ITN News: Stephen Lawrence Murder Trial Verdict Two White Men Convicted Of Murdering Black British Teenager.

I am not sure if people outside of the United Kingdom have  heard about the Stephen Lawrence murder case? In the year 1993, an unarmed seventeen year old black British teenager Stephen Lawrence was brutally murdered by white male youths.

Stephen was waiting at a bus stop with a friend when he was stabbed to death.  The Stephen Lawrence murder case shocked England and forced the British people to examine racism in British society. The Stephen Lawrence case forced the British police force to admit to racism within their ranks.

Finally in January 2012, due to the persistence of  Stephen’s parents after eighteen long years they obtained justice. Two white men Gary Dobson and David Norris were convicted of murdering Stephen.  When I think of Stephen Lawrence if he were alive today he would still be a young man only in his thirties. Maybe Stephen would be married, have a wife and kids. A young life was extinguished due to bigotry and prejudice.

However, even though two white men were convicted of Stephen’s murder the other murderers are still at large. The British newspaper the Daily Mail published the photographs of all the white male suspects. The British public knows the identities of the other killers. Sadly, Stephen Lawrence parents divorced due to the grief and strain of the murder case. I commend Stephen’s parents for fighting so hard and courageously and challenging the racist British police force and justice system. Even though, Gary Dobson and David Norris were convicted Stephen is still dead he’s never going to come back.

The Stephen Lawrence case is very similar to the Trayvon Martin tragedy taking place right now  in America. Both Stephen and Travyon were unarmed black male teenagers, both were only seventeen when they were killed. I am disgusted by Fox News and numerous media outlets attempting to paint Travyon as a bad kid. Trayvon made mistakes in his young life but he did not deserve to die in cold blood. It is not surprising but still depressing how truly racist this world still is despite the progress of the civil rights movement.

George Zimmerman and his wife both lied to the judge about their finances which certainly hurts their credibility.  I sincerely hope and pray it doesn’t take eighteen years for Trayvon Martin’s family to get justice for the murder of their son. I can’t imagine the grief, the pain, and feelings of despair that Travyon Martin’s parents are  going through right now.

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