You Tube Gay Kissing Scenes From J Edgar Movie: Leonardo Dicaprio & Armie Hammer Fight & Make Out with each other!!!

I am just not impressed with the gay scenes from the biopic J Edgar I feel the movie wasn’t gay enough.  Let me know what you think? Do you think the J Edgar biopic was or wasn’t gay enough?  I think the first scene when Armie Hammer’s character tells J Edgar he loves him is tender. However, I don’t like the fight scene I feel it is bit too pretentious. Where is the gay passion?  There is only one gay kiss in the entire film. Where are the gay sex scenes? The audience needed to see J Edgar and Clyde in bed together. The movie suggests the love between J Edgar and Clyde is an unrequited love which I don’t believe.

One argument is, the movie is discussing Edgar’s sexual repression due to the time period. However, I find it hard to believe that J Edgar and Clyde did not have a homosexual relationship. Where is the gay sex? I think Hollywood is so homophobic that there is still a reticence to exploring the sexual aspect of male homosexuality.

When J Edgar Hoover died in 1972,  he left his entire estate worth $3 million dollars to Clyde Tolson. In fact, when Clyde died in 1975 he was buried close to J Edgar’s grave. I think the screenwriter Dustin Lance Black  and Clint Eastwood were afraid of upsetting the heterosexual audience due to marketing reasons. The facts are J Edgar Hoover was a crossdresser and a homosexual. J Edgar and Clyde did everything together they worked together, took vacations together, and Edgar even took photos of Clyde sleeping. It is ludicrous that the movie doesn’t explore the homosexuality enough. I think the movie needed to be more gay.

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I am a gay black Canadian male.

One response to “You Tube Gay Kissing Scenes From J Edgar Movie: Leonardo Dicaprio & Armie Hammer Fight & Make Out with each other!!!”

  1. Anonymous says :

    i think that your are right this movie needs more homosexual scenes because j edgar was gay and just have one

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