the free publicity the Dean Blundell show is getting. 102.1 The Edge will claim that Blundell’s show is just comedy, but as I said before comedy has a subtext.

Shock jock radio hosts and comedians always say their humour is just for jokes. However, sometimes jokes are not funny and the humour is a mask for bigotry.

The homophobia that Dean Blundell and 102.1 The Edge is spreading is abhorrent. Now imagine, if 102.1 The Edge made racist comments on the air, would the Canadian public accept this? Of course not! So why is homophobia against gay men acceptable? Is it palatable in Canada for a radio station in Toronto to broadcast anti gay hate? The CRTC needs to do something about 102.1 The Edge.

The producer for 102.1 The Edge, Derek Welsman was actually a foreman in he jury in a case involving a HIV positive gay man who was convicted of sexually assaulting other gay men at the Spa Excess bathhouse. Welsman actually talked about he case ON THE AIR, even though he was instructed by the judge not to.

This anti gay crap at 102.1 The Edge, must be challenged and must not be ignored. I urge the readers of my blog to contact the CRTC and file a complaint against 102.1 The Edge.



Shocking News:Black Action Defence Committee Suing Toronto police for $65 Million Dollars!!!

Toronto Police Services Board Chair Alok Mukherjee has made recommendations on changes to carding, to be discussed at a public meeting Monday Nov. 18.

By: Jim Rankin Feature reporter, Patty Winsa News reporter, Published on Sat Nov 16 2013

A proposed class-action lawsuit seeks $65 million in damages and other remedies from Toronto police for alleged racial profiling practices and documenting of citizens.
The suit, filed Friday by the Black Action Defence Committee, comes in advance of a special Toronto Police Services Board meeting to be held Monday on the controversial police practice of carding — encounters where police question citizens and document personal details in stops that typically involve no arrest or charge.
Police Chief Bill Blair and the civilian police services board are named as defendants in the suit, which alleges police and the board have failed to adequately address a problem that has impacted blacks and other minority groups for decades.
More Video
Blair reactionBlair reaction
UBC: Unprecedented police presence following sex assaultsUBC: Unprecedented police presence following sex assaults
The committee seeks to have the suit certified as a class action, and have itself named as the representative plaintiff, but it estimates there are hundreds and “perhaps thousands” of citizens who would fit into the class.
“The Plaintiff believes the only way to litigate and seek remedies to uproot the acknowledged scourge of racial profiling and carding is a frontal attack” like a class-action suit, reads the statement of claim. “There is no other effective way.”
The suit alleges police and the board “have failed to prevent the violation of the equality rights of African-Canadian residents of Toronto and Ontario,” resulting in discrimination under the Charter.
Police have not had a chance to respond to the proposed suit. They defend the practice of carding citizens as a valuable investigative tool that allows investigators to make links between people and places, and say they target areas where violent crime is taking place.
But they also have acknowledged carding interactions with citizens can harm their relationship with the public.
There has been talk of a class-action lawsuit on the issue for decades, said Toronto lawyer Munyonzwe Hamalengwa, who filed the suit on behalf of the committee and spoke on its behalf.
After many reports by academics, the media and court decisions, the police and board “haven’t done anything to address this at all,” so the committee is hoping a class-action lawsuit will allow for a “holistic comprehensive judicial remedy” to carding and racial profiling.
“The black community has now reached a point where talking has been going on, not much has been happening, so it’s time for action,” said Hamalengwa.
In addition to monetary damages, the action, which has not been certified or proven in court, seeks remedies that include:
A declaration that police have breached the Charter and an order requiring them to “desist from engaging in and condoning racial profiling” of blacks and other “colourful” minorities.
A declaration that racial profiling is a criminal offence.
A written police apology to the committee and “all African-Canadians for their being targets and victims of racial profiling and carding.”
Mandatory reading for officers, including books on racial profiling, the Ontario Human Rights Commission’s 2003 report “Paying the price: The human cost of racial profiling,” the 1995 report of the Ontario Commission on Systemic Racism in the Ontario Criminal Justice System, and several Toronto Star series on carding, including 2003 report “Paying the price: The human cost of racial profiling,” published in September.
Class-action lawsuits in Canada can be expensive and lengthy and orders difficult to come by, but as Toronto lawyer Murray Klippenstein recently told the Star in a story about carding, they can prompt change.
“By declaring a practice to be illegal and awarding a significant amount of money to a group of people as compensation, the incentive or pressure to change the practice becomes pretty substantial,” he said.
The Star has published four series — in 2002, 2010, 2012 and 2013 — that examined Toronto police arrest and stop data and found patterns that shown disproportionate treatment for blacks, and to a lesser extent, “brown”-skinned people.
Between 2008 and 2012, police filled out 1.8 million contact cards, involving over a million individuals, and entered their personal details into a database.
A Star analysis showed that blacks over that period were more likely than whites to be stopped, questioned and documented in each of the city’s 70-plus police patrol zones. The likelihood increased in areas that were predominantly white.
On Monday, the special public police services board meeting on carding, scheduled to be held at city hall, will address recommendations from both the police and board chair Alok Mukherjee to change the way police card and interact with the public. Mukherjee has said the Star’s latest findings on contact cards “devastating” and “unacceptable.”
While there has been an acknowledgement by Blair and the board that profiling exists and that carding is problematic, the lawsuit alleges little has changed to deal with it.
Although no individuals are named as plaintiffs, Hamalengwa expects many will come forward and take part.

Why Are Canadian Media Ignoring Rob Ford White Skin Privilege In Crack Scandal?

The issue of race has been ignored by the Canadian media in relation to the Rob Ford crack scandal. The question is why?

Canadians are not comfortable discussing race issues. Canadians pretend race is an American issue it is
not a problem in Canada. There is a facade that Canadians are not prejudiced or racist.

Canadian culture is indeed racist, but the racism is more covert not overt. Canadians engender this mythology race should be ignored.

An African American website, Uptown magazine has published an article about Toronto’s trainwreck crack smoking mayor and the subject of white male skin privilege. Why hasn’t the Toronto Star published an article about this issue? Where is the Globe & Mail editorial?

It seems to me the silence about Ford’s white privilege speaks volumes about Canadian society. By pretending race is not a factor in this crack scandal, the Canadian press are also a part of the quandary.

Ford’s whiteness is an integral part of the scandal. The shock and the horror Canadians have is, due to the fact Ford is white middle class. Since Ford is a public figure, and he’s hanging out with drug dealers, gang bangers, and other underworld people this upsets the Canadian media.

Smoking crack is associated with subaltern people not rich white folks like Rob Ford.

The lack of press about the ways in which white privilege works is due to the fact white people control the Canadian media.

The privilege being a white man grants Ford the ability to get a pass for his deleterious behaviour.

Does anyone honestly believe if Ford was a man of colour his supporters would be so forgiving? Ford’s white constituents give him a pass for his unprofessional behaviour because he is a white man. People of colour are judged at a higher standard than white folks. The people supporting Ford have sympathy for him because they identify with him.

The paucity of news or television broadcasts about the issue of race is not surprising since Canadians have polite bigotry. Canadians are polite racists, they are just bigots in private not public.


Robyn Doolittle Talks About Rob Ford Crack Video Homophobic & Racist Comments.

The Rob Ford Circus at Toronto City Hall about the crack video has ignored an important component, and that is what Ford actually said on the video. According to Robyn Doolittle a Toronto Star reporter who watched the video Ford uttered racist and homophobic comments. Ford called Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau a “fag” he also made a disparaging comment about “fucking minorities”. Is this what the people of Toronto want a racist and homophobic mayor?

Obnoxious Mayor Rob Ford & Press Argument On His property.

Once again, Rob Ford makes a fool of himself after the police chief Bill Blair announces a crack video does exist. Blair has seen the video, and despite Ford’s lies his days are numbered as mayor of Canada’s largest city. Ford says he will not resign but he is a disgrace to all Canadians. Ford has a serious attitude problem and a sense of entitlement. Ford is acting as though he is some victim when he is not. If Ford had any class he would resign. Since Ford has no class he has the audacity to believe he can be mayor. Even right wing conservative media are not supporting Ford anymore. Ford connections to a drug dealer are serious. How can people take Ford seriously? Ford needs to go away and disappear he is such a joke.

Two Black Teenage Boys Shot To Death In Toronto, Yet I Don’t Care.

black teens killed Toronto August 2013

On August 23rd 2013, two teenage boys O’She Doyles-Whyte 16, and Kwame Duodu, 15 where gunned down and brutally murdered in Jane and Finch. For people who don’t know Jane and Finch is a notorious crime infested neighbourhood in Toronto. Jane and Finch has a history of violence. Whyte and Duodu are black, and I must admit, when I first heard of their deaths I was ambivalent about it. I feel bad for saying this, but I just kind of shrugged my shoulders.

I guess I feel apathetic, if you live in Toronto you will know what I mean. There have been too many times over the years of sad news stories about young black males being shot to death in Jane and Finch. It is like a broken record. I am so exhausted hearing about these tragedies that I just tune out.

Of course, it is very sad that two teenage boys are dead but I feel conflicted about the violence in Jane and Finch. Am I supposed to care just because I am a black Canadian? I don’t live in Jane and Finch and I wouldn’t want anyone I love or care about to live there either. Should I feel sad, that there are too many tragic news stories about young black males being shot to death in Toronto?

Whenever, gun violence takes place in Toronto, the white media have this propensity to insist, that black Canadian people we are all supposed to care. Do white people care, when a white person dies in Toronto? Why should I as an individual, who just happens to be black, care about young black boys dying? Why should the actions of a few represent that of an entire race? It doesn’t make sense to me?

Why? Why should I care about black parents that are irresponsible, they don’t want to improve their lives, they raise their children in violent neighbourhoods?

Why don’t black parents teach their teenage sons to stay away from gang bangers and drug dealers? These two boys probably knew people who were involved in a gang. Why don’t black parents do more? One of the things my parents taught me when I was young is to NOT ASSOCIATE OR BE AROUND BAD PEOPLE! My mother always says, if you weren’t with the crows who have been found you would be ALL SAFE AND SOUND! If you don’t associate, talk to, hang around, gang bangers or drug dealers then you have a better chance of staying SAFE and ALIVE.

Now, people are saying the two teens were not a part of a gang. However, perhaps this is true both boys were not in a gang, but maybe they were associated with one or knew people in it? I just find it bizarre in the city of Toronto, that people would just randomly shoot and kill two teenage boys. Teenage boys need their fathers in their lives, because a father helps a boy to grow up to become a man.

I talked to my sister today about this tragedy, she said one of the reasons she lives in the suburbs with her son is to avoid these kinds of tragedies. My sister was blunt she said she would never raise her son around poor blacks.

Now, some might argue my sister is a hater, or a racist, or an elitist, but I see her cogent argument. In Jane and Finch, there is a cycle of violence, that seems to have no ending. My sister said she worries about her ten year old son, she doesn’t want him growing up in a dangerous environment. A violent place such as Jane and Finch has an aura of poverty and unhappiness.
I have to admit, if I had a child I wouldn’t want him growing up around poor blacks either.

My sister and I next we questioned, why would a black mother raise her son in Jane and Finch? Why? Everyone knows Jane and Finch is a dangerous neighbourhood filled with despair and violence.
I saw the family and friends on the news the other day crying about the two dead boys. Of course, these people are black and poor. Now I understand, due to circumstances, things happen in life. However, I wonder, where were the black fathers in this situation? Where are the fathers of these teenage boys?

The mainstream Canadian media, will report these tragedies of young black boys dying in the streets of Toronto. However, it is time for the black community to have some real talk. Why are black Canadians so afraid in Toronto to have a serious discussion about gun violence? I am serious. Why, are young black boys dying?

I am apathetic, to the deaths of these two teenage boys, I just feel like black parents need to be more accountable. Yes, violence can occur anywhere in Toronto. However, I just feel some black parents are not doing enough to raise their sons. Why would any black mother raise her children in Jane and Finch? It just seems shocking to me I am perplexed about it.

Breaking News: Toronto Police Officer James Forcillo Charged With Second Degree Murder of Sammy Yatim.

Sammy Yatim cop arrested August 2013

Officer charged with murder in Sammy Yatim streetcar shooting

A Toronto police officer has been charged with second-degree murder in the death of Sammy Yatim, the 18-year-old shot and killed in a streetcar last month.

A statement issued Monday from Ontario’s Special Investigations Unit — the province’s police watchdog — says the actions of Const. James Forcillo in the downtown Toronto incident this summer justify a charge of second-degree murder.

Forcillo, the officer who fired the shots, had been suspended from duty during the investigation.

Yatim was on a streetcar stopped on Dundas Street West, near Bellwoods Avenue, when he was shot dead in the early minutes of July 27.

Witnesses have said that Yatim was holding a knife while inside the empty streetcar.
Sammy Yatim, 18, was fatally shot by police aboard a Toronto streetcar in July. His sister Sarah tweeted this picture on Saturday with the caption, ‘Never forgotten… At least not to me.’ Sammy Yatim, 18, was fatally shot by police aboard a Toronto streetcar in July. His sister Sarah tweeted this picture on Saturday with the caption, ‘Never forgotten… At least not to me.’ (Twitter)

Nine shots can be heard on cellphone videos that captured the incident, following shouts for Yatim to drop a knife.

The final six shots appear to come after he had already fallen to the floor of the streetcar.

The shooting was recorded on video by several sources and viewed more than a million times on YouTube, galvanizing public anger and leading to a street protest that drew hundreds of people to the site of the shooting.

In addition to the SIU investigation, Toronto police Chief Bill Blair has said retired justice Dennis O’Connor will lead a separate review of police procedures, use of force and police response to emotionally disturbed people in the wake of Yatim’s death.

Ontario ombudsman André Marin has also launched an investigation that will probe what kind of direction the provincial government provides to police for defusing conflict situations.

The Toronto Police Association has urged the public not to jump to conclusions in the case, and told CBC News it is disappointed but not surprised by the charges against Forcillo.
Family to release statement

Shortly after news of the charges broke, Yatim’s sister tweeted, “The SIU charged the cop with 2nd degree murder!!! Good morning JUSTICE.”

The family is refusing requests for interviews, but is expected to release a statement to the media by 4 p.m. ET Monday.

Forcillo has spent six years as a member of Toronto’s police force, splitting that time as both as a uniformed constable and at court services at Old City Hall.

The SIU statement said Forcillo will surrender Tuesday, when he is also due to appear in court. The SIU statement said the location of the arrest won’t be disclosed because Forcillo has been the subject of threats.


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