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Blind Item: Closeted Homosexual Jake Gyllenhaal New Female Beard Is Actress Minka Kelly Since He Has A Movie Coming Out This Year!!!

[Hollywood Dame] Remember when we mentioned that actor who has been immersing himself in work but his team has been busy beard shopping? Well, he has found a taker. She hasn’t done much lately, but she will be in a movie filled with big names next year.

My Guess: Jake Gyllenhaal is gay but he will not come out of the closet.  Society is becoming more acceptable of homosexuality. However, Hollywood is still  reticent to accepting young male stars being gay.  The public does not want to believe the movie star hunks are gay and neither does the mainstream media.

I personally think Jake Gyllenhaal is a solid B+ star but he is not A list.

Society is still very homophobic and people do not want their hunks to be gay!

Jake and his management team have attempted to butch up his image by trying to make him an action star and leading man.

 I can understand this might be upsetting to heterosexual women but Jake Gyllenhaal is not straight. Straight women will not accept a good looking young male actor if he comes out.  Jake Gyllenhaal recent film roles Prince of Persia, Source Code,  are his attempt to reach a  male audience. 

The young male demographic is not going to support an openly gay action hero. 

 I noticed a pattern in the last couple of years prior to the release of a new film Jake suddenly has a  girlfriend. 

 Remember, two years ago  Jake was suddenly dating the country singer Taylor Swift. Taylor seemed like an odd choice for Jake but she was his   beard.  The photograph  on the cover of  US Weekly appeared staged and fake.

The general public needs to be cognizant of the fact media companies also have a role in presenting a heterosexual image of stars.

People read tabloids because they want to live vicariously through the life of the celebrity.

I doubt the female targeted audience of Us Weekly would love it if they  found out Jake is indeed gay. I imagine Jake and his publicists believed it can help his career to appeal to a younger heterosexual female demographic market. Well it appears Jake Gyllenhaal is at it again he has a movie  End Of Watch coming out later this  year. Jake’s new beard is actress Minka Kelly. Minka has a role in the high profile film  The Butler.

Blind Item: Oprah OWN Network Losing Millions Of Dollars & She Interviews Trashy Kardashian Family!!!

The Stench of Desperation

[BlindGossip] A few years ago, this celebrity swore she would have nothing to do with all those “sleazy reality stars.” She told friends that reality stars had no talent, made no contribution to making the world a better place, that their antics were “disgusting”, and that she didn’t want to spend one minute of her life thinking about them or being involved with them.

Fast forward a few years and a few failures later, and she now has a whole new attitude. She is currently in deep discussions with the three reigning kings of reality television. What is she doing? Trying to become the Reality Queen! In addition to her recent reality dabbling, she is trying to bring aboard some star friends to do a reality show to mend their reputation. She is also considering staging the ultimate reality stunt herself: Her own wedding.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen! She doesn’t have a perfume, but, if she did, it would be called… Desperation.

My Guess: This is an easy blind because it is so obvious since everyone knows Oprah’s OWN Network is  losing millions of dollars. Oprah is getting more desperate interviewing Whitney Houston’s  daughter a few weeks after her mother died.

I thought that was very low of Oprah to talk to Bobbi Kristina when the kid was probably still  in shock that Whitney is dead.

Now Oprah interviewed the Kardashian family. Oprah is a bit hypocritical because she always presented the image that she is above tabloid garbage.

Celebrity: Oprah

Three Kings:  Andy Cohen,  Ryan Seacrest, Mark Burnett

Recent Reality Dabbling: Oprah interview with the trashy Kardashian family.

Star Friends: John Travolta or Tom Cruise

Wedding To: Stedman Oprah male beard.

Shocking News: Usher Raymond New Album Looking 4 Myself Has Disappointing Debut Sells Only 128,000 Copies!!!

According to the website Hits Daily Double, Usher Raymond new album Looking 4 Myself  will debut at number one on the Billboard charts. However, Looking 4 Myself  sold a disappointing 128,000 copies! Usher previous albums Raymond Vs Raymond, and Here I Stand were multi platinum hits!  This is very strange and bizarre result! I hope Usher sales in international markets are better much higher.

CBC News Update: Alexandre Despatie Has A Mild Concussion From Last Week Diving Accident.

Posted: Jun 19, 2012 2:29 PM ET

Last Updated: Jun 19, 2012 2:45 PM ET

Alexandre Despatie is going for his third consecutive Olympic medal in the three-metre springboard.Alexandre Despatie is going for his third consecutive Olympic medal in the three-metre springboard. (Mike Ridewood/Diving Canada/Canadian Press)

Canadian Olympic diver Alexandre Despatie has confirmed that he suffered a “small concussion” after striking his head on the board in a training accident last week.

Despatie, who has not spoken to the media since he was hurt one week ago in Spain, released an audio statement on Tuesday through Diving Canada.

“It’s really going very well,” Despatie said of his recovery. “This morning was the first morning I woke up without a headache, which is a very positive sign.”

The Laval, Que., native said he hopes to resume training in the pool “by the end of next week.”

“If things keep going the way they are, the team is very optimistic [and] so am I,” Despatie said. “I’m keeping positive in all this.”

Despatie, who turned 27 on June 8, won the silver medal in the men’s three-metre springboard at the last two Olympics, and he’s again considered a medal contender at the London Games, which begin July 27.

Despatie is expected to compete in his first event on Aug. 1 — the 3m synchronized with teammate Reuben Ross. The men’s individual 3m competition starts Aug. 6.

Despatie sustained the injury on an inward 3½ dive on the springboard — for him, a routine yet high-velocity, rotating flip he has attempted thousands of times.

Diving Canada chief technical officer Mitch Geller said last week that Despatie lost his balance, failed to adjust and “grazed” his head on the edge of the board just above the hairline. The blow opened a 10-centimetre gash, which Despatie said Tuesday he has consulted a plastic surgeon about, but he was not believed to have lost consciousness.

Despatie was scheduled to compete in the Spanish Grand Prix in Madrid followed by the Italian Grand Prix in Bolzano — the final two of six events comprising FINA’s Grand Prix circuit — but instead returned home to Quebec, where he’s currently recuperating.

Canada’s dominant diver for a generation, Despatie burst into the spotlight as a 13-year-old at the Commonwealth Games in 1998, when he captured gold in the 10-metre platform. He went on to compete at the 2000 Olympics before winning the back-to-back 3m silver medals in 2004 and 2008.

Despatie has also won world titles in each of diving’s three individual disciplines — the 1m springboard, 3m springboard and 10m platform — becoming the first diver in history to do so.


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