HBO New Gay Series Looking Once Again About Pretty White Gay Men Complaining About Their Lives.

Of course, I know I shouldn’t be surprised, the trailer for the new HBO show Looking which will debut in January 2014 is all about young white gay men. I hear there is a Hispanic character in the cast, of course there is no black, Asian, or Native American gay characters.

It is more of the status quo, and this is why gay people of colour we must continue to create our own art.

The representations of gay men in pop culture are still the same bland white gay guys or the token Latino.

Remember, being Hispanic is NOT a race it is a cultural group. It seems to me the casting director made sure the cast was white enough to pass for their white gay male audience.

San Francisco where the show is based has a very diverse gay community so where is the diversity?

I will probably pass on watching this show. I am just apathetic to pop culture viewing gay men through a Eurocentric lens.

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About orvillelloyddouglas

I am a gay black Canadian male.

One response to “HBO New Gay Series Looking Once Again About Pretty White Gay Men Complaining About Their Lives.”

  1. therealbryon-(gaysexandthecity) says :

    This is what we have come too. Television and film seem to be quickly sinking in the tar pits along with the dinos. Drama, ‘reality’, pretty actors and situations ripped from old soap operas pass for favourites. I like drama and pretty actors. But really, the world is not white. I like dark guys. There is rarely a non white now in most of these shows. Its the 21st century. and it is time to reflect reality.
    Thanks for the heads up. Cheers.

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