Disappointing News: Mixed Race Hispanic Actress Zoe Saldana Steals Nina Simone Lead Role Meant For A Black American Actress!!!

This casting news is so disgusting I think I am going to vomit! Zoe Saldana looks nothing like Nina Simone she wasn’t a mixed race Latina she’s was an authentic black American woman. Nina Simone wasn’t mulatto, mixed race, half white, half caste, biracial, or whatever you want to call it. Nina Simone was a proud black woman!
For black women in Hollywood, the closer a black actress or biracial actress skin tone is to the white image of beauty the better opportunities she gets. Saldana markets herself as a Hispanic actress NOT as a black American actress so it is extremely hypocritical for Saldana to take this important film role.
Ten years ago, Halle Berry was the A list black actress she also is half white.
Since Zoe Saldana is mixed race and considered lighter skinned she’s viewed as more marketable to white audiences in America and overseas.
However, where does this leave the talented darker skinned black actresses in Hollywood?
Saldana got the part for Nina Simone because Hollywood has anointed her as the new A list black actress.
However, Nina Simone was a very political she wasn’t just a singer she was a civil rights activist in the 1960s. Simone sang passionate songs about black rights such as Mississippi God damn, and Young, Gifted, & Black.
 Saldana is part black but she certainly isn’t proud of her black roots! Last year, when Colombiana was released all Saldana talked about in interviews was Latin this and Latin that.
Saldana is a chameleon, she plays with race and culture when it is convenient to advance her own career. Since Saldana is mixed race she uses race to her advantage whenever it is convenient to advance her career.
Nina Simone was a dark skinned black woman she was a proud black woman I bet she’s spinning in her grave right now!
Also, Saldana hasn’t proven she’s that great an actress. Yes, Saldana has appeared in Avatar and Star Trek but she isn’t a great actress.
There is a paucity of leading lady roles for black females in Hollywood so Hollywood thinks choosing a mixed race Hispanic is the way to go?
Why couldn’t Zoe Saldana follow Halle Berry’s lead? When Aretha Franklin wanted Halle to be the star of the biopic about her life Halle said no!
Halle knew the black community would be in an uproar if a half white actress was chosen to to the star in a film about the Queen of Soul music!
Now, Zoe Saldana has a history of talking about being proud of her Latin roots in interviews while stealing film roles meant for black actresses.
Remember,  Star Trek, Uhura is a black woman but since Hollywood is focused on profit the studio chose Saldana. This is a slap in the face to all the hard working black women in Hollywood!
I think Viola Davis, Anika Noni Rose,  India Arie, or some other black American actress would be the perfect choice for this biopic. I am so angry and disgusted I feel like screaming at the top of my lungs!

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2 responses to “Disappointing News: Mixed Race Hispanic Actress Zoe Saldana Steals Nina Simone Lead Role Meant For A Black American Actress!!!”

  1. gold account says :

    zoe should have enough respect four black american history and black women who struggle with existing in this world, to respect everything that nina simone stood for and the plight she had to face being an chocolate , big lip, big nose , kinky hair black women, to drop out of this project. she doesn’t need the exposure, the girl is going to do avatar 2, and other projects lined up. for her to be a black woman, she should have enough respect and honor to say no to that. halle berry is a woman of honor, when aretha franklin wanted her to be in the biopic she said no gracefully. if this movie is made with zoe saldano, i will no longer support anything connected to any project connected to zoe saldano, or the producers, directors. just to show people how they feel about our nina simone, they are having Cynthia Mort connected to it, a woman that is responsible for Roseanne and Will and Grace writing. so, our nina simone legacy is being written by a comedy writer , who credits include a gay sitcom, and a white low class family comedies. if you guys can’t see where this is going, than it’s sad. nina simone was better than this, and deserve better than this. and the funny thing about this, is that nina simone was extremely militant and full of rage, how can you sugarcoat her beliefsystem. please write to cythnia mort or call her, and email. boycott. this isn’t about hating zoe but having enough respect for our leaders , to tell the truth. revolution needs to be televised. this is about every black girl who looked like nina simone, being visible and proud. in the memory of nina simone, stokely carmichael that said, go home and tell your black daughters that they are beautiful, to malcom x, who even though he was fair complexion would have been on television calling out the image genocide of our black women. if black folks ain’t offfended, than we are truly hopeless and should continue to get everything thrown at us.

  2. las artes says :

    I think a black should play a black, even though zoe saldana skin color is on the dark side she don’t consider herself black. We have a great pool of black talented female actors, why wasn’t one of them considered. Nina simone was a very strong figure in her day and we need a very strong black actress to play her which saldana lacks though she is a good actor in lighter movies.

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