Calgary Herald Article: Psycho Accused Killer Luka Magnotta Might Be Connected To Human Remains Sent To Vancouver Schools!!!

Foot and hand mailed to B.C. schools believed to be from Luka Magnotta’s  alleged victim Lin Jun

By Rene Bruemmer, Postmedia NewsJune 6, 2012 12:08 PM

Jun Lin, pictured, was a 33-year-old undergraduate student  at Montreal’s Concordia University.

Photograph by: Facebook , National  Post

MONTREAL — The foot and hand that were mailed to two Vancouver-area schools  are believed to belong to Lin Jun — the man Luka Rocco Magnotta is accused of  killing, dismembering and cannibilizing, police say.

The body parts were mailed from Montreal, and all evidence collected thus far  indicates they belong to Lin, Montreal police Cmdr. Ian Lafreniere said  Wednesday.

DNA testing will be conducted to be certain. Vancouver police are delivering  the foot and hand back to Montreal.

Montreal police revealed at a news conference Tuesday that the head, right  foot and right hand of Lin were still missing.

Later the same day, two packages, one containing a right foot and another  containing a right hand, were opened by staff at the two schools in  Vancouver.

The hand was delivered to False Creek elementary school at 1 p.m. Vancouver  time, the foot to St. George’s School about an hour later.

Lafreniere did not say why those schools were chosen.

He said Magnotta is known to have travelled widely, including to Canada’s  West Coast.

It was also not known why the packages arrived a week later than those that  were sent to Ottawa. It’s not believed Magnotta had an accomplice, Lafreniere  said. To date, four packages have been recovered.

Vancouver police said Wednesday that “authorities in Montreal will be taking  over the investigation into the discovery of human remains contained in packages  mailed to two separate Vancouver schools.”

Montreal police homicide investigators have been placed in charge after their  counterparts in Vancouver “noted that the packaging and addresses on the boxes  sent to Vancouver were similar to that of the packages discovered earlier this  week in Eastern Canada.”

“The disturbing contents, a right hand and a right foot from an as yet  unidentified victim, will be sent to Montreal today (Wednesday) for further  forensic examination.”

Magnotta was captured in Berlin on Monday after a six-day global hunt.

He is accused of killing and dismembering Jun, a 33-year-old Concordia  University computer science student, in late May, and of mailing his feet and  hands to political parties in Ottawa and the two schools in British  Columbia.

Lin’s torso and other body parts were found outside Magnotta’s apartment  building in Montreal.

Lafreniere confirmed that members of Lin’s family have arrived in  Montreal.

Their whereabouts will be closely guarded, Lafreniere noted, because of the  media storm surrounding the case internationally.

A realistic fake foot was discovered by a passerby in Montreal’s Notre Dame  de Grace district Wednesday, spurring a full police investigation and raising  fears of a copycat killer.

“This is not the type of joke to be making at this time, considering the  events of the last weeks,” Montreal police spokesman Yannick Ouimet said.

The incident is being investigated, and charges of mischief could be laid, he  said.

Police said they are still looking into pressing charges against website  owners who have been posting the video that is believed to show the  dismemberment of Lin.

Investigating the case through online sources has been complicated by the  fact Magnotta created at least 70 Facebook pages dedicated to himself, and there  are more than 40 more that fans and detractors have put  up.

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