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Grandpa Bob Rae Clears The Path For Sexy Justin Trudeau To Become New Leader Of Liberal Party In Canada!!!


Bob Rae the interim Liberal  leader made the right decision last week to not run to be the full time leader of the party. Bob Rae is sixty four years old he is simply too old  to reach a younger generation. Rae is not popular in the province of Ontario he was the former Premier of the New Democratic Party back in the early 1990s. Rae is not popular in Quebec either.

The Liberal party needs someone young,  intelligent, and attractive to breathe new life into Canadian politics. Justine Trudeau of course is only forty years old, he has political experience but he also has the youth necessary to reach a younger Canadian generation.

Trudeau is bilingual, he grew up in Quebec and he has an effervescent personality which can translate into votes.

Trudeau is still reticent about whether he will run for the Liberal party leadership.  I strongly believe the Liberal party needs a younger person forty or under to be the new leader.  The public is tired of old farts such as Bob Rae.


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