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Miami Masters 2012 Final: Andy Murray Loses To Novak Djokovic He Lacks Killer Instinct To Become A Champion.

I am so tired of the hype Andy Murray receives from the western media he is not a champion. The reason the American and British press hype Murray is because he is Anglo Saxon. The western media wants a British player to be number one but Murray fails to deliver. Even though Murray hired former champion Ivan Lendl to be his coach his results are not improving.

Prior to Miami Masters final match Murray practiced with Djokovic on stadium court. Does this make sense? Why would Murray practice with his rival before a major final? One argument is Murray and Djokovic are childhood friends and enjoy each other’s company.  However, Murray lacks the mental toughness and the killer instinct. Do you think Roger Federer would ever practice with Novak? Of course not because Federer is a champion he does not practice with his main rivals. Murray seems to be trying too hard to be liked and not be a champion.

I believe Murray is not a contender until he wins a grand slam singles title. How can Murray be a contender when he NEVER beats Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, or Roger Federer when it matters most in a grand slam final? Murray continues to lose to the big three whenever it matters most. Today, Murray had a chance to help his confidence but he played tentative tennis and lost.

Agnieszka Radwanska Destroys Maria Sharapova In Straight Sets To Win Miami Masters Event!!

Well done Agnieszka Radwanska she upsets Maria Sharapova and wins the Miami Masters in straight sets.  This is Radwanska’s second victory over Sharapova since the 2008 US Open.

Sharapova’s game is too one dimensional she doesn’t have any variety she just hits the ball hard. Radwanska changed the pace and used drop shots, angles, and lobs to push Sharapova all over the court.

Well done Agnieszka!


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