Breaking News: Dharun Ravi Gets Thirty Day Jail Sentence & Three Years Probation For Gay Webcam Spy Case!!!

The liberal media and the gay mafia  made Dharun Ravi a scapegoat for Tyler Clementi’s death and I am glad the judge made the proper decision.

Some members of the gay community wanted to destroy Dharun Ravi’s life and their racism & prejudice against this young man was abhorrent.

I understand the anger some people have about Ravi’s actions but to try to blame him for Clementi’s death is ludicrous!

Dharun was not charged with Tyler Clementi’s death and this is an important point. Dharun did not push Tyler Clementi over the bridge. Lost in the media hysteria is the fact Clementi probably had mental health problems. Ravi was irresponsible and immature to spy on Clementi having sex with another man.

However, the jury recommended a ten year prison sentence which is just too harsh. Another issue the media ignored is the issue of race. Although race was not discussed in the trial, the fact remains Dharun Ravi was demonized by the liberal media since he is a man of colour.

On You Tube some posters are writing racist comments about Ravi which is disappointing but not surprising.

Ravi experienced xenophobia from the American media because he is South Asian. Ravi was constructed as the “other” he was viewed as “too different” and “not American”.

Meanwhile, Tyler Clementi was constructed by the press as the perfect victim.  I wish someone had reached out to Tyler Clementi at Rutgers University prior to his decision to end his life. Where were the support services for gay youth at Rutgers?

Dhaurn Ravi is only twenty years old and he will receive counseling. I hope that Dharun Ravi learns from this tragedy that being immature and spying on a roommate is unacceptable.

About orvillelloyddouglas

I am a gay black Canadian male.

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