Hot Couple Alert: Looks Like Serena Williams Might Be Dating Her French Coach Patrick Patrick Mouratouglou.


Photo Credit: PKTennis

Serena Williams and her coach Patrick Mouratoglou may just have better chemistry than most professional tandems.

Rumors abound that the two are actually an item.

The Detroit Free Press reports on rumblings from French website PKTennis.

Here are a couple of photos that the website snapped that proves the two are far closer than most players and coaches would be.


Mouratouglou-sereana_crop_exactPhoto Credit: PKTennis
Moura_crop_exactPhoto Credit: PKTennis


Yes, that is either Williams showing affection, or her trying to steal Mouratoglou’s wallet. We like to think she is doing alright for herself and hardly needs the money.

So consider this an amorous expression.

Before you go on thinking this is an all-play and hardly-any-work relationship, theDetroit Free Press report reminds us just how successful Williams’ coach has been.

She hired the French Tennis Academy coach after she was ousted in the first round of the French Open. Since that time, she won Wimbledon and most recently the U.S. Open.

Oh, yeah: She also managed to win a gold medal in the London Olympics. That would be 3-for-3 in majors plus Olympic competitions since the two teamed up.

If that weren’t enough, the report gives us this little tidbit: “Bruce International Properties, the storefront at which Williams and Mouratoglou are gazing, sells property on the French Riviera.”

When normal people begin a relationship, they take a nice little day trip somewhere. When you are a world-class athlete, you flirt with the idea of buying a vacation spot along the French Riviera.

I’m not sure the tennis world stands a chance against this dynamic duo.


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