General Hospital New Gay Character Felix Is A Racist Stereotypical Effeminate Stereotype!!

I have tried to get into the ABC soap General Hospital’s storyline with the new gay character Felix but I am apathetic towards him. I am conflicted about Felix because on the one hand I am pleased to see a gay black man on television.  Most of the gay and lesbian characters on television are white, middle to upper class professionals.

However, I am extremely disappointed with the General Hospital writers, why does Felix have to be such an offensive stereotype? Why can’t a gay black man be masculine on television? Why is Felix so effeminate? Felix sells cosmetics to pay for nursing school and he sometimes wears make up. Why can’t a gay black man be shown on television to be a real man? Are there really gay black men who act like this sissy Felix?

I am a gay black man and I don’t wear make up, or care about fashion or cosmetics. I also don’t hang out with women either. I have female acquaintances but I don’t spend my time listening to women complain about their love lives.

Some gay people say that effeminate gay characters are needed because not all gay men are masculine. However, since Felix is also a black character I am concerned he is being marginalized due to his race and sexual orientation. Is Felix going to have a boyfriend or a storyline of his own or is he just going to be the black gay guy who makes silly jokes?

On the internet, some people love Felix he says outrageous jokes usually relating to sex and he’s a snap queen. Felix is a dangerous and racist stereotype of a gay black man he is just someone to laugh at he’s a token character not to be taken seriously. Felix also has no life and he just listens to the white female characters complain about their love lives. It is so disappointing how black characters are treated on the daytime soaps. Why have black characters on soaps at all if they are just going to be racist stereotypical token characters?

Let’s be honest here, there is a paucity of powerful black characters already on daytime television gay and heterosexual. Black characters on the daytime soaps are basically used to support the white characters yet they don’t have their own storylines anymore.

On Days of Our Lives, since Lexie Carver died back in June 2012, her husband Abe, her son Theo, and brother Cameron have been pushed to the background.Renee Jones quit Days of Our Lives back in June 2012, she said she wanted to quit acting. However, Renee’s talent was wasted on Days of Our Lives because the writers focused most of the attention on the white actress Alison Sweeney. Jones character Lexie and James Reynolds character Abe in the past had incredible storylines.

Another black character on Days of Our Lives who deserves more screentime is Maxine. Unfortunately,  Maxine is the stereotypical black mammy. Maxine is fat, a  loudmouth,  sassy, and always listens to the problems of the white characters such as Daniel and Jennifer. Maxine has no love life, no family she’s just the faithful black mammy her  sole purpose is to make the white characters feel better about themselves. It is so racist and offensive in the year 2012, that a black female character such as Maxine has no complexity she’s just a token.

On Young & The Restless, the Winters family which is African American are segregated from the white cast. The Winters family doesn’t have any decent storylines and they are treated like garbage by the writers. When are black characters gay and straight going to be treated with respect on daytime television like their white counterparts? Or, are black characters just going to be treated like tokens. Now some people might argue, “well don’t complain, at least there are some black characters on daytime television.” However, what’s the point of having black tokens on daytime television when they have nothing interesting to do?

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