Sports Journalist Mike Florio Says Manti Teo Gay Rumours Worry NFL Executives & Mangers.

According to NBC sports journalist Mike Florio, NFL executives are secretly worried that Manti Te’o is gay. Florio tells radio host Dan Patrick that the NFL teams are fearful of signing Manti Te’o because they are worried his sexuality might be a distraction. The conversation starts at the 2:50 mark. Florio states that, NFL teams want to know Manti Te’o sexuality because they are concerned whether he is a risk or not. However, Florio’s comments about the NFL are disturbing but not surprising.

The level of homophobia in men’s professional sports is still a serious problem. Manti Te’o already told Katie Couric a few weeks ago he isn’t gay. Unfortunately, some people in the NFL don’t believe Manti Te’o is telling the truth. Why should Manti Te’o sexual orientation matter anyway? Why do people care? Florio does make a cogent argument the lockeroom is a homophobic place where the straight men are fearful of gay men. A gay male athlete still has not come out in one of the four major team sports in America. I think this Manti Te’o controversy proves the men’s sports culture is still extremely homophobic. Even if Manti Te’o isn’t gay, he is going to be crucified and criticized by opposing teams when he reaches the NFL.

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