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BBC Eastenders Clip: Christian Dumps Syed But Amira Is Determined To Turn Her Gay Husband Back To Heterosexuality!!!

What is going on with all the gay couples on television? First, on the German soap Forbidden Love Christian and Oliver have broken up! Now on  the British soap Eastenders Christian and Syed are no longer together!

I am cognizant that gay relationships have problems just like heterosexual relationships. However, since there is a paucity of positive gay male representation in the media what message is the BBC sending? Can Syed and Christian ever be happy or will there always be grief? I know, a soap opera must have conflict but it just seems like Christian and Syed will never be happy. Are gay men just unhappy people that are doomed?  Why can’t the BBC show Syed having some strength and self confidence? Why must Syed always be afraid of his homophobic Muslim family all the time?

I can understand Christian’s pain though, he was sick and tired of Syed refusing to challenge his homophobic Muslim family. Now some viewers of the BBC soap Eastenders feel the BBC have made Syed a wimp. I agree with the complaints that Syed is simply not a strong man he comes across as weak.

Syed’s wife Amira is determined to win back her man. Syed is so weak, Amira is  manipulating him because they have a daughter together. Syed has a responsibility to take care of his child but I think Amira is playing with fire. Amira seems to think Syed is heterosexual and he is not. Syed only had sex with Amira out of duty not love. Will Amira’s plan work? Will Syed forget about Christian and fall in love with his wife? I think Amira is dreaming if she really believes she can turn a gay man straight.

Forbidden Love Sad Clip: Christian Is Too Late Oliver Leaves Germany Goes On Vacation With Rafael In Spain!!!

This clip is so sad because  Christian has failed in his attempt to win back his gay lover Oliver. I really like Forbidden Love  because this show takes risks with male homosexuality that a North American show would never take. Christian and Oliver are presented as a real romantic couple that just happens to be gay. The passion, pain, love, just seems so real.

A few months ago, Christian cheated on Oliver with a woman and this was the ultimate betrayal. Oliver was depressed and he ran away to Spain where he met Spanish hunk Rafael. Last week, Rafael returned to Germany to find Oliver. Will Rafael and Oliver’s new romance materialize into something real or is it just as fling?

Only time will tell I guess. Some  fans of Forbidden Love say Christian is getting exactly what he deserves because now he knows how Oliver felt when he slept with Theresa.

Christian  is so distraught right now that in  the last scene he called the divorce lawyer. Christian isn’t thinking properly, he is upset that Oliver has moved but I am not sure a quick divorce is the answer.

It is interesting, on Forbidden Love that Oliver and Christian are even married because gay marriage is not legal in Germany. However, I think civil partnerships are legal in Germany.


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