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Blind Item: James Franco & Jake Gyllenhaal Were An Item But Drama Ended Homosexual Relationship.

[LaineyGossip] Both are acclaimed actors. One’s an actor you find super cute. He’s popular and adorable, like dimples and old fashioned dresses. The other’s an actor I find super gross. And dramatic. And full of his own shit. He fronts like he’s dark. He’s difficult. The work is often beneath him. The work is often taken away from him because the attitude that it is beneath him is so often intolerable. The two had a torrid affair. Which is nothing unusual, of course not. Except that dimples broke up with drama and drama practically had a psychotic break. There was a month-long spiral. A couple of times he came close to really hurting himself. He also threatened to expose them both, though no one is taking that seriously. As a result, his heartbreaker is trying, ignorantly, to go back to the other side of his bisexuality.

My Guess

Cute Dimples: Jake Gyllenhaal

Gross Drama: James Franco 

The blind says one gay guy is cute and simple while the other man is dramatic. Jake Gyllenhaal is the cute dimples guy and James Franco is definitely seems full of himself and he presents the image he is a tortured artist. After the actor Brad Renfro died Franco actually cut himself and he designed a switch blade in memory of Renfro. Franco has made it very blatant that he’s at least bisexual. Last year, in an interview with Playboy magazine Franco insinuated that he’s bisexual. Franco is also very passionate about gay and lesbian studies. I am not suggesting a heterosexual man could not be interested in Queer studies. However, anyone who has seen Franco’s biopic film The Broken Tower about gay poet Hart Crane can read between the lines. Franco is very passionate about male homosexuality and I believe he uses art as a medium to explore his bisexuality.

Article: It Is Time For Tom Cruise To Stop Lying About His Homosexuality & Come Out Of The Closet.


With the not-so-shocking news of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ divorce, his sham of pretending to be a straight dude—with a gorgeous lady on his arm every time he walks down the red carpet—must come to a crashing halt. His whole land of make believe is a joke to all the other male actors who are comfortable in their skin and don’t hide from who they are.

If you are reading, Mr. Cruise, I repeat: No one cares if you are gay. I certainly don’t, and I have known this rampant rumor to be the personal truth since I first moved to L.A. in the late ’90s and heard stories from friends who worked with you on film sets. I am left to wonder when you will finally do what we all have been waiting for and just come out of the closet. It won’t change the way people look at you. In fact, it might enhance your image, considering that your 50th birthday is in a few days.

I can only wonder what led to the demise of his third marriage. Hmmm. Could it be the gay thing? Yes. Could it be the insane, mind-altering limericks from the Church of Scientology and how it formed him into a psychotic robot, deploying his rage and rhetoric on anyone who doesn’t belong to this cult? Yes. Let me see. First there was his marriage to Mimi Rogers, and then there was his second to Nicole Kidman, which spawned two adopted children. Now, his third marriage to Katie Holmes is kaput. Who’s the next victim under this sham?

Tom, you need to take a stand and be a man. COME OUT. I think Katie woke up one day and decided she couldn’t continue to lie to the world, or more importantly to herself. Several years ago when they got married, it was rumored that their union was a contract, an arrangement to conceal the growing suspicion that Tom was gay. For years it has been said that he paid her a lot of money and that Katie didn’t love him at all. Perhaps she was fed up with the Church of Scientology. All I can think of since the sudden announcement is the time Tommy bounced on Oprah’s couch and professed his love for Katie. It was overkill, to say the least.

This situation reminds me of a bull that keeps running into a wall and just comes back for more. What Tom needs to do is stop ramming his head into bricks and assume a different direction. What if he just did something entirely different and paved a new path for other leading actors who find themselves living as closeted gay men in the entertainment industry? He would become a role model of integrity, at least in my book. I would look at him with new respect. Many of my friends would agree.

Tom Cruise has produced a solid body of work. Vanilla Sky and Eyes Wide Shut are among my favorite films. He is successful and still highly sought after. Whether or not he is a Scientologist, I hold no judgments. I just want him to stop hiding and denying himself the life that he and so many other closeted actors deserve. It would be a better world if superstars such as Cruise had the courage to just spill the news, whatever that might be, and call it a day. It’s not a big deal, Tom. You will still have your fans, like me and many others, who accept you just as you are. Do us all a favor and implore your inner side.


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