Is CBC’s Rex Murphy Right Or Wrong? Are The Quebec University Student Protests out of control or effective?


I think it is easy for CBC’s Rex Murphy an old wealthy white man to state Quebec student protests for higher education are out of control. Murphy doesn’t have to worry about paying his bills he has cushy job at the CBC.

Murphy’s argument is too simplistic to just state the Quebec students have entitlement issues.

Canadians for far too long we are just too polite. The Quebec students protests have proven sometimes drastic actions must be taken to fight for student rights.

Young people are the future of Canada and if university tuition continues to rise this means students get into more debt.   If students don’t fight rising tuition,

one day Canada’s university tuition will be too high for Canadians and only the wealthy can attend university.

Murphy is apathetic to student concerns. Student loans are not the  solution to this Quebec student protests.

He is a conservative, so I am not surprised at his elitist attitude towards students.

Murphy’s speech is typical of the Canadian elite that younger people should just work harder to pay more.

The real question  Murphy did not ask is why are Quebec’s tuition rates the lowest in Canada? Why aren’t university students in English speaking provinces demanding more? Why are university students in English Canada not complaining more?

The Quebec students are resilient and relentless they refuse to give up. Every single day there are protests across Quebec and I think the students are forcing the Canadian media and politicians to hear them.

I am cognizant that Quebec has the lowest university tuition fees in the country. However, I  admire the Quebec students because their attitude is different than English Canada.  In Quebec, the student groups are very organized and the students are fighting for their rights. There is a long tradition and history that education should be available for all people.

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