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Remember Floyd Landis & Marion Jones Admitted To Using Steroids & Stripped Of Their Titles!!!

All of the Lance Armstrong sycophants need to realize just because a top athlete never failed a drug test doesn’t mean they didn’t cheat. The  US Anti Doping Agency has evidence and believes Armstrong used EPO and blood transfusions. Armstrong also cleared all his drug tests like Marion Jones.

Floyd Landis one of Armstrong’s former friend and a former Tour de France champion also said that he saw Armstrong cheat. Landis was stripped of his Tour de France title and I believe it is only fair Lance Armstrong face the same fate.

Landis also lied and so did Marion Jones so it is only a matter of time before Lance Armstrong is stripped of his titles.

People want to believe Armstrong is a saint because he is some hero in America for battling cancer. However, Armstrong’s superhuman results winning the Tour de France seven times leaves me suspicious. I commend the US Anti Doping Agency for not capitulating to public pressure and going after Armstrong. Armstrong is a drug cheat just like Floyd Landis and Marion Jones!


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