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I Love Kerry Washington’s ABC’s Television Drama Scandal!!!

I am very happy that Kerry Washington’s ABC show scandal got renewed by the network and will return in fall 2012.

Kerry’s character Olivia Pope is a non stereotypical representation of the modern black woman. It is so refreshing to see a black woman depicted on television to be intelligent, feminine, beautiful, and also vulnerable. It is so rare to see a black actress have the opportunity to be the female lead.

I cringe whenever I watch television shows like Fox’s Glee where the black female character is just the side-show.

I sincerely hope that Shonda Rhimes continues to make Scandal fresh and interesting for television viewers.

Scandal is the first television show on mainstream American television with a black actress in the lead role since 1974!

Actress Teresa Graves was the last black female lead of the 1974 drama Get Christie Love.

I wonder why did it take so long for a black woman to headline a TV show in thirty eight years?

The sexual chemistry between Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn is off the charts!

I find it refreshing that Olivia Pope and President Grant’s interracial romance is on television. I think it is interesting to see a young black woman and a middle aged white man fall in love.

Although some people claim we live in a post racial world it is rare to see interracial love depicted on television which isn’t licentious. I love that the romance between Olivia and Fitz is tender and loving yet also tragic.

Olivia and President Grant’s relationship is impossible love because he’s married and the President of the United States. Last week, I loved the final scene when Fitz held Olivia in his arms it seemed he never wanted to let her go.

The season finale for Scandal is this week Thursday at 10pm on ABC! Check out Scandal you won’t be disappointed the show is amazing!!!


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