Days Of Our Lives Short Clip: After The Olympics on NBC Will & Sonny Finally Kiss!!!!

Good news Days of our Lives Fans after a whole year of waiting and praying Will and Sonny are finally going to kiss! Check out this clip at the ten second mark Sonny makes a move on Will and kisses him. However, the kiss is kind of sad because it appears Will rejects Sonny. However, the more I think about it, it does appear the gay romance is finally going to happen!! Will and Sonny do need some angst before they become a couple. I just hope Sonny isn’t going to chase Will around Salem. Sonny’s too hot it isn’t believable that other men wouldn’t be interested in him. I hope, Brian or Tad or someone else makes a claim to Sonny and then Will gets jealous realizing Sonny is his true love.

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One response to “Days Of Our Lives Short Clip: After The Olympics on NBC Will & Sonny Finally Kiss!!!!”

  1. gold account says :

    To parse out something I said earlier, as someone else observed, it’s actually been Sonny so far who always pulled away from Will when things started to look a bit… intimate. Given the info about T accusing Sonny of “making Will gay” and about how T’s bullying kind of sends Sonny back to the pain of his past, I’m thinking *something* happened to Sonny that involved similar factors — namely him, a boy he loved, and someone who not only made his life hell, but actually accused Sonny of making that boy he loved gay. And maybe the object of his affections, unable to deal with the bullying, cut Sonny out of his life. Or if the writers wanted to really twist the knife, maybe Sonny was involved with that boy in secret and totally gave him his heart… but when someone caught then together, Sonny’s love freaked out and turned on him, claiming (you guessed it) that he was just “confused” and Sonny took advantage, thus leading to an awful lot of misery for poor, heartbroken Sonny. Either scenario could lead to Sonny being EXTREMELY skittish, especially with someone like Will who’s so newly out of the closet. Which really makes me wonder what’s going on with that kiss. I’m leaning now towards thinking Sonny broke it off when he remembered they were in public and realized someone might see them, and just the possibility of it — especially with newly-out Will — hit too close to home. Then, once T gets involved, things get that much worse. And ultimately, it could be up to Will to convince dear Sonny he isn’t going to abandon him like that last [hypothetical] guy did.

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