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Trailer For Black Lesbian Film Pariah In Theatres Now!!!

Wow the trailer for the film Pariah is excellent! I wonder if  Pariah will be released in Toronto soon? I just checked the internet and Pariah has a limited release in five American cities. I sincerely hope that Pariah will be released in Canada!

Most of the lesbian movies and television shows are about rich white lipstick lesbians like the L Word or the movie The Kids Are All Right. It is just wonderful to hear that a black lesbian movie is in theatres! I commend the director and writer Dee Rees for making this film because we need to see more representations of black lesbians in the media.

It is also time for the black community to have more dialogue about homosexuality. For far too long homosexuality is represented in the media as a “white issue” and not a concern to people of colour.  It is about time we get to see black lesbian love on the silver screen!

For too long black lesbians are often invisible in black culture and in lesbian culture. It is so nice to see Kim Wayans in a dramatic film role! I remember Kim from the 1990s Fox comedy show In Living Colour.

Intense Gay Sex Scene Leonardo Dicaprio & David Thewlis From 1995 Film Total Eclipse.

In the year 1995, Leonardo Dicaprio and David Thewlis starred in the independent drama Total Eclipse. I remember the first time I watched Total Eclipse on cable television. I was surprised that Leo took on this role because this was before he became a superstar.  Although Total Eclipse didn’t get the praise or media attention like Brokeback Mountain I think Total Eclipse is the superior film. Total Eclipse is a love story about two French poets in the late nineteenth century France. Perhaps, the mainstream media wasn’t ready for such a powerful gay film back in 1995?

BBC Eastenders Stars Marc Elliott & Preeya Kalidas Interview About their characters Syed and Amira.

I love Marc Elliott he is so cute! I also think Preeya Kalidas is a wonderful actress and she has great fashion sense! Marc and Preeya are talking about their characters Syed and Amira on BBC’s Eastenders.

Syed is a gay Muslim man and Amira is his scorned wife. Amira has returned to London with their baby Yasmin and she is determined to get Syed to fall in love with her even though he is gay.

Amira also wants Syed and Yasmin to move to Pakistan and start a new life away from Syed’s gay lover Christian.

Actor James Franco Talks About Getting A Bad Grade From NYU Professor Jose Angel Santana.

James Franco comes across as very pretentious and upset that he got a D grade in his acting class.  According to NY Post,  James missed twelve out of the fourteen acting classes. It seems to me James thinks because he is a celebrity he is supposed to get special treatment. However, the NYU professor Jose Angel Santana should not treat James differently than his fellow students. Would James non famous peers get a D grade or a failing grade for missing twelve out of fourteen classes?

Santana is suing NYU because he believes he is being discriminated against because he failed to give James a higher grade. I am always suspicious about celebrities suddenly interested in higher education. When an A list celebrity like James Franco announces he is attending Yale or NYU these universities love the free publicity and media attention.  Yale and NYU only care about making money and so they bend the rules for celebrities.

BBC Eastenders Christmas Eve Episode: Christian Returns But Amira Is Determined To Hang On To Her Gay husband Syed.

I am surprised Christian still loves Syed despite all the heartache he has put him through. Syed’s wife Amira is determined to get him to fall back in love with her but he’s gay. I think Amira’s plan to take Syed back to Pakistan isn’t going to work.  I don’t like how the BBC writers have made Syed such a wimp! Christian is too good for Syed he needs to move on. Yes, I understand Syed is still struggling with being Muslim and gay but there is only so much a person can take. I wish the BBC writers found Christian a new man someone better than Syed.

You Tube Gay Kissing Scenes From J Edgar Movie: Leonardo Dicaprio & Armie Hammer Fight & Make Out with each other!!!

I am just not impressed with the gay scenes from the biopic J Edgar I feel the movie wasn’t gay enough.  Let me know what you think? Do you think the J Edgar biopic was or wasn’t gay enough?  I think the first scene when Armie Hammer’s character tells J Edgar he loves him is tender. However, I don’t like the fight scene I feel it is bit too pretentious. Where is the gay passion?  There is only one gay kiss in the entire film. Where are the gay sex scenes? The audience needed to see J Edgar and Clyde in bed together. The movie suggests the love between J Edgar and Clyde is an unrequited love which I don’t believe.

One argument is, the movie is discussing Edgar’s sexual repression due to the time period. However, I find it hard to believe that J Edgar and Clyde did not have a homosexual relationship. Where is the gay sex? I think Hollywood is so homophobic that there is still a reticence to exploring the sexual aspect of male homosexuality.

When J Edgar Hoover died in 1972,  he left his entire estate worth $3 million dollars to Clyde Tolson. In fact, when Clyde died in 1975 he was buried close to J Edgar’s grave. I think the screenwriter Dustin Lance Black  and Clint Eastwood were afraid of upsetting the heterosexual audience due to marketing reasons. The facts are J Edgar Hoover was a crossdresser and a homosexual. J Edgar and Clyde did everything together they worked together, took vacations together, and Edgar even took photos of Clyde sleeping. It is ludicrous that the movie doesn’t explore the homosexuality enough. I think the movie needed to be more gay.

Forbidden Love Gay German Soap Clip: Christian & Oliver are back together but Christian has a heart problem.

Christian and Oliver are a couple again but Christian has a heart problem. I like this episode the chemistry between the actors Jo and Thore is amazing! The passion the two men have for each other is still very strong. I like this episode a lot because it focuses on the issue of sex when one partner has a medical condition.


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