LA Complex Mid Season Finale: Is Kal & Tariq’s Relationship Just Entertainment Or Reinforcing Racist Stereotypes About Black Gay Men?


I am concerned about the representation of Kal and Tariq’s relationship on LA Complex. I am cognizant that Kal is a rapper in the closet but why does Kal and Tariq’s relationship have to be abusive? Why does Kal beat Tariq that’s not love that’s domestic violence!

Why are black men being depicted as violent? I think violence at the end is weird and abhorrent!

Why does Kal have to be a rap artist? I think that’s just lazy writing so a black gay man has to be on the down low? Give me a break!  Why couldn’t Kal and Tariq be country western singers or something else? I don’t know but the whole hip hop industry thing reeks of racism.

One argument is the writers of LA Complex are illustrating gay relationships can be toxic and violent just like heterosexual relationships.

However, since there is a paucity of black gay men on television aren’t the LA Complex writers reinforcing racist and sexist stereotypes about black gay men?

Are the writers of LA Complex trying to say black gay love is violent? Would the writers of LA Complex write a white gay couple in this negative light? I doubt two white gay guys would have a violent relationship on Canadian television.

White homosexual characters in films and on television are depicted as loving and romantic. By contrast, a black gay couple’s relationship is depicted as abusive which makes me sick!

I abhor violence and to see Tariq in a pool of blood at the end of the scene makes me want to vomit!

About orvillelloyddouglas

I am a gay black Canadian male.

10 responses to “LA Complex Mid Season Finale: Is Kal & Tariq’s Relationship Just Entertainment Or Reinforcing Racist Stereotypes About Black Gay Men?”

  1. Anonymous says :

    I think your questions in the poll are pertinent/legitimate ones, but there were two others that should be asked: Does the depiction of Kal in particular reinforce stereotypes of black men as violent? Does the depiction of Kal reinforce stereotypes of black rappers/hip hop artists?

  2. Kamar says :

    I think the way LA Complex perceived is based on each individual’s culture and social background. Personally I don’t have an issue with the violence as it’s a depiction of what is happening in my society, where persons will do anything to protect their image and reputation. The association with gays will cause you to lose all as well as your life.

    Its unfortunate, that the relationship between Tariq and Kal is “rough”, but its just reality in some countries like Jamaica. Being an artist and gay will never be accepted, so if there is any, just have to keep it in the closet, and “rough” in the eyes of the public.

    Another point to make, the former Prime Minister did say he don’t want any gays in his cabinet, therefore the fact that he renounce gays mean any cabinet member who is gay would have to be in the closet, and create an image where as he is not seen as being gay.

    enough about that, i can’t wait to see what’s next in episode 7. I am in love with Tariq, you wanna have him as my baby…. would definitely treat him 100% better….. Have my own little Tariq>>>>>>>>>>>>

    • PINK Report says :

      I agree with you 100% here..Its not about portrayals of white versus black perse its more about in the closet Hip Hop culture…Truthfully if Vybez Kartel was caught in a lip lock with a dude i am not sure he wouldnt react the same way or any other Jamaica DJ for that matter. And the Jamaican Dancehall music scene is a very close approximation for what Kal and Tariq are going through.

      The truth is u cannot control who u fall inlove with but when u fall in love with a gangsta that punches fans fpr taking pictures etc. you kinda either have to learn to fight back or prepare to be a potential punching bag

      • Kamar Wills says :

        Thanks Pink……. I am happy someone understand what i am saying….. I live in Jamaica and if you notice i have to be using a pseudo name….. based on my experiences over the past 4 years you really cant control who you fall in love with, and sometimes that person is bad for you but for some reason all you can see is the good in him, how special he make you feel… etc…

        I am 100% sure Vybez Kartel reaction would be worst given the same scenario…. Would have probably slit his throat…….. anyhow lets see how it plays out…..

        Cant stop saying how much i love this show…. and Tariq even more>>>>>>>>>

  3. Jubell says :

    I’m all kinds of off perhaps, since I have only seen scenes from this show involving these two but I don’t think it’s racist.

    I think it’s dangerous when white’s portray ALL gay relationships as blissful, purely sexual, or “Mamie-ized” (no sex AT all just raising kids and praises the lord jesus and all that) – because it’s not real. Sometimes gay men and lesbians get abused mentally and physically from those that are supposed to love and not just from those who outright hate them.

    The fact that it’s hip hop is not at all withstanding. I love that it exposes that hip hop can bring in an internalized homophobia in order to PROVE something. Tupac said it a LONG time ago – what he does is fake and all for show. Tupac was a poet who went to one of the most notably Fine Arts schools in the East. And yet he got on stage and played a “character” and knew it- that got him killed. That fakeness is deadly and DL life is just as deadly.

    I hope the lesson the writer’s bring forth is that no love is worth that kind of insanity. Expose his ass and walk. Because it may be passionate and intense but unless you’re willing to play that nonsense you’re set to get burnt. Tariq is an earnest and gentle soul and is just blinded. It’s not racism it’s life. I don’t think any of us DON’T know someone who has been there regardless of the race. The choice to have the black characters do it is probably just the shortest distance between two points.

    I can see where you’re coming from, but there are a lot of other factors at play as well.

  4. orvillelloyddouglas says :

    Okay, I have a question, why are people talking about Jamaica? The LA Complex show is a Canadian show and it deals with North American culture. I agree that the hip hop industry is homophobic I am not disputing this. I am just concerned about the message the LA Complex producers are presenting. I was shocked and horrified when Tariq was bashed by Kal. I just think there was another way to handle the situation without violence.

    • Kamar Wills says :

      If you knew anything about Jamaica and its culture you would understand why reference was made to Jamaica…. Not because the show is Canadian based doesn’t mean its not applicable in other parts of the world…

  5. chris says :

    I enjoyed the show and the final ep. As black gay men we must remember, it is not the job of the writers to portray us in the best light. It is the job of the writers to entertaining, and they have done just that. The storyline speaks of the closeted homo thug and portrays it well. Every black gay couple isn’t violent, but some are.

  6. orvillelloyddouglas says :

    I understand the arguments but I am uncomfortable with the violence. There is a paucity of any representations of black gay men on television. I understand LA Complex is entertainment I just feel the writers didn’t need to reduce Tariq and Kal’s relationship to racist stereotypes about black gay men.

  7. Michieviousfunction says :

    Kal and Tariq’s relationship is abusive………

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