LA Complex Season 2 Episode 2: Kal Attempted Suicide & In The Hospital. He Admits To Himself He Is Homosexual.

In this episode Kal ends up in the hospital after his failed suicide attempt.For far too long television shows make coming out too simplistic that all a person needs to do is accept himself for being gay. However, let’s say if the individual coming out isn’t white and doesn’t identify with the narrative of the mainstream community about homosexuality?

I think this is where the power lies in the Kaldrick storyline because it can be extremely difficult for gay black men to come out. After a black gay man comes out which community is really going to support him? The mainstream white gay community has problems with racism and the black community has issues with homophobia.

The intersectionality of Kaldrick’s identity crosses multiple lines he isn’t just a black man or a gay man he is both.

The LA Complex has done a good job to illustrate that coming out is not easy for gay black men. Kal probably feels like he would be viewed as less than a man in the black community if he did come out of the closet. Of course, some black people are accepting of homosexuality but others are not. There is also a narrative that some black people believe that homosexuality is foreign to black culture.

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