Patrick Chan Deserved Fourth Place Did Not Deserve To Win World Figure Skating Championships.

Okay, I guess I am going to be a bad Canadian and be honest, Patrick Chan did not deserve to win his third straight World Figure Skating Championships. The reason Chan won is due to his reputation as a top skater, Canadian nationalism, and of course dirty figure skating politics. I don’t like Patrick Chan, there I said it! I find Chan’s attitude to be extremely arrogant and he just comes across as someone with a lot of entitlement. Chan actually told the press he “deserved to win”. Nobody “deserves” to win, you either win because you are the best or you don’t. Patrick Chan deserved to be off the podium but of course this did not happen.

Chan’s free skate was sloppy, the guy fell multiple times. However, since Chan’s short program score was so inflated by the judges he was ensured a victory. What is the point watching men’s figure skating if poor skating can win the gold medal? The poor judging is a joke, and of course the Canadian media aren’t going to be critical of Chan’s victory. After all, a Canadian won a title at the World Figure Skating Championships in Canada so the Canadian press is happy. The nationalism is ugly, because the best skater did not win.

The World Figure Skating Championships took place in London Ontario, did anyone honestly believe Patrick Chan wasn’t going to win? Sure, Chan is a top elite male skater, but the judges knew if he didn’t win the Canadian media would have a field day.
If Chan did not win, the Canadian press would be attacking the judges saying they are biased against Chan. However, I thought Patrick Chan should not have won a medal I would have put him in fourth place. I thought Dennis Tan deserved the gold but since he’s unknown the judges aren’t going to let him win. I also believe Javier Fernandez deserved higher than third place.

Am I bad Canadian for admitting how I feel about Chan? One of the reasons I tuned out of figure skating is due to the subjective judging. Since figure skating judging is subjective, it means personal biases, prejudices, and politics are involved. I prefer sports like tennis, or golf, or even basketball which aren’t subjective there is a winner and a loser there is no in between. In figure skating, often a skater wins a competition due to reputation, or his or her’s physical appearance, or something superficial such as the skater’s clothing or choice of music.

The figure skating world is also surprisingly enough, very homophobic, and I think Patrick Chan is being held up by the powerful forces within the skating community because he is heterosexual. There is a stereotype which exists that all male figure skaters are gay. Of course, this is not true, plenty of male skaters are straight such as Elvis Stojko. However, there are gay figure skaters like Johnny Weir, Brian Orser, Brian Boitano.

The figure skating elite, believe homosexual male skaters tarnish the sport and make the men’s figure skating look queer. Remember, the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, when Johnny Weir placed sixth despite a decent short and long program. Many observers thought, Weir’s scores were down graded because he is gay.

In this case, Patrick Chan’s scores were inflated because he’s heterosexual and Chan helps promote the figure skating world’s image to the media and public that a straight man can dominate the sport.

Former world figure skating champion Todd Eldredge is correct, Patrick Chan did not deserve to win the men’s title at the World Figure Skating Championships. However, since the World Championships took place in Canada, and Patrick Chan is a Canadian I am not surprised he won. I watched Chan’s performance and it was horrible. Chan fell multiple times, and yet he still won the competition. What does this say about figure skating? It seems the more things change the more they stay the same which is sad. The judges are human beings they have their own prejudices, biases, and also are fearful of the media. Patrick Chan knew he was going to win but his victory is a disgrace to figure skating and a hollow win.

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