Can Openly Gay Rapper Le1f Make It In The Mainstream Hip Hop Industry?

Today, I read an article in Now Magazine about an African-American gay rapper Le1f.  According to Now Magazine, Le1f  real name is Khalif Diouf parents are from Senegal. I am not sure if Le1f is going to be a star in hip hop due to the homophobia in the music industry. However, I watched Le1f’s video and he seems very self assured, confident, and he’s flamboyant which is refreshing. He has already released a mix tape called Dark York. Already the media are comparing Le1f to Frank Ocean for obvious reasons because they are both black queer men. There are some differences between the two artists.

First, Le1f is a confident gay black man he’s not pretending to be bisexual or trying to present a blurred image of his homosexuality for marketing purposes. Meanwhile, Frank Ocean sexuality is confusing because he hasn’t really declared he’s gay. Frank Ocean’s record label probably told him not to be more clear about his sexuality in order to appeal to mainstream audiences.

Frank Ocean has only said he fell in love with a man when he was nineteen years old. The video Wut is extremely homoerotic from Le1f’s dancing in daisy duke shorts, lap dancing a male model, and the cute semi nude male dancer seductively dancing in the video. The two female dancers are gorgeous and the video is fierce!

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