Actor James Franco Talks About Getting A Bad Grade From NYU Professor Jose Angel Santana.

James Franco comes across as very pretentious and upset that he got a D grade in his acting class.  According to NY Post,  James missed twelve out of the fourteen acting classes. It seems to me James thinks because he is a celebrity he is supposed to get special treatment. However, the NYU professor Jose Angel Santana should not treat James differently than his fellow students. Would James non famous peers get a D grade or a failing grade for missing twelve out of fourteen classes?

Santana is suing NYU because he believes he is being discriminated against because he failed to give James a higher grade. I am always suspicious about celebrities suddenly interested in higher education. When an A list celebrity like James Franco announces he is attending Yale or NYU these universities love the free publicity and media attention.  Yale and NYU only care about making money and so they bend the rules for celebrities.

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I am a gay black Canadian male.

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