Barbara Walters Asks A List Movie Star Hugh Jackman If He Is A Closeted Homosexual?

Barbara Walters certainly knows Hugh Jackman is gay but he didn’ t actually deny his sexual orientation either in this clip. According to my sources, Hugh Jackman is not straight. My personal opinion is, Hugh Jackman is at least bisexual but he can’t come out because this would hurt his action film career.

Jackman is famous for his performances in the X Men and Wolverine movies. He decided to marry his  beard Deborah Lee Furness  to provide an illusion of heterosexuality. Although the general public believes society is more progressive, the truth is many movie fans don’t want A list male stars to be openly gay.

In fact, no A list male movie star has come out of the closet. By contrast, female stars like Angelina Jolie or Drew Barrymore  say they are bisexual and nobody cares. The general public is apathetic when a female star comes out of the closet as bisexual or lesbian because it isn’t seen as a threat. 

A decade ago, Walters asked Ricky Martin in an infamous interview if he was homosexual and Martin denied he was gay. However, two years ago Ricky Martin decided to come out of the closet. Some people might think Walters was out of line asking Hugh about his sexuality but she’s only doing her job.


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I am a gay black Canadian male.

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