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Blind Item: Gay Sex Massage Scandal Is Hurting John Travolta’s Life & Acting Career!!!

Choosing Between Lies And Blackmail


This big actor is in a hairy situation. If he lies, the problem gets bigger. And if he tells the truth, the problem still gets bigger!

If he does settle, he would be forced to continue to lead a life that has made him miserable for many years under even more scrutiny than before. It’s a life he was prepared to leave a few years ago, before he was entrapped by two significant parties in his life.

If he doesn’t settle, the threat of all his secrets coming out at once would destroy his career, his family, and his bank account.

Contrary to what you may believe, he is not a very smart or strong person, and he has been rather easily manipulated by others into leading a life that is outwardly successful but inwardly sad and twisted. It’s hard to feel bad for him, though. His fame and money have made him soft and arrogant and careless, and he has made a lot of very conscious and very stupid decisions that have hurt a lot of people (including people very close to him).

And, sadly and ironically, there’s not support for him at home. The two parties closest to him are also the two parties who care more about saving their own reputations and wallets than in helping him achieve authentic happiness. If he doesn’t continue to lie, his wife swears that she will divorce him and take all the money and the child/ren. Meanwhile, the other party is ready to blackmail him into poverty and oblivion.

If there is a way out of this for him that would satisfy all parties, we don’t know what it is. We hear that he is leaning toward more lies and a big payoff. Not surprising, given his history.

My Guess: John Travolta

Travolta’s gay sex massage scandal has exploded in the media he has tried to keep the rumours about his bisexuality private for years.

 Travolta’s wife Kelly Preston is a D list actress but she has more clout in Hollywood because she’s married to Travolta.

Preston is Travolta’s professional beard she has done her part having children with Travolta and helping to create the facade he is straight.

Nobody cared about Preston until she married Travolta so she acquired more fame, media attention, and of course money from the marriage.

Preston also allowed Travolta some respectability and an illusion of heterosexuality.

There are rumours that Preston is threatening to divorce John and of course get a huge divorce settlement.  I think this is a sad case of a closeted gay man that cannot come out because he fears the public won’t accept him. Travolta believes in  scientology which is against homosexuality. The church of scientology is also anti gay and have a lot of power over Travolta. 


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